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Joomla Template for Political Campaigns, Parties, and Politicians
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Template Details

Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
Updated On
22 Sep 2021

Politicas is a Joomla template suitable for political parties, political campaigns, activism, political grassroots movement, or anything related to politics. This template is a complex solution for a local candidate who needs to leave a good online impression, present his program and detailed political vision and promote upcoming events. It's a ready package for the political website, supporting an election campaign with planned events and community meetings. Promote your favorite (male/female) candidate locally and globally.

Politicas comes with 2 homepage variations allowing you to set up a unique political website in accordance with the guidelines. This template has a clean and professional design. It offers quite a bunch of internal layouts and sections that you can mix and match accordingly. All elements are highly flexible, they can be easily adjusted to match your unique requirement.

The Politicas QuickStart pack includes SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $59) so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons. Easily add text, images, animations, interactions, and video clips to your pages. It's also fully translation-ready for non-english Joomla websites.

Politicas is built with Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro. We offer both a raw template, and a QuickStart if you want to start with the demo content, Joomla, and SP Page Builder Pro preinstalled. Add custom content and launch your politically engaged site in one day.

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Politicas Overview


Creating websites for political parties and politicians require special attention. It needs to have elements to showcase the political notion along with impressive designs to win supporters' hearts online. There aren’t so many templates that offer all these. This is why we designed Politicas to fill this gap.

Whether you want to create an online presence for your political party or promote yourself as a political leader, Politicas Joomla template covers you all. Showcase political parties, display portfolios, list events, ask for donations, release press and media talks, and do many more.

Politicas Key Features
  • 2 home variations for party and political leaders
  • Political events with listing and details
  • Donation form for fund collection
  • Showcase party leadership
  • Press & media to cover activities and campaigns
  • Dedicated about page with 2 variations
  • Multilingual and RTL ready
  • Built-in Pages for quicker Site Launch
  • SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate
  • Regular update & dedicated support

Present Your Political Party

Have an engaging home layout for your political party. Showcase your activities in a sliding hero section and ask people to take part through volunteerism, donations, and events. Display party stats and do many more.

  • Demonstrate political activities on images and videos and let people join
  • Display party moto/leader’s remark and upcoming events on home page
  • Present your political party history in a visually rich timeline slider

Introduce Party Leader Smartly

Want to create a website for politicians? Politicas brings an outstanding political leader home layout to present your party leader. Have a video and CTA button on the hero section. Let people know about you in an intro and ask them to join the movement.

  • Display individual political figure with visuals, about, and remarks
  • Have recent media and press coverage on the home page
  • Ask people to support the cause and join the party

List and Showcase Political Events

Political parties frequently arrange events like demonstrations, roadshows, and other public gatherings. This is why Politicas comes with the system to list political events and showcase them to get people involved.

  • Event Listing: Get a dedicated event listing page to display all events on a single page. Feature important events in the hero section and ask people to register.
  • Event Details: Describe each event smartly with their date, time, venue, Google Map, and more on the event detail page.

Present Your Political History With Timeline

Every political party has some glorious history to cover. Politicas lets you frame events of the political party history in a nice timeline slider. Present your glorious past and attract new supporters to join your party.

  • Display political events with images in a well-designed slider
  • Showcase historical party events in chronological order
  • Get a dedicated page to describe party history in details

Crowdsource Funds With Donation Form

You need to collect funds to run political campaigns, demonstrations, and other programs. Your party supporters could be your main source of funds. This is why Politicas comes with a donation form to crowdsource funds.

  • Let people fund for the causes that they are supporting passionately
  • Showcase fundraising status and inspire more to take part
  • Get a well-designed donation form for successful fund collection

Party Leadership

Every political party has party leaders who run and execute political activities. You need to present them for greater engagements. Get a Party Leadership page and display them on your site with images and designations.

  • Get a hero section and define your party leadership with words
  • List politicians and showcase them on the leadership page
  • Have leaders’ names, designations, and images with the profiles

Press & Media

You have to let your people know about your programs and announcements through press briefing, Politicas gives you a Press & Media page to cover all these for your party supporters and mass people.

  • Let your party notions and message reach their audience
  • Get a nicely designed single page to showcase news
  • Have news sections on different pages to draw attention

Ask For Volunteerism

There are people out there to support your noble cause. Give them the right opportunities to be volunteers and contribute to your party. Have CTA buttons on different pages to ask for volunteerism and get them registered easily.

  • Extend your party activities with a volunteer wing
  • Involve mass people and turn them into supporters
  • Get a nice registration page for interested volunteers

Present Your Party and Politicians

Your website plays an important role in presenting your party to your audience. Having that in mind Politicas brings two dedicated pages for your political party and politicians. Display party mission and vision, talk about ideology and do much more.

  • Political Party: Talk about your party, feature leaders, share moments, describe historical events, and have facts and stats on a beautifully designed about page.
  • Politician: Present individual politician profile, political ideology, remarks, special moments, and some fun facts about the politician.

Dedicated Press & Event Addon With 3 Layouts

Alongside having press & media and event pages separately, Politicas lets you showcase events and news in nicely designed layouts. Get a dedicated Press & Event addon to display events and news items on your site.

  • A dedicated addon with 3 different layouts options
  • Display news and events on any pages of your site
  • Make your website engaging and much more informative

Built-in Pages for Quicker Site Launch

The Politicas Joomla template has a bunch of built-in pages that help you launch a website for any political cause in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo content to get started. Get contact, coming soon, registration, and 404 pages to go with.

  • Contact: Let the interested visitors contact you via the phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.
  • Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.
  • Registration: Convert website visitors into registered users through an effective registration form.
  • 404: A predesigned 404 page intended to save you from oopsie moments and a big bold button to head home.

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Politicas is powered by the SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Enjoy the best ever website development experience with the drag & drop live site-building mechanism of these 2 useful tools on Joomla.

  • Easily create and edit your content on the go
  • Get front-end site development with real-time change viewer
  • Registration: Convert website visitors into registered users through an effective registration form.
  • Utilize modern site building flexibility with plenty of addons

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

Do you need support while using the Politicas Joomla template? The template comes with detailed documentation and an expert support team to answer your questions and ensure a smooth installation & setup.

  • Get quick solutions to your issues from our experts
  • Enjoy regular updates & bug fixes to stay on loop with the web trend
  • Detailed documentation for a quick guided start with your site
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