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Joomla Medical Template for Hospital, Clinic & Healthcare Sites
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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05 Nov 2021

Medico is a Joomla medical template from JoomShaper released in April 2018. It includes almost everything you’ll need to create a solid medical website. It is a perfectly suited package for dentists, hospitals, health clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgeons, pediatrics and other types of health related websites. With a bit of imagination you can also use it for other professions.

Medico has not only a modern design but also all necessary features by SP Medical Component to manage lists of specialists (doctors), departments, appointments, and schedules for medical services. There is also the Find a Doctor functionality from where patients can search doctors by department, specialization or name.

The template offers 3 unique homepage variations. Medico makes great use of color and section styling. It gives you a huge flexibility and saves plenty of time. The homepages and all subpages are very intuitive and can be customized easily.

Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, the template is fully-responsive (mobile friendly), with additional features to control responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

Medico has been developed on JoomShaper’s Helix Ultimate template framework. Take full freedom while building your site design from header to footer. Create different layouts, also with tabs, videos, background images, shape rows, using premium drag & drop SP Page Builder Pro 3 ($49) which is provided for free in the template QuickStart package.

Get a professional medical website that lets the patients find the best services like yours and improve the relationship with the existing ones. Use Medico!

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Medico Overview


Medico is the April 2018 Joomla template from JoomShaper. It is built for doctors, hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare services. This specialized medical Joomla template has a clean interface and wonderful display of the content that will please the visitors’ eyes. Medico comes with all modern functionalities that a medical website requires today. From finding a specialized doctor to measuring the medical test cost, it has all you need to offer best services for your site visitors.

  • 3 home variations
  • Find a doctor
  • Service module
  • SP Medical Search module
  • Frontend page customization
  • Testimonial pro
  • Schedule page
  • Cost Estimator page
  • Appointment page
  • Service page
  • Specialists page
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Regular support & updates

Medico has everything in it to power a full functioning medical service website. It has been built on the top of Helix Ultimate and the best ever page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro ($49 value) is given in the template package for free. Let’s check the detailed features below.

3 Home Variations

Medico comes with 3 different home variations to choose from. Each of them is completely different from the rest two. But none of them misses out any essential feature.

The Dental home layout mainly focuses on dental treatment. The content and the services of the site are displayed having dentistry in mind.

Taking child health issues in account, the paediatric version presents several areas of child health and says how they can address them.

SP Medical Component

From finding a specialized doctor to estimating medical expenses, you can do all with our highly functional SP Medical component.

Have all of your medical departments all in one place. Make the available departments for the visitors to find easily.

Cost Estimation
SP Medical component gives you an amazing way to measure your expenses. Click on the tests, treatments and investigations and see the total cost right away.

Find a Doctor

The advanced search system of SP Medical component lets you find the right doctor for you. Our tool assists you in selecting doctors from the diverse pool of health specialists.

Search Filter
Filter your search by departments, specialists or names. You can use from zero to as many as three filtering criteria to get the expected result.

Narrow Search Result
You have the system to narrow down the findings from the displayed result. Click the checkboxes on your right and see changes immediately.

Schedule Page

Bring all available doctors to a single page with there schedules. The schedule page lets visitors know which doctors are available on which days.

Show Date & Time
The Schedule page lets you show the days and times when the doctors will be available. So, the visitors can easily decide who and when to book an appointment.

Mention the Speciality
The page will show the schedule of doctors with their specialized area right below their names so that intended visitors don’t get confused anyway.

Cost Estimator

Medico offers an efficient way to measure potential expenses before someone takes the service. Let them know what it takes to get services from you or your institution.

Categorized Cost Estimation
Select the category of any service and check the available items to measure their costs. The items will be shown upon selecting the category.

Calculated Total Cost
Your expenses for the services you selected in the respective category will be displayed right below. You see the cost per category in total.

Appointment Page

Staying in the middle of the doctors and patients, you let them be together for the patients to get treatment and consultation from the doctors.

Book an Appointment
Any intended patient or anyone on behalf of the patient can book an appointment naming the doctors s/he wants to take treatments from.

Insert Patient Details
The appointment page takes some of the patient information so as to contact with the patient for appointment purposes. It wants to know a bit of your problem too.

Drag and Drop Page Building

Medico is powered by the highly functional drag and drop visual site building tool SP Page Builder. This powerful frontend editor makes the customization a piece of cake.

Live Frontend Editing
Build everything live on the frontend. The superbly useful SP Page Builder Pro is in the template for you to enjoy frictionless page building experience.

Easy Customization
SP Page Builder in Medico gives you a wonderful drag and drop customization system. You can use the ready designs and addons given in the SP Page Builder tool.

Support & Updates

Our valued customers will always enjoy the best ever experience with us. Adopting newer technologies, better values, and applying them in building and upgrading products are the two of our core principles.

Regular Updates
We keep updating our products and adding new features to them regularly. Once you are with JoomShaper, you stand no chance of missing new technologies.

Top-notch Support
Our dedicated support team is always set to give you timely support and expert solution to your problem. So, fixing issues is just your asking away.

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