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Joomla 3
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28 April 2023

News365 is a fully responsive Joomla! 3.7+ template best for world or local news/magazine websites, professional blogs and other editorial related projects. This amazing product offers both native Joomla articles support and K2 as well. News365 also has an integrated e-commerce solution using J2Store. It really gives you great control over the articles you want to feature and the organization of your news or magazine site.
The template, MegaMenu options and organization of its demo pages are designed with the user in mind, along with areas for posting banner ads. Our template framework (Helix 3) is integrated with News365. This template offers enough customization options and multi-tool SP Page Builder Pro content construction kit to make your news and magazine site unique. The template is compatible with all modern mobile devices. We recommend it to all kinds and sizes of news, magazine and other relevant sites.

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News365 Overview


News365 is the August 2016 template from JoomShaper. The 100% responsive Joomla template has a beautiful, organized, neat & clean design with all modern features required by a powerful media website. Whether you were planning to launch an online version of your paper based news agency or start a fully internet based media portal, News365 is ready to perform.

Developing a brand new info-portal using News365 is very easy and time efficient. It demands very less technical skills. You don’t need to be a developer and there is no necessity of user-end coding. News365 has a range of innovative features that will make your way to a state-of-the-art news outlet smooth.

The piece has 2 stunning homepage variations with 4 preset colors. It fits any type of media site, for example, news, magazine, blog and any other dynamic portal.

News365 is built on JoomShaper’s famous Helix 3 Framework which provides you a 100% responsive, lightweight and mobile ready site. The template package sports SP Page Builder Pro, our revolutionary drag-and-drop Joomla content construction kit. Utilize the built-in 41+ custom and premium add-ons to develop an impactful media site.

While using this template, you can add and manage news contents via the default Joomla article feature or using the integrated K2 component. Use whichever you like. We’ve also made the article related addons compatible with K2 and Joomla articles functionalities. News posts can be displayed beautifully using the custom Article Slider and Article Gallery addons. A dedicated component is provided to manage and show ads on the site, and J2 store is included in the package should you want to make a shop section as well.

RTL & Retina Ready

The news365 template is RTL supported, so you can create websites in right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc. without making any change to its code.

Translation Supported: News365 is translation ready, that means you can launch a website in multiple languages easily. Normally it may sound a bit tricky to develop and maintain a multilingual site, but you will find it effortless with News365 because of native RTL and translation support.

Retina Ready: The ‘Retina-ready’ feature allows you to add high-quality graphical elements for high-density displays. Reach out everyone along with their tastes.

Helix 3 Framework

News365 is developed on the top of our hugely praised Helix 3 framework. This Joomla template framework lets anyone build a Joomla site quickly.

Build Layouts Easily: Helix 3 is a Bootstrap based flexible layout builder for Joomla sites. It’s packed with mobile-first, 100% responsive and modern web resources. Build your desired layout and get working on every device.

Manage Typography: Helix 3 provides tools to deal with the typography stuff of your Joomla site. Set the font families, manage typography styles, tweak font sizes and do more with convenience.

SP Page Builder Pro

JoomShaper’s SP Page Builder is a revolutionary and the ultimate drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. You receive a paid version of this tool for absolutely free with the News365 template.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality: With SP Page Builder, you can build or redesign your site in a few mouse clicks. It doesn’t mandate any programming/coding knowledge. Anyone can build a fully functional website in just 15 to 30 minutes utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality.

Time and Cost Saver: SP Page Builder saves your time and budget drastically. You don’t need to hire a developer to create custom page layouts. It’s fast and efficient. SP Page Builder’s premium version is included in the News365 template, which saves you $39 instantly!

Variations & Presets

News365 has two pre-built home variations and 4 preset colors to let you craft a unique info-portal in the shortest possible time.

Home Variations: Both of the home variations have some bold and extraordinary stuff. The default home shows an example of a news giant using native Joomla articles, while the second one demonstrates the same media portal with K2.

Preset Colors: News365 has 4 preset color schemes for ready-made use purposes. You can customize these colors by using the Helix 3 styling dashboard. There are unlimited colors.

Joomla Articles & K2 Support

Which posting method do you prefer to add and manage contents on your Joomla news site? Are you a fan of the default Joomla articles? Do you like K2? Both of them are covered!

Native Joomla Articles Support: News365 is perfectly supported by native Joomla articles functionalities, so you can add and manage your news posts using this system.

K2 Support: Yes, we know, K2 is a popular component to insert and manage contents on dynamic sites. So we’ve built News365 fully working with K2. You get K2 inside the template package.

Stylish Menus & Easy Navigation

News365 offers several menu and navigation options. You can make your portal more appealing and professional looking by using these features.

Beautiful Menu Designs: The default menu demonstration is the traditional minimal one, but you can make it more appealing by inserting the Tabbed Articles module in the top menu bar. It provides a thumbnail based menu structure.

Navigation Options: Access to information is important. We’ve made this simple in News365. There is a detailed top menu on the desktop version, and the template gets an off-canvas menu on mobile devices.

Improved Addons

You get a handful of new and updated addons in News365 to launch a trustworthy news site. Utilize them.

Addons and Article Relationship: All of the article addons used in the News365 template is compatible with both K2 and the native Joomla articles functions. Now build your site with more peace in mind.

Easy Swap: If you are habituated with Joomla articles, you may not use K2 and vice versa at the same time. The article addons can fetch news from a specific source (Joomla Article or K2) as you configure.

Creative Article Displaying Styles

In this template, our designers and developers have introduced two creative article displaying styles that will blow your mind.

Article Slider: It’s not a traditional slider! The Article Slider addon shows a bunch of article headlines and slides them automatically. You can filter what should be shown there.

Article Gallery: The Article Gallery lets you display a collection of articles with rich thumbnails and eye-catching layouts. You can place them almost anywhere on the site.

Ads Management & Ecommerce

A news and media company earns a major share of its revenue from advertising. News365’s shop section has a mechanism for this, and other pages can utilize Joomla banners in this purpose. The template also offers e-commerce capabilities should you want to sell products/services online.

Ads on Shop Pages: You can show ads on J2Store powered Shop pages using our special module position, and manage these ads utilizing Joomla’s Banner component.

Ecommerce with J2 Store: Selling products (such as printed magazines, special publications) as well? You can do it easily using News365’s e-commerce capabilities powered by J2Store.

Support & Updates

News365 uses future-proof technologies that guarantee you will be able to utilize the template effectively with foreseeable upcoming web technologies/standards.

Regular Updates: We have a long and established track record of delivering timely updates for our templates, extensions and other products. If you ever feel the necessity of a fix, just inform us via the forum or contact page. We will take action.

Dedicated Support: Our support team is dedicated to ensuring a great after-sale experience to you. Should you face any problem with your News365 made a website, just ask a question on our support forums and one of our support team representatives will respond soon.

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