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Responsive Joomla Template for Kindergartens and Elementary Schools
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Template Details

Joomla 4 & 3
Updated On
19 October 2022

Kidzy is a beautiful and feature rich template for kindergarten or elementary school sites using Joomla. The template is built on Helix 3 Framework and utilizes SP Page Builder Pro . The title is released as the June template from JoomShaper, the world’s renowned professional Joomla template club.

Kidzy features an adorable menu design with dynamic colors and looks great on every device. It can adapt to any screen size. We’ve integrated a dynamic slider with 3 variations, which can display the most exciting stuff in a dazzling manner.

Also there are three homepage variations which can present your institution exactly as you desire.

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Kidzy Overview


Kidzy is a beautifully designed 100% responsive Joomla! 3+ template for any creative kids related website. It will help your business grow, give the opportunity to present kids educational activities, organize events, create lesson plans and manage teacher profiles. So your website will help your readers get complete and nicely presented information. The template is power packed with our drag and drop SP Page Builder, so you can easily customize everything.

Our goal was to create a functional, easy to use template that engages each teacher, students, parents and other stakeholders. Kidzy template can be used for any other kid site, all it depends on your imagination. This is the best way to build an awesome website for institutions related to kids.

Kidzy is powered by JoomShaper’s two revolutionary tools- the Helix 3 Framework and the SP Page Builder Pro, so you can utilize our 41+ premium and custom addons to create any layout. Our content construction kit doesn’t require any coding by the user. It’s a huge plus. Helix 3 integrates with the page builder tool. Insert and customize modules, change their positions, create menus, leverage SP Page Builder resources and do more.

We’ve developed SP Kindergarten component, a brand new tool to add and manage courses, teacher profiles, events, speakers and other relevant stuff. There are many more things in Kidzy than you can think about. Please see the full feature list for details.

Helix 3 Framework

Kidzy is built on the top of JoomShaper’s immensely popular Helix 3 framework. The template framework helps you craft your Joomla website faster than you could imagine.

Your Ultimate Layout Builder

Helix 3 is the ultimate layout maker for your Joomla site. You get mobile-first, responsive and modern web resources with Helix 3, thanks to Bootstrap 3. Build your desired layout and get supported by every device.

Manage Typography

Helix 3 has on-board options to deal with the total typography stuff of your Joomla site. Manage font families, typography styles, sizes and so on with convenience.

SP Page Builder Pro

SP Page Builder is a revolutionary and the most complete drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. We provide a premium version of this magical tool for free with the Kidzy template.


With SP Page Builder, you can build or re-shape your website in few mouse clicks. The tool doesn’t require any coding knowledge, so anyone can develop a cool site in no more than 30 minutes utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality

The Resource Saver

SP Page Builder can drastically save your website development time and budget. Thus it saves a huge amount of resource. SP Page Builder’s premium version is given with Kidzy template, which saves you $39 instantly!

RTL & Retina Ready

Your potential is limitless. Just like Kidzy. The template supports RTL direction so you can create sites in Arabic, Hebrew etc. right-to-left languages.

Translation Supported

Kidzy is ready for translation so you can build a website in multiple languages. Normally it's a bit tricky to manage a multilingual site, but Kidzy makes it easier with native RTL and translation support.

Retina Ready

Kidzy is a ‘Retina-ready’ template, that means you can add special graphical elements for those high-density displays too.

SP Kindergarten Component

We’ve developed a whole new component ‘SP Kindergarten’ for Kidzy. It manages the purpose oriented functions of the template.

The Control Panel

SP Kindergarten component is the control panel for the core Kidzy features. It manages the main sections such as Teachers, Classes, Courses, Speakers and Events.


You can use the SP Kindergarten component outside Kidzy as well, for example with our other templates like Aspasia to get similar functionalities.

Courses with Teachers List

The SP Kindergarten component lets you add courses with all relevant information like subject lists, teachers, class size, duration, tuition fee etc.

Course Details

Adding a course detail is very easy. Just go to the component dashboard and navigate to the Courses tab. Add as many courses with related information as you need.

Add Subjects

Under every course, you can add subjects with schedules and descriptions instantly. Changed the course structure? Removing a subject takes only few seconds.

Teachers with Biography Timeline

For any educational institution, teachers are the top resources. Kidzy’s SP Kindergarten component has a great system to showcase the teachers’ profiles on the web.

Covers Everything, Basic to Social!

Lets the teachers express them by adding their basic information along with designations and social media profiles.

Biography Timeline

The Biography Timeline feature shows some specific remarkable achievements on a teacher’s timeline from his/her career.

Events & Maps

Educational institutions occasionally arrange different events. Kidzy has a set of rich features for these too.

Events and Countdown Timer

With the event countdown timer, you can easily tell the visitors that how much time is remaining until the event starts. Post event details such as speakers, schedules etc. on the respective pages.


You can use Google Maps service to communicate the event venue and routes. It’s really helpful for the users.

Class Routine Addon

The class/exam routines are important parts of any kindergarten. Kidzy has a rich addon to create and manage class routines.

Fully Customizable

The Class Routine Addon fields are fully customizable. Site admins can add or edit class/exam hours with few clicks. Everything is manageable via the SP Page Builder addon.

Choose Class/Break Times

The addon lets you generate new rows as many as you need and define any specific period as class/break time.

Three Slider & Two Feature Variations

The template comes with various enhancements and beautifications that will definitely add more values to your kindergarten site.

Slider Variations

Kidzy has three slider variations with different animations and transitions. You can change them further.

Feature Variations

The homepage has a feature section to display some selected facts about your institution. The feature section has two variations with extensive customization options.

Variations & Presets

Kidzy has Four stunning preset color schemes, three built-in home variations, three blog variations and built-in portfolio variations.

Home Variations

Each of the three prebuilt home variations has some distinguishable look and feel. The slider, the feature items, page elements vary from variation to variation. The menu color is also dynamic.

Color Variations

Kidzy has four preset color schemes that you can use and even get more via the Helix 3 styling options. Color your site as you wish.

Amazing Photo Gallery

Kidzy offers you a beautiful gallery to display memorable photos of your institution. Use it to share the joy!


We’ve used SP Page Builder’s Gallery addon in Kidzy to offer a seamless photo gallery. It’s 100% responsive so the photos will always be fit to your visitors’ screens.


A photo gallery is not just a way to place some images on the site. It has to be stable, compatible and overall functional. Here you get them all.

Future Proof

We’ve built Kidzy with far-reaching thoughts in mind. We’ve used future-proof technologies that ensure you will be able to enjoy it with foreseeable upcoming web standards.

Timely Updates

We will provide updates and compatibility fixes for our products when required. You just need to inform us and we are ready to assist.

Dedicated Support

Should you face a problem with your Kidzy powered website, just post a question on our forums. One of our support members will come forward and help you soon.

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