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Joomla 5 & 4
Helix Ultimate
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24 January 2024

Gazette is a complete and ready solution for any kind of Newspaper or Magazine website to deliver daily news, celebrity gossip or interesting facts. As this is a flexible multipurpose Joomla news and magazine template, you can quickly and easily apply it to a range of relevant sites (e.g. sports, lifestyle, health, technology, and politics). The Gazette template lets you monetize your website with ease, using advertisements in multiple areas, also in the menu.

This Newspaper Joomla template comes with 3 pre-designed home layouts so you don’t need to worry about designing your home page. All pages are quick to setup and easy to customize. You can effortlessly change the basic things like texts, images, background, icons, layouts, colors, and fonts to enhance your site’s visual appeal. The Gazette template QuickStart pack comes with SP Page Builder Pro 3, so you can construct your own webpages using the page builder’s front-end drag-and-drop live editing system.

Gazette is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix Ultimate framework. It utilizes the latest Bootstrap 4 library, fully-responsive & mobile optimized with additional features to control device-specific responsiveness, and major browser compatibility. No coding skills necessary. No matter the challenge, from a modern magazine style design to a classic news portal, Gazette is well worth using.

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News Editorial
Gazette Overview


Gazette is the October 2018 Joomla template from JoomShaper. It’s a functionally rich and beautifully designed template to power a newspaper, magazine, blog, editorial, official journal, bulletin, periodical, publishing site of any size. SP Page Builder Pro, Helix Ultimate framework, and functional components inside make Gazette a superbly powerful yet easy to manage Joomla template ever built in its category.

Gazette is a full-fledged news and magazine website solution with plenty of niche specific functionalities and elegant design that your visitors must fall in love with.

Let’s take a look at the features of Gazette.

  • 3 unique homepage variations
  • No coding required, drag and drop website building
  • SP Author Archive component
  • Article headline, slider, and scroller addons
  • SP Weather module to present weather information
  • Multimedia content gallery addons to present stories
  • Opt-in Form addon to generate leads
  • SP Tweet module, SP Poll component
  • Translation, RTL, and Retina ready
  • SP Page Builder Pro, Helix Ultimate framework
  • Instagram feed, Twitter feed, tabbed articles
  • Google Map addon, AcyMailing newsletter

SP Page Builder Pro ($39 value) comes for free with the Gazette template package. With plenty of addons and all necessary components inside, you can easily set up your newspaper, magazine or blog site in a short time.

3 Home Variations

We believe in your freedom. That’s why we’ve provided 3 different home variations in Gazette that will cover all the news/magazine/blog types you can think of. The Gazette home variations are briefed below.

Default: The default home layout has been designed with the core newspaper industry in mind. If you run a mainstream or niche newspaper website, this layout will be the best fit.

Tech Blog: If you are a tech enthusiast and run a technology portal or blog, go with this layout. Its stunning hero section followed by the story areas with multimedia contents are ready to make your endeavor a success.

Magazine: Wanna create the next Forbes? Get prepared today. Use Gazette’s Magazine home variation and present your contents in a stylish reader-friendly way.

SP Author Archive Component

Gazette comes with the exclusive SP Author Archive component that can create an author list and author-specific post archives on your publication. By default, Joomla doesn’t offer this functionality, so we’ve created a dedicated component for this.

  • Display a list of the authors who contribute to your site.
  • Choose the author groups to include (or exclude) in the author list.
  • Create dynamic author archives with all of the particular author’s articles.
  • Visitors can open author archives in 1-click on the linked author names.

Display Stock Updates

Providing stock updates on a news site creates more values for the interested users. Gazette comes with the dedicated Stock Scroller addon to show latest stock info on your site.

  • Show stock updates automatically.
  • Keep the visitors informed with crucial stock market data.
  • Easily integrate stock data source with the addon.
  • A handful of customization options available.

Article Vertical Slider Addon

Gazette brings a whole new style of news presentation through diverse news section layouts and more. Most interestingly, it lets you slide articles vertically. The Article Vertical Slider addon inside Gazette sets things up.

  • Set a vertical slider determining the number of posts
  • Enable/disable lazy loader for the articles sliding vertically
  • Select categories to show which articles will be sliding
  • Decide whether to display category, date, and author names

Powerful Article Addon

The Article addon comes with many powerful functionalities. Setting up different looks, behaviours, and enabling lazy load is just a matter of few clicks.

Lazy Load Option: Want to fasten your page load? The Article addon has a lazy load option to fetch the site visuals only on viewport.

Article Scroller: If you want to add more articles to a single section, you can enable article scroller. Maximize the number of articles even in a short section.

Article Sources: You can also display articles from different sources. For that, you have to define the article sources from the backend.

Versatile Menu

With a view to ensuring a flexible navigation experience, Gazette presents menus in different variations. They also come in multiple styles. Make your news site even more navigable for the readers for higher engagements.

Mega Menu: In a news site, mega menu is a must. There’s nothing like directing visitors to different contents right from the menu. So, we have mega menu with this Joomla template.

Hamburger Menu: Despite having a regular menu with stylish new look, Gazette brings hamburger menu to add some extra flavour to its navigation system.

Tabbed Articles Section

Want to showcase different types of news articles attractively? Display them with a nicely designed tabbed section. Let the visitors click on each tab to display the type of news they want to read.

  • Cover the maximum number of news categories in a single section.
  • Display news stories with thumbs, excerpts, and titles.
  • Customize the section look, set up tabbed categories your way.
  • Configure everything easily with Tabbed Article module in the backend.

Create Polls Easily

The Poll function makes this template more interactive. Let your visitors take part in different polls you set on the site besides just having news for them to read.

  • Setup polls very easily with questions and multiple options.
  • Have as many choices as you want.
  • Let your visitors see the poll result instantly upon submitting an answer.
  • Visitors can click on the result option to see the poll result too.

Image and Video Galleries

Visuals like images and videos beautify a website in different ways. The right display of these visuals adds much value to your news/magazine site. We’ve made this easy in Gazette.

Image Gallery: The Thumb Gallery addon will let you add images to a beautiful gallery and display on your online news portal, magazine or whatever site you make with Gazette.

Video Gallery: It seems incomplete if a professional news/magazine site does not have videos. We got you covered here as well. You can easily have a video gallery with Gazette using its dedicated addon inside.

Email Newsletter

Gazette comes with AcyMailing newsletter extension inside. It offers you a complete system to connect with your readers easily.

  • Let the visitors subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Create and manage email newsletter subscription lists.
  • Launch email campaigns with your most important stories.
  • Keep the visitors engaged with regular curated emails.

SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Gazette is powered by SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate to ensure a high-end build quality. This makes your effort smoother and easy in editing, adding, and creating anything with Gazette.

  • Develop websites and see the changes in real time.
  • Edit and style site elements on the frontend.
  • Build responsive and mobile optimized websites without coding.
  • Use Google Fonts and customize their styles.

More Goodies

An ideal news/magazine site should be rich with content that people love to read. Having that in mind, we tried to give a blend of taste not just by better news presentation but also with versatile niche specific contents.

Breaking News Splash: Gazette has a breaking news bar right at the top of the menu. The scrolling bar can be set up with any type of articles.

Weather Update: A news site without having a weather update section is incomplete. Gazette lets you have the weather update in a noticeable place of your site.

Ads: Advertisements is a great way for publishers to earn revenue. In case you want to place ads on your site, we have dedicated ad areas on this template too.

Documentation, Support & Updates

If you ever have any query while using the Gazette template, you can get answers from our detailed template documentation and expert support engineers.

  • Our friendly support staffs are ready to solve your issues.
  • Smart and fast responses to your queries.
  • Fix any glitch you may face with Gazette.
  • Get regular updates and keep pace with the trend.
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