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Language School

Language Institute, Club, and Coaching Joomla Template
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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01 April 2022

Language School is a professionally designed Joomla template for language schools, clubs, coachings, and other relevant institutions. It covers the entire language learning and coaching niche while offering the freedom to be applied to other related fields.

This Joomla language school template can also be used by regular schools, colleges, and universities to create websites for their language courses. The Language School Joomla template is designed with every language coaching possibility in mind. No matter where the institution is located, any language program website can be built using this Joomla language school template.

The coaching institute website template QuickStart pack is bundled with the eLearning extension SP LMS, which means you can create and manage courses, events and more with ease. The Joomla school template comes with SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $49) so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons.

The Language School Joomla template is fully-responsive & mobile optimized. Also, you can control the device-specific responsiveness effortlessly. No coding skill necessary.

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Language School Overview


Planning to build a website for a language learning school, institute or coaching center? Congratulations, you’ve landed in the right place! Get Language School, the dedicated Joomla template for any kind of language institute, coaching, club, and other relevant organizations.

Language School is an exclusively designed and purposefully developed Joomla language school template. It has all necessary features you need to build a website for a language learning center. Let’s start with a quick look at what the Language School template offers and what the users can do with it.

  • Niche-specific design
  • Powered by SP LMS component
  • Showcase language programs professionally
  • Events & meetups
  • Built-in pages for faster site development
  • Dedicated admission page
  • Display testimonials, learner remarks & wishes
  • Connect with the stakeholders via blog & news
  • Exclusive addons & modules to shape the site up
  • Course, Course search, Event modules
  • Slideshow, Testimonial, Animated Number addons
  • Person, Article, Opt-in Form addons
  • SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate inside
  • Detailed documentation, priority support & regular updates

The core features of this Joomla language school template are detailed below.

Niche-specific Design

Your purpose is at the top of our priority. We’ve researched tons of language learning case studies and analysed the global language school market to understand how this niche works. All of these experiences have been put into the design and development of this Joomla language school template.

  • Clean and clutter-free design
  • Carefully crafted to fit with language schools perfectly
  • Conversion friendly language program presentation
  • Rich and perfect display of rightful content on all across the pages

Present Language Programs Professionally

The Language School Joomla template makes language learning a lot easier by showcasing different language programs offerings on the site. Add courses with much of their details and display added courses on a pleasing program listing page.

Program Details: Add language programs with details like duration, level, schedule, and admission deadline. Describe courses, state requirements, and show admission guidelines.

Program Listing: Display all listed programs in a single place and have a filterable search box to find courses easily. Feature several programs at the top to draw attention to some specific programs.

Powered by SP LMS Component

The major mechanism inside this Joomla language school template is powered by SP LMS Component which is a complete eLearning solution on Joomla. Some of the exciting features of this robust Joomla extension have augmented Language School template’s functionalities and taken it to next level.

  • Create a solid language learning ecosystem
  • Manage language programs with rich component features
  • Turn this template to an eLearning platform with your own creativity
  • Use many other robust features of SP LMS component

Events & Meetups

Apart from running language programs, you can arrange different language events and meetups. It will definitely increase your community engagement thanks to this language school website template.

  • Add, present, and list events/meetups easily
  • Tell all about the events including subject, resource persons, and time
  • Display a countdown timer for an upcoming event
  • Describe events and embed a Google Map for people to find out easily
  • Show ticket price if there’s any ticket to attend the event


Showcasing testimonials (learners’ good remarks and wishes) has been redefined in this beautifully designed Joomla language club template. Show satisfied learners’ testimonials in an elegant section and page.

Dedicated Section: There’s a dedicated testimonial section on the home page

Testimonial Page: Display all testimonials visually with learners’ photos and styled texts

Powered by Addon: The testimonials are added with SP Page Builder’s widely used Testimonial addon

Blog & News

Get more learners on the site to explore the courses. This Joomla language school template has a nice blog to engage visitors with different articles that interest them. Reach potential students who look for the courses the site offers.

  • Well organized blog home page for an enticing presentation
  • The blog articles are presented in spectacular grid views
  • Beautify blog posts with SP Page Builder to add more values
  • A well designed blog single page for better readability

Exclusive Addons & Modules

With plenty of advanced addons and modules, we’ve made this Joomla Language School template an unparalleled language learning solution. Some of them have been created exclusively for this particular template.

Addons: Several Language School features are powered by SP Page Builder addons like Article, Slideshow, Testimonial, Opt-in Form, Person, and Animated Number.

Modules: Language School lets you list courses and events. It also has a course search feature. All of these are possible thanks to Course, Event, and Course Search modules.

Dedicated Admission Page

Offer different language courses and ask interested visitors to get admitted by showcasing specialities, experience, and stats. Present some important reasons to get admitted to the language school you.

  • Detailed guidelines for potential language learners to get admitted
  • Display key benefits to convince intended learners
  • Show years of experience, number of teachers, course fees etc.
  • Showcase wishes and remarks of satisfied learners on admission page
  • Offer a contact system on board to ensure 2-way communication

Built-in Pages

Kickstart a language learning site with all required pages given inside this Joomla language school template pack. There are ready pages like Registration, Coming Soon, About, Login, 404 and more.

Registration: A user friendly form with self-explanatory fields to get intended learners registered for the programs easily.

Coming Soon: A nicely designed page to let the learners know what goodies are coming for them next.

About: Build and grow consumer trust by displaying mission, plans, faculty members, stats, and more.

SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate Inside

The Joomla language school template is developed with 2 major Joomla template building superpowers namely SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Build language learning sites with full confidence!

  • Enjoy the most advanced real-time frontend editing system
  • Build the whole site without having to write any code
  • Create pages and posts that fit into all browsers and devices nicely
  • Utilize all cool features of SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Support, Documentation, and Updates

You’ll always get the top class support for our products. Upon facing any glitch with this Joomla language school template, our dedicated support team is always ready to help you out.

  • Start building easily following our detailed documentation
  • Get your issues solved by our expert support staff
  • Fast, smart, and useful responses to your queries
  • The template will also get timely updates with trendy stuff

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