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Event Planner

Joomla Event Template for Organizing & Managing Events
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Joomla 5, 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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13 April 2023

Event Planner is an outstanding event Joomla template that is designed to fit any event-related website. With its customizable features, minimal and modern design, and user-friendly interface, the template is the perfect solution to showcase your services and events in a professional and stylish manner. The elegant color scheme not only creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your viewers but also exudes a cheerful ambiance.

To multiply the magnificence of the Event Planner template, it has been fortified by the mighty SP Simple Portfolio to help you better create your portfolio functionality. Altogether, the Event Planner template is an all-in-one solution for your event planning website, offering everything you need to improve your chances of sealing deals better.

This Joomla event management template QuickStart is packed with all the necessary elements like SP Page Builder Pro (save $59), Helix Ultimate framework, and more to help run your business nicely and smoothly. So why bother seeking alternatives when the Event Planner template can accomplish the task at hand perfectly for you?

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Event Planner Overview


Event Planner is a Helix Ultimate based Joomla template that not only comes with an elegant and modern design but also caters to optimal navigation and responsiveness. The user-friendly interface contains scroll-based animation and hover effects that make the website more interactive for your users. Plus, enjoy a smooth, hassle-free web-building journey as the Event Planner template is fully compatible with the latest technologies such as Joomla 4, SP Page Builder 4, and PHP 8.0.

Event Planner Key Features:

  • A visually stunning Home page
  • Graceful color palette
  • 3 available presets option
  • Sophisticated grid-style portfolio display
  • About page to share your brand story
  • Engaging blogs to captivate visitors
  • Conversion-friendly service display
  • Dedicated Contact & Career Pages
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

4 Presets Option To Choose From

The template comes with three preset options to select from. These preset include a combination of color schemes & font styles that are designed to work well together, giving your website a cohesive look and feel.

  • Choose from a range of 4 presets Basic, Vibrant, Modern, and Professional.
  • Vibrant choices that capture your company's lively tone.
  • Choose your preferred preset and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Create a personalized website that meets your specific needs

Latest Joomla 4 Support

The Event Planner Joomla template is completely optimized for Joomla 4, allowing you to benefit from its numerous features and advancements while staying current with the latest web design trends.

Enjoy a more user-friendly UI, modern media manager, and many more amazing features Joomla 4 has in store.

Stun Your Audience With a Mesmerizing Homepage

The Joomla template designed for event planners includes a captivating homepage that is tailored to meet your requirements. The impressive hero section serves as an excellent introduction, followed by a structured layout that seamlessly integrates with the remainder of the page.

  • Impressive hero section with carousel slider
  • Separate Panel for inquiry form for better conversion
  • Glimpses of services, testimonials, and blogs.

Fortified With SP Simple Portfolio

The Event Planner harnesses the power of the SP Simple Portfolio extension, enabling users to showcase their top-notch work to potential clients. The Portfolio and Portfolio Details pages are designed utilizing SP Simple Portfolio making it visually appealing, professional, and mobile-friendly manner.

  • Elegantly present your best work to customers
  • Attract new clients with a vibrant display
  • Create stunning portfolios

Portray Your Journey With the About Page

When it comes to showcasing your company’s authenticity and credibility, let the About page do the talking! The Event Planner Joomla Template comes with a dedicated About page that will let you display your brand story convincingly.

  • Well-directed CTAs and smooth navigation
  • Dedicated space to display videos
  • Introduce team members concisely

Highlight Your Services with Grace and Clarity

With the Event Planner template, you can effectively showcase your authentic services and demonstrate how you can help customers create their dream events! The Event Planner template lets you list your services and also provides detailed information to help you secure better deals!

  • Showcase your wide range of services in an easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Present each service with a display image, title, brief description & CTAs.
  • Share detailed information about each service, along with high-quality visuals.

Boost Conversion With Enticing Blogs

Got interesting event stories to share? Share your experiences on our Blogs and Blog details page to prove that our events are truly one-of-a-kind and not to be missed!

  • Clean and modern grid-style layout
  • Previous and next post buttons & related articles section
  • Easy navigation with pagination

Strengthen Communication with the Contact Page

Provide your visitors with a direct means of communication with your business. And to help you do that better Event Planner template comes with a dedicated Contact page to present all your company details on one page.

  • Minimal and clean design to effectively display contact details
  • Google Map inclusion to pinpoint your location
  • Intuitive contact form to reach out with ease

Built-in Pages for Quicker Site Launch

The Event Planner Joomla template is feature-packed with all the necessary pages required to reach your customers. And the best part of these ready pages is you can set them up by editing the demo contents only.

  • Coming Soon: Add a launch date to your ‘under construction’ site instead of making your visitors wait for an unknown period of time.
  • Register: Maximize user participation through a simple registration form and boost your conversion rate.
  • 404: Let your users know there is an error with their request and redirect them back to your Home page with the built-in Error 404 page.

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Powered by the mighty SP Page Builder 4 Pro and Helix Ultimate, the Event Planner Joomla template is a complete solution for your corporate site. Enjoy the finest website development experience with their drag & drop live site-building mechanism.

  • Ease of creating and editing your content on the go
  • Enjoy front-end website development with real-time change viewer
  • Enjoy the benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

To ensure a hassle and fuss-free installation and setup, the Event Planner template comes with detailed documentation and dedicated support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert support team for any technical queries or assistance.

  • Fast and expert solutions to all your issues
  • Future-proof your site with regular updates & bug fixes
  • Detailed product documentation for a quick guided start
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