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Multi-purpose Joomla Education Template for eLearning
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Joomla 5, 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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10 August 2022

Maestro is a unique, engaging, and fully-functional eLearning Joomla template that has been dextrously designed to power up all kinds of eLearning platforms, online courses, training centers, and other LMS sites. Besides its extraordinary functionalities, the template’s organized and impressive look will surely capture your audience’s attention.

Integrated with the mighty SP LMS, the template let you facilitate the process of constructing your dream website without a glitch. Effortlessly organize and display your courses with up-to-date functionalities and advanced LMS features. Apart from the mentioned, there are plenty more in Maestro for you to explore with endless customization options.

This Joomla LMS template QuickStart is packed with all necessary elements like SP Page Builder Pro (save $59), Helix Ultimate framework, and more to help run your eLearning business nicely and smoothly. So if you are looking for a high-quality LMS site and create the ultimate impression then Maestro is your answer!

Best For:
Education Learning Management System
Maestro Overview


Keeping the most important elements of a fully complete LMS site in mind, Maestro has been designed to maximize your learner’s engagement. Manage and organize your overall teaching process with Maestro’s robust features. Not just that, with the off-canvas menu, keep your enthusiastic learners fixated on exactly what they are looking for without distractions. Plus, get endless special features like scroll-triggered animations to make the scrolling experience for your visitors fascinating.

Maestro Key Features:

  • 3 stunning Home variations
  • Impressive features of SP LMS
  • Smartly display courses
  • Clean, distraction-free pricing plan
  • Encourage curiosity with educational blogs
  • Showcase your expertise with about page
  • Super attractive certificates
  • Off-canvas menu design
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro

Joomla 4 Supported Joomla Template

Maestro Joomla template is fully compatible with Joomla 4. With Maestro, enjoy the features and enhancements of Joomla 4 and stay up to date with the latest web trends.

Enjoy a more user-friendly UI, modern media manager, and many more amazing features Joomla 4 has in store.

3 Impressive Niche-Specific Home Variations

Maestro comes with 3 unique home variations focused on Designer, Digital Marketing, and Language School to satisfy any learning, teaching, and education needs.

  • Designer: Create an engaging and seamless learning experience with the Designer home layout of Maestro. Perfect for designers, this home layout is an absolute work of art!
  • Digital Marketing: Better strategize and showcase your digital marketing courses to grab the attention of potential learners.
  • Language School: Perfect for language school, this home layout lets your language courses shine and delivers the perfect first impression.

Powered by Mighty SP LMS

Get the powerful features of the SP LMS component like creating and managing courses, course review & rating, and many other necessary LMS features. With Maestro and the handy features of SP LMS, get almost everything you need to build and manage a successful eLearning platform!

  • Create courses and manage lessons
  • Courses - option to choose Free or Paid
  • Certificate System

Professionally Display & Manage Your Courses

Based on the latest trends in design style, Maestro includes a beautiful Course list, Course Details, and Course Page to give your online courses the spotlight they deserve!

  • Course List: Enlist all your courses with a display image, title, price, rating, a call to action, and more so that students can quickly filter and make their purchase decision.
  • Course Details: Present each course with extensive information such as lessons, reviews, FAQs, and more through the use of tabs.
  • Course Page: Create an organized course journey and a seamless eLearning experience with the Course page of Maestro.

Entice Enthusiasts With the Clean Pricing Page

Maestro comes with a dedicated pricing page that will present your pricing plans in the most persuasive way with FAQs and well-directed CTAs. The minimal clutter-free design lets users focus on your plans and pricing information.

  • Categorized pricing plans
  • Feature listing under each plan
  • Clean FAQ section

Instill Knowledge Thirst with Educational Blogs

Encourage curiosity among your prospective students with Maestro’s blog and blog details page. Utilize the advantage of the Blog and Blog Details pages that come with the Maestro template to share your expertise, knowledge-based articles, and more.

  • Clean and concise design
  • Attractive hero section on the blog details page
  • Related article panel at the bottom

Accreditable Certificate Upon Course Completion

Recognize a learner’s accomplishment with great certificates. With the Certificate page of Maestro, you can let students see the certificate preview upon completing the course.

  • Instantly download Certificate
  • Copy your certificate page link
  • Share certificate to social media

Built-in Pages for Quicker Site Launch

The Maestro Joomla template comes with multiple built-in pages such as contact, coming soon, login, registration, and more that you can use to accelerate the development and launch your eLearning site with minimal effort.

  • FAQ: Proactively help the site visitors of your eLearning site with an interactive FAQ page.
  • Contact: Let students and site visitors easily reach you with a minimal and intuitive contact page.
  • Coming Soon: Keep site visitors updated about your upcoming courses and events with a nicely designed coming soon page.

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Powered by the mighty SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, the Maestro Joomla template is a complete solution for your LMS business site. Enjoy the finest website development experience with their drag & drop live site-building mechanism.

  • Ease of creating and editing your content on the go
  • Enjoy front-end website development with real-time change viewer
  • Enjoy the benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

To ensure a hassle and fuss-free installation and setup, the Maestro template comes with detailed documentation and dedicated support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert support team for any technical queries or assistance.

  • Fast and expert solutions to all your issues
  • Future-proof your site with regular updates & bug fixes
  • Detailed product documentation for a quick guided start
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