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Complete Joomla Portfolio Template
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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29 Sep 2021

Folium is a versatile portfolio and self-intro Joomla website template. It's the ideal choice for those who want to introduce themselves and their work globally. Folium is a creative and highly customizable template to make a perfect first online impression.

You get 6 stunning homepage layouts in this portfolio Joomla template. Inspirational demo data with cutting-edge portfolio features are also there.

Pick any home variation that looks best to you and customize right away. Folium is built using the powerful drag and drop SP Page Builder Pro which is extremely helpful while setting up & editing the site layout.

Save a lot of time by using the available customization options and the pre-designed pages & elements. The QuickStart pack having SP Page Builder Pro (save $49) and Helix Ultimate inside allow you to get the stunning demo appearance in minutes!

This modern and classy Joomla portfolio template is perfect for persons who expect an excellent portfolio site in a few clicks. It’s a go-to option for anybody needing a portfolio site.

Best For:
Portfolio Personal Music & Band
Folium Overview


If you are a marketer, writer, model, vlogger, musician, or anyone who needs to showcase portfolios online, Folium has you covered. It’s a cleanly designed Joomla portfolio template to display portfolio items in the best possible way. With lively interactions, interactive gallery, book and ticket selling options, Folium is the most diverse portfolio Joomla template ever to arrive in the industry. This Joomla portfolio template can be the broadway to present anyone to their target audience online.

Core features of the Folium portfolio Joomla template:

  • 6 dedicated home variations
  • Book and ticket selling options
  • Seamless interaction effects
  • Conversion-friendly hero section
  • Interactive gallery
  • Audio Player addon
  • Animated Coding addon
  • Well-designed blog
  • Dedicated about page
  • Ready onboarding pages
  • SP Page Builder Pro (save $49)
  • Helix Ultimate
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Easy customization on the frontend
  • Support, documentation, updates

6 Home Variations

What kind of portfolio website are you going to build? Folium covers everything. This versatile Joomla portfolio template offers 6 homepage variations that are feature-rich & well-designed.

  • Covers all major portfolio website categories
  • Modern and purpose-driven extraordinary design
  • Pleasing user experience & cleanness at the core
  • Bonus: Fit for any business & corporate site

Marketing Strategist Home Variation

Marketing strategy and consultation services are in an increasing trend these days. Building a website for such a business requires a proper design and feature collection. Folium is an exact match for this purpose.

  • Conversion-friendly hero section with a clear CTA
  • Appealing quick portfolio for a great first-impression
  • Present handpicked services, case studies, and podcasts
  • View books, blogs & signature to bring a more personal feel

Writer Home Variation

Folium features a dedicated home variation for writers to showcase their work like never before. The portfolio Joomla template enables any type of writers to build a solid online presence and boost audience engagement.

  • Welcoming hero section to connect the writer with readers
  • Show the latest book with relevant information and stats
  • Present the best-selling books beautifully with interactions
  • Display the awards, achievements, publishers, and more

Musician Home Variation

Musicians these days need a better way to connect with their audience. A website is so vital for this purpose. A solo performer, band, ensamble, music studio or anyone related to the music industry can build a strong online presence with this Joomla portfolio template.

  • Introduces the musicians visually in the hero section
  • Offers the visitors an easy way to play featured tracks
  • Displays upcoming shows with tickets to keep visitors informed
  • Share blog, vlog & music collections along with photo stream

Vlogger Home Variation

Vlogging is not limited to YouTubing anymore. It’s in a thriving state, and the enthusiastic vloggers are leveraging the technological benefits. It all starts with a dedicated, robust, and scalable website. Folium, the Joomla portfolio template addresses this need so nicely.

  • Visitors know & recognize the vlogger at the first impression
  • A featured vlog section to promote some handcrafted videos
  • Stunning Instagram gallery to create a dynamic photo stream
  • Dedicated sections to place some latest blog posts and vlogs

Model Home Variation

It’s all about the glittering world, golden screen, and the journey to a red-carpet reception. Who cherishes a dream to be a successful model or actress in today's world, a web presence is a crying need. Folium, the best portfolio Joomla template can make it true.

  • An interactive slider at the top to present the model gorgeously
  • Express some brief details about the model for a quick introduction
  • Place an About Me section with a link to the dedicated about page
  • Showcase some commercial work followed by an Instagram gallery

Developer Home Variation

If you’re planning to create a website for a developer or programmer, Folium is the best choice. The Developer home variation is a combined package of art and science for that.

  • Welcome the visitors with a programmer-themed interface
  • A “living” hero section with animated code snippets
  • Illustrate the developer’s experience with time blocks
  • Share the latest works and social & professional profiles

Seamless Interaction Effects

Folium, the best Joomla portfolio template utilizes SP Page Builder’s Interactions feature to turn your site into an extraordinary piece. Make the site contents dance with its dazzling effects.

  • Go beyond the traditional flat page element designs
  • Apply complex movements and spectacular animations
  • Scale-up & down the objects based on user interactions
  • Have a wide variety of interaction effects without any coding

Blog, Interactive Gallery & Built-in Pages

Blog plays a significant role in keeping the audience engaged. A dedicated media gallery bolsters this effort. All of these things are accelerated by a bunch of built-in pages in this portfolio Joomla template.

  • Clean and professional blog design to dent in the readers’ heart
  • Slidable featured blog items with informative newsfeed
  • Interactive media gallery with click-to-filter option
  • Several built-in pages to let you start a website in minutes

Powerful & Dedicated Addons

This portfolio Joomla template utilizes a collection of SP Page Builder addons including 2 dedicated ones. We’ve built a showcase menu just for you to view all the addon demos live. There are demo pages for each individual addon used in Folium.

Exclusive Addons
You get 3 whole new SP Page Builder addons inside Folium dedicatedly built for this Joomla portfolio template. These are:

  • Audio Player: Showcase playable audio tracks on the site.
  • Animated Coding: Displays code snippets with motion effects.
  • Vertical Gallery Slider: Presents a vertically slidable image gallery.

Addon Showcase
A showcase menu has been included in the template demo so that you can see all the addon demos individually. This will help you check out all the great element designs of Folium at a glance.

Easy Book & Ticket Selling Options

Want to sell books, event tickets or anything else related to the business? Folium has the way to do that. Just place the item details with the link. You're done!

Sell Books
Display books with every necessary detail on the website built with Folium. The visitors will get a precise idea of what the book is about and you can place a button to lead them to the bookselling platform (e.g. Amazon).

Sell Tickets
Folium lets you sell tickets for events & shows in an easy way. Simply place the ticket details with the selling platform link. The interested visitors will be able to purchase tickets without any hassle.

SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate

This portfolio Joomla template is built using the most advanced page building tools in Joomla. SP Page Builder Pro brings unique interactions to enhance the presentation and adds amazing animation effects.

SP Page Builder Pro
Create attractive web pages live with drag and drop functionality and build everything right on the frontend. Utilize the advanced options of SP Page Builder Pro given inside Folium (save $49).

Helix Ultimate
The Joomla portfolio template is built on the Helix Ultimate framework which is well appreciated by the development community. It’s convenient in creating flexible page structures. So, if needed, you can create your own layouts in Folium.

Priority Support, Detailed Documentation & Updates

Got a question while using this portfolio website template? Find the answer in its detailed documentation right away. You can also get solutions from our skilled support engineers.

  • Get your issues solved in the least possible time
  • Smart and prompt responses to your queries
  • Detailed product documentation means a quick guided start
  • Timely updates for the template elements to stay tension-free

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