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Technology and IT Solution Joomla Template
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Joomla 5, 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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08 September 2021

Pitech is a versatile technology and IT solution Joomla template suitable for IT, SaaS, tech-based companies, and other related businesses of any scale. It is packed with the latest features to empower innovations and technical solutions with a striking online presence. It is the perfect template choice for technology startups, medium and large-scale tech companies selling software, digital services, physical and nonphysical technology products. The sleek and modern design with cutting-edge features will let you build a professional website with minimal effort. 

Whether you’re running a startup or looking to expand your business online, Pitech offers endless customization freedom to craft your site that is unique to its own. The Pitech Joomla template QuickStart pack has SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $59). Construct web pages using the page builder’s front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons.

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful IT solution, look no further! Pitech is the ultimate all-in-one technology website template to make your business bloom.

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Pitech Overview


Pitech is a technology and IT solution company Joomla template to create an attractive web presence. It is gorgeously designed for technology startups, medium and large-scale tech companies selling software, digital services, physical and nonphysical technology products. Build websites for AR, VR, AI, and other kinds of technology businesses easily with the Pitech Joomla template.

Pitech Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Joomla 4
  • Built for a wide range of technology products
  • Smart presentation for your business
  • Conversion friendly pricing plans
  • Showcase your company environment
  • Extend team members with a dedicated career page
  • Easier communication with customers
  • Blog and media releases
  • Perform CSR activities smartly
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate
  • Regular Update & Dedicated Support

Joomla 4 Supported Joomla Template

Pitech Joomla template is fully compatible with Joomla 4. Enjoy the latest technologies offered in the major Joomla release. Build your technology company website while experiencing new enhancements, features, and flexibilities of Joomla 4.

  • More user-friendly UI
  • Bootstrap 5 integration
  • Modern media manager
  • And many more

Gorgeous Home Layout for Greater Impression

Get a gorgeously designed home page layout for your technology startups, medium and large-scale tech companies. Easily present your company with a stunning hero section and features and more.

  • Have a sneak peek of your technology products and services
  • Showcase product features and stats, and testimonials, and more
  • Get a visually rich home layout to impress visitors

Showcase Who You Are and Build a Better Bond

Your company site built with the Pitech Joomla template lets you build a relationship with your customers by showcasing your company, team members, and your aims and objectives. Connect with your audience emotionally and build a better bond.

  • About: Tell your company story, showcase what you do, and present your company structure in beautiful tabs.
  • Team Members: Showcase your team members with their names, designations, and visuals.
  • Mission & Vision: Let your customers know what your company is up to. Display your vision in a wonderful timeline.

Multiple Areas to Build Your Business

Pitech is a rich template to build websites for different types of businesses. Whether you deal with consumer technology products, IT solution services, or working on innovation capable of impacting people's lives, we got you covered.

  • Consumer Goods: Do you have different types of technology products to offer to the consumers? Easily list your products and services and present them for better conversion.
  • Enterprise: Showcase your large-scale industry product with features in different tabs.
  • Innovation: Working to make people’s lives better? Present your innovation works and make a business out of it.

Pricing Plans Made for Conversions

Since you are selling technology products on your website, you need detailed pricing plans to offer applications in different packages. Pitech has a pricing table with multiple plans to get the job done.

  • Get multiple pricing plans and highlight your favorite one
  • Add multiple features and capabilities to each pricing easily
  • Showcase supported payment methods to make payment a breeze.

Showcase Your Work Environment

Your work environment has a direct impact on your business. It keeps your employees happy and inspires more talents to join you. Having a site built with Pitech puts you ahead in this game. You get dedicated pages to showcase the work environment easily.

  • Work Environment: Showcase how your team members collaborate, continue making innovations, and stay productive.
  • Employee Activities: Frame special moments of your employees and display them nicely on your website.

Dedicated Career Page to Expand Team Members

You can not go ahead with your business alone. You have to hire people along the way. Having that in mind, Pitech brings a Career page to publish job circulars and make hiring a breeze. Its design and details will attract applicants and inspire them to apply.

  • Place inspiring words and visuals on the hero section
  • Publish job circular and have open positions listed easily
  • Showcase some reasons to encourage applicants

Communication Made Easy

Pitech Joomla template lets you make customer support and business communication easier. You have a couple of ready pages to make business communication simple. Showcase your office addresses and branches and also let people contact you online.

  • Our Offices: Make communication so simple by having all of your offices’ addresses on a single page. Pitech gives a dedicated page for that.
  • Contact: Let the interested people contact you from a nicely designed contact page.

Blog and Media Releases

Keep your audience up-to-date with your latest news and media coverage. Publish company announcements and cover industry-related topics on your blog. Also, have all of your media stories on a single page.

  • Sort blog posts on a grid layout with featured image, title, and more
  • Convey brand messages, guidelines, tips & tricks aesthetically
  • Clean and readable single blog page including a banner and more

Perform CSR Activities Smartly

As a corporate business firm, you might need to perform some sort of charity and social work around your community. Pitech lets you perform such CSR activities smartly and uphold the dignity of your company.

  • Promote Innovation: Do you promote innovation and support community works. Showcase your love for innovation and community work on your website on a dedicated page
  • Combat Covid-19: Help your community combat social challenges, diseases, pandemics, or any other difficulties and visually present them on your site.

Built-in Pages Quicker Site launch

The Pitech Joomla template is feature-packed with all the necessary pages required to reach your customers. And the best part of these ready pages is you can set them up by editing the demo contents only.

  • Coming Soon: A well-designed page to let the site visitors know what goodies are awaiting the next.
  • Registration: Make the online registration process simplified for your website visitors with the help of self-explanatory user-friendly form fields.
  • 404: Easily direct lost visitors to get back to the main site and explore again.

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Powered by the mighty SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, the Pitech Joomla template is a complete solution for your technology business site. Enjoy the finest website development experience with its drag & drop live site-building mechanism.

  • Ease of creating and editing your content on the go
  • Front-end site development with real-time preview
  • Enjoy the benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

The Pitech Joomla template comes with detailed documentation and dedicated support. You will also get experts’ assistance for any technical issues you may face while using the template.

  • Fast & experts’ help to all your technical queries
  • Future-proof your business with regular updates
  • Detailed documentation for a quick guided start
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