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Donation & Non-profit Charity Website Template for Joomla
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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29 Sep 2021

Giver is an inclusive charity Joomla template for fundraising, non-profit, NGO and social enterprise organizations of any size. This Joomla charity template has been designed for charity and donation organizations that are doing something positive, helpful and constructive. In short words, creating a brighter tomorrow for people.

This charity website template comes loaded with all the features required for creating an outstanding charity service site in the least effort.

With this Joomla template, you are not limited to the prebuilt demo design and layouts. Instead, it provides you ample of personalization options to build any relevant website. Giver can help you collect donations, raising funds, as well as informing people about your projects & initiatives.

The Joomla charity template is built using SP Page Builder Pro so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and versatile addons. The template is also multilingual ready.

Your charity & non-profit organization deserves a great website. With Giver, be part of a change in the world. You can make a difference, so why don’t you? Start now.

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Giver Overview


Want to build a website for the people who run charity programs for distressed people and causes? Get Giver, the dedicated Joomla template for non-profit, donation, and any other cause or charity related website. It’s the perfect choice for any charity organization, NGO, fundraising bureau, child care, environmental protection, religion, and all other social charity websites.

Let's have a look at some of the notable features of Giver.

  • Donation campaign
  • Donation form
  • Volunteers & team members
  • Charity program showcase
  • Testimonial slider
  • Dynamic statistics
  • Engaging blog
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Built-in pages
  • Photo gallery
  • Advanced contact form
  • Retina ready
  • Mobile-friendly adaptive design
  • Google Fonts
  • Built with SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Now, we’ll dig deep into the most amazing Giver goodies. Let’s start!

Donation Campaigns

Run different donation campaigns and have them all on a centralized listing page. Show causes and other details to inspire people to donate different amounts. Raise funds and engage them in charity activities.

Campaign Listing: Have all campaigns in a single place to help people donate for the causes they want to. Display the key stats under each of the campaigns. Campaign Details: Show raised amounts, goals, and end date. Display descriptions and statistics on 2 different tabs. Make it super engaging.

Donation Form

Donation is what this charity Joomla template is all about. The donation form is designed to get donations from the interested donors in the most effortless way. Giver has a dedicated donation page and a Donate Now button to ensure all of these.

  • Let people donate the cause individually and as an organization
  • Have a Donate Now call to action button on the menu and home page
  • The donation form collects necessary details regarding the donation

Volunteers & Team Members

Having just the organizers on the team isn’t enough. It takes a lot of people to support such causes and make them successful. Giver lets you have all of such people on the site as volunteers or team members and even ask for more to be registered.

  • List all volunteers and team members on a single page
  • Display their name, designation, and social media links
  • Testimonial slider to inspire people to volunteer
  • Registration form to get new volunteers on board

Showcase Charity Programs

It’s important to inform the people about the charity activities. On the About page there is a system to showcase the programs or activities. You can list all of these with icons and titles for a visual presentation.

  • Display the charity programs in a single place
  • Show each program with a title and an icon
  • Add them easily with SP Page Builder

Testimonial Slider

Show what people say about the charity activities to inspire others to be a part of the charity programs. Testimonial sliders are placed on different pages to draw more attention.

  • Display multiple slides with testimonials
  • Have name, designation, words, and organization on each slide
  • Add images and logos to make testimonials more trustworthy

Dynamic Statistics

Besides showing your activities and programs, it is also important to let people know the real statistics of how many people you have served and where are they from. Giver has a special dynamic statistics section to showcase real-time figures.

  • Show the number of people you have served
  • Specify the regions that your services cover
  • Dynamically place these stats via SP Page Builder

Engaging Blog

The Charity blog is crafted with an amazing grid-based design with eye-catching elements in order to hold and satisfy the readers’ time in the article. It has 2 featured items at the and a 3-column grid based blog article display.

  • A couple of featured articles to weight important issues
  • Grid based article display to have more contents on a single view port
  • A nicely designed blog single page to have readers stay long

Newsletter Subscription

Giver offers a smart way to communicate with the volunteers, members, and other stakeholders and keep them informed via newsletters. It works with AcyMailing, SendGrid, Sending Blue, Madmimi and so on.

  • Make communication a breeze
  • Supports multiple newsletter systems for subscription
  • Helps spread announcements and notices via newsletter

Built-in Pages

Build a charity website with all required pages given inside this charity Joomla template. There are ready pages like Registration, Coming Soon, contact, Login, 404, and more.

Registration: A user friendly form with self-explanatory fields to get intended individuals registered on the site easily.

Coming Soon: A well-designed page to let people know what are coming on the site for them next.

Contact: Showcase physical address, phone number(s) and a contact form for the visitors to reach you in different ways.

SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate Inside

This Joomla charity template is developed with SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Build charity websites with full confidence!

  • Enjoy the most popular real-time frontend editing system
  • Build the entire site without having to write any code
  • Create pages and posts that fit into all browsers and devices nicely
  • Utilize all cool features of SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Support, Documentation, and Updates

We ensure the best class support for our products. If you face any issue with this Joomla charity template, just let us know via our forum. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you out.

  • Start developing easily following our detailed documentation
  • Get your issues solved by our expert support staff
  • Fast, smart, and useful responses to your queries
  • The template will also get timely updates with trendy stuff

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