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Multipurpose One Page Responsive Joomla Template
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Joomla 4 & 3
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05 January 2023

OneClip is a one page 100% responsive Joomla! 3.9 template. The title is perfect to promote your business, products and services. Besides the minimalistic single page design, it also has blog and portfolio sections. OneClip is the ready-in-box solution for corporate, agency, nonprofit or freelance purposes. Its quickstart package comes with 5 pre-designed homepages. Our template framework (Helix3) is integrated with OneClip, and inside the offering, there is given our multi-tool SP Page Builder Pro content construction kit for building your site in the easiest way! The template is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Support for a multi-language site is also available.

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Portfolio Corporate Agency Software
OneClip Overview


OneClip is a multipurpose one page corporate, portfolio and business oriented responsive template for Joomla sites. OneClip is released as the July 2016 template from the house of JoomShaper, the worldwide popular Joomla template developer company. With this title, your business will get an all new online presence.

This template makes it possible to launch a business site with minimum effort and least technical skills. The piece has 5 homepage variations with 5 preset colors, thanks to the team. What’s more, each home variation has different menu designs. For what type of business will you build a website? OneClip covers all of the mainstream categories.

OneClip is built on JoomShaper’s revolutionary Helix 3 Framework which ensures that you get a 100% responsive, mobile ready lightweight template. The OneClip template package is loaded with SP Page Builder Pro, our innovative drag-and-drop Joomla content construction kit. Enjoy more than 41 custom and premium addons in developing any layout you wish.

Decorate your site to stun your visitors with three slider variations and a bonus mini slider for wearable mockups. There is an eye-catching set of pricing tables and testimonials built-in. The client slider can show your customers in your own style.

We strongly believe that you will find OneClip completely fit for your business site. Whether it’s a corporate site, portfolio site, app landing page, creative individual/company site or an agency site, OneClip covers them all. Please read the following features to learn more details about it.

RTL & Retina Ready

Your potential has no boundary. Same as OneClip. The template is RTL direction compatible, so you can create websites in right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc. as well.

Translation Supported
OneClip is translation ready, so you can craft a multilingual website effortlessly. Generally, it sounds a bit tricky to manage a multilingual site, but you will find it easy with OneClip thanks to its native RTL and translation support.

Retina Ready
OneClip’s ‘Retina-ready’ feature means you can add special graphical elements for high-density displays too. Take the eliteness to the next level

Variations & Presets

OneClip has five built-in home variations and five preset colors to meet your unique business ideas and site preferences.

Home Variations
Each of the five prebuilt home variations has some distinguishable look and feel. The slider, page elements, the feature items and eventually the overall appearance vary from variation to variation.

Preset Colors
OneClip has five preset color schemes that you can use and get even more by utilizing the Helix 3 styling functions. Color your website as you wish.

Corporate Variation

The OneClip template is a perfect choice for your onepage business website. The default corporate demo variation is a great example of that.

Clean and Bold
The corporate variation of OneClip presents a clean, simple and bold appearance which is very effective for a business to communicate the target audience.

Well-Organized Elements
We’ve crafted the Corporate demo to provide an idea on how one can build a full-fledged onepage business site using OneClip. The variation has a slider, featured elements, a video section, portfolios, pricing table, maps and more.

App Landing Variation

Have you created a fantastic app? Now you need a good website to promote the app for user-attention. This demo meets that purpose.

Innovative and Unique
OneClip’s App Landing demo is innovative in functionality and unique in appearance. You can use it to tell people about your app with an amazing UI & UX.

Exclusive Features
OneClip has some dedicated features developed exclusively for the App Landing variation. Here you get a stunning top section, informative feature sections special sliders for smartphone and wearable mockups etc.

Creative Variation

Companies and professionals doing creative stuff need a site that matches their activities. It’s a fruitful way to attract customers.

Work Focused
The Creative variation of OneClip focuses on your creative works. It displays what you want to show people and tells stories straight.

Rich & Efficient
OneClip Creative variant has a compact and informative slider on the top. There is a tiles-style portfolio section to showcase some selected works. Several feature sections and commonly used elements make this variation complete for a creative business site.

Portfolio Variation

A dedicated portfolio site is necessary if you want to show your work collections to others. OneClip’s portfolio variation is built to get it done.

All About Your Works
Why would you build a portfolio website? Absolutely to share what you have made for the world. The OneClip Creative variation organizes and presents your creations beautifully.

Visual Archive
OneClip’s Portfolio variant can build a visual archive of your products and services to connect your target audience. You get an exceptional slider, grid-style portfolio item showcase, video section, featured items, pricing tables etc.

Agency Variation

This variation is developed for any type of agency including advertisement, law, accounting, management and so on.

Wide Coverage
The Agency variation of our OneClip template covers a wide range of entities to build site for. The demo site has a nice example of this fact.

Complete with Features
Website elements vary from organization to organization. OneClip Agency has a long list of available features so you can choose whichever you need. Most notably, there is a hybrid slider, multiple feature sections, filtered portfolios, interactive tabs, pricing tables and more.

Aesthetic Sliders & Pricing Tables

We’ve crafted several sliders and exclusive pricing table designs for OneClip that let you build a content rich website and stand out of the crowd.

Three Slider Variations
Having a slider on the top of the site is an insanely popular trend around the world. It greatly helps businesses present themselves more effectively. Additionally, there is a watch style slider which can mock your wearable apps with multiple interface slides.

Two Pricing Table Variations
OneClip has two built-in pricing table designs that will match any type of business site. Input your data in the backend, and see them in action on the frontend.

Renovated Testimonials & Clients Section

OneClip comes with our renovated Testimonial styles and Client section. Now you can display more user testimonials and clients on your site.

Testimonial Styles
Customer testimonials are an effective way to motivate new users. The OneClip one page template has two built-in testimonial styles that you can use to display either single testimonials at a time or in a batch as sliders.

Simplified Clients Section
The new client's section designed for OneClip can show either 1 or 3 clients in each frame. Users can swipe through the frames or click to view the next slide.

New Multimedia Presenters

OneClip has two new multimedia content presenter addons. One is Video Contents and another is Screenshot Slider.

Video Contents
This addon lets you add a video clip on anywhere of the website. You can also show some texts about the video, add a thumbnail image and put a call-to-action button.

Screenshot Slider
The Screenshot Slider can give your app landing page a compelling look. If you’ve built a mobile app and want to express it, use the screenshot slider to show the users what it looks like.

Helix 3 Framework

OneClip is developed on the top of our award winning Helix 3 framework. This super flexible template framework helps you build your Joomla website in the shortest possible time.

The Ultimate Layout Builder
Helix 3 is the unparalleled layout builder for your Joomla site. It’s packed with mobile-first, 100% responsive and modern web resources, thanks to Bootstrap. Build your desired layout and get supported by every device.

Manage Typography
Helix 3 has on-board options to deal with the total typography stuff of your Joomla site. Manage font families, typography styles, sizes and so on with convenience.

SP Page Builder Pro

SP Page Builder is a revolutionary and the complete drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. We provide a premium version of this magical tool for free with the OneClip template.

With SP Page Builder, you can build or reshape your website in only a few mouse clicks. The tool doesn’t demand any coding knowledge, so anyone can build a full-fledged website in no more than 30 minutes utilizing its drag-and-drop functionality.

The Resource Saver
SP Page Builder can save your web development time and budget significantly. Thus it economizes a large number of valuable resources. SP Page Builder’s premium version is pre-packaged with the OneClip template, which instantly saves you $39!

Future Proof

OneClip ensures you far-reaching peace of mind. We’ve used future-proof technologies that assure you will be able to utilize this piece with foreseeable upcoming web standards.

Timely Updates
We have a proven track record of providing timely updates for our products. Moreover, if you notice a requirement of a fix ever, just inform us via the forum or contact page. We will take action.

Dedicated Support
Should you face an issue with your OneClip made website, just ask a question on our forums and sit back with a coffee. One of our support members will assist you soon.

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