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Multipurpose Joomla Template for Businesses and Organizations
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Joomla 4 & 3
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05 January 2023

Lightbox is a well-designed, responsive and multipurpose Joomla! 3.6+ template for small, medium and big sized consulting companies, financial consultants, law service companies, individual tax/finance advisors and all other kinds of businesses. It includes four built-in template color variants. After installing the QuickStart pack, you can easily create a modern website for any service in the blink of an eye. It looks great on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

In fact, the Lightbox design is really versatile, so you can use the template to build any business website. The template code is clean from security issues.

Lightbox is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework. Our multi-tool & easy to use SP Page Builder 2 Pro is included in the QuickStart package which means adding, editing and customizing elements on a page is fast and intuitive with the live frontend visual drag and drop system. Improve your web presentation- run your business fast!

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Lightbox Overview


Lightbox is the January 2017 template from JoomShaper. It’s a fully responsive premium Joomla 3 template for professionals, businesses and individuals to build their consulting and tax/finance advising service websites. It can be used to create high converting sites for agencies, modern businesses, corporate representatives, non-profit organizations or personal resumes to show services and skills.

Let’s take a look at the core features of the Lightbox template.

  • Four built-in template color variations
  • Stunning top slider with moveable effects
  • Social networking links in the sidebara
  • 8 prebuilt article formats
  • Full-fledged blog with modern and premium look
  • RTL, translation and Retina ready
  • Based on Helix3 framework
  • Utilizes SP Page Builder Pro
  • Top notch customer support

Lightbox is a beautiful, organized, multipurpose and lightweight Joomla template with a modern dark look that grants it an aura of elegance. It really helps your website stay relevant among the overwhelming amount of competition that the online world possesses. Lightbox requires no programming knowledge, making it accessible to anyone. You can use the industry-leading drag and drop tool SP Page Builder Pro ($39 Value) prepackaged for free in the template. Let’s check the detailed features below.

Color and Appearance

Lightbox is developed for a wide range of entities and users in mind. The template layout has been crafted in such a way that it will be perfect for each of the targeted parties.

Preset Colors
There are 4 preset colors in Lightbox. We’ve prepared demo pages for each of these color presets. You can also call them as ‘color variations’ while the layout is the same for a reason.

Top Slider
A stunning big slider to the top dramatically increases the appeal of any website. A slider frame is a proven way to present any information with a clear and bold appearance. That’s why we’ve included a beautiful top slider in Lightbox.

Featured Areas

Featured areas are very important for a site to be complete. Sometimes these display some texts, a video frame, an image, a call to action, a batch of logos and many other stuff. You get them in Lightbox too!

Media and Forms
Lightbox is an incredibly humble template that demands very little amount of contents to launch a professional quality website. Use its featured areas to put contents and forms (e.g. contact form, subscription form) and shape it compelling!

Services and Statistics
More featured areas are demonstrated on the template to display information about services and statistics of your entity. Featured areas can be made by simply putting addons on anywhere of a page.


An image can tell a story worth thousands of words. That’s why a photo gallery is an indispensable part of any website. It doesn’t matter whether it belongs to corporate, business or any other category.

Simply Beautiful
Simplicity is beauty. We’ve designed Lightbox gallery with this proverb in mind. The gallery can play a significant role in telling your organization story by showcasing some selected moments in frames.

Lightbox gallery is static when you open the page. But as you hover your mouse over the gallery items, the respective images respond to you by being resized. Clicking an item opens it in a bigger view.

About You

Businesses can’t run without people. An awesome team of dedicated members like you is the first and foremost element to build a game-changing entity. Lightbox expresses the team carefully.

Team Members
The Lightbox ‘About Us’ page is designed to depict the people who are behind the entity. You can put some texts on the top and then add team member avatars along with social links and short descriptions.

Testimonials and Partners
The About Us page is not only for the team people, but also for their achievements. That’s why we’ve kept the testimonial area on the same page. Additionally, it also showcases some of your selected clients.

Languages and Graphics

Lightbox supports translation and Right to Left (RTL) scripts that make the template ready for broader number of audiences and wider graphic standards.

Supports Multiple Languages
The template has native translation and multi-language support so you can launch a website having any language, for any geolocation anytime. Lightbox is all-set, just add your contents.

Retina Ready
Lightbox is ‘Retina ready’, that means you can make your site fit for higher resolution displays using this template. It ensures that all of the site visitors can get the best graphic experience.

AcyMailing Email Newsletter

There is no doubt that Email is a strong communication media still in this age of instant messaging. Lightbox recommends AcyMailing email newsletter component to utilize this channel.

Keep in Touch
AcyMailing email newsletter component keeps you connected with your visitors and customers by collecting new email subscribers, crafting email lists, importing Joomla user emails to the component’s own lists, running newsletter campaigns and more.

Time Saving
The tool has a number of ready-to-use newsletter templates that can be utilized to send emails quickly. This is very helpful for small and medium sized companies. And yes, you can customize the built-in templates or create new ones.

Helix3 Framework

Lightbox is based on JoomShaper’s famous Helix3 framework. The robust Joomla template framework has a rich set of features life-saver for the web developers and backend users.

Create Unlimited Layouts
Creating any layout for a Joomla site is so easy when you use Helix3 framework. The output is fully responsive and mobile-ready. The potential is unlimited.

Typography and Fonts
Helix3 deals with everything related to the typography styles of your Joomla site. You can easily select a font family, font style, font sizes and other relevant stuff using its handy tools.

SP Page Builder 2 Pro

Lightbox is powered by SP Page Builder 2 Pro, the revolutionary drag and drop visual page composer from JoomShaper. It’s a magical tool that makes website building an ultimate fun.

Visual Drag and Drop Site Building
SP Page Builder 2 lets anyone create an appealing website without writing a single string of code. You can build any page having any design and element arrangement. No coding knowledge required.

Save Resources
The page builder is an incredible economizer that saves your time and money by a great extent. Plus you get its premium version for free with Lightbox.

Support & Updates

Lightbox is loaded with state of the art technologies to offer you the best possible web experience. And we, the JoomShaper team is also ready to offer our award-winning support should you need.

Regular Updates
We have a renowned tradition of providing regular updates to our templates and extensions which we strictly maintain. We also value user feedback and issue fixes immediately if needed.

Dedicated Support
Our dedicated customer service team offers top-class pre and after sales support which you will find amazing. We have forums, community groups on Facebook and more contact channels to stay in touch.

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