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Stunning Joomla Template for Business, Portfolio, and Creative Sites
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Joomla 4 & 3
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24 Jan 2022

Rhino allows you to explore & increase your creativity, shape your website clean and elegant. With this new Joomla 3.10/4.2+ responsive multipurpose template, you can build websites about nature, passion as well as businesses. Built-in tools and design suggestions give you endless capacity for visual branding, customization, and personification.

Rhino is equally suited for a wide spectrum of freelancers, artists, designers, game development studios, marketing agencies, and publishers. This premium template allows your company to easily showcase the portfolio, display the products (apps, games, handmade) and offered services, news/blog posts, and display the whole working team. Rhino offers 6 different homepage layouts. The template gives you huge flexibility and it can save you plenty of time. All homepage variations are very intuitive and can be easily customized. Based on a modular Bootstrap design, it’s natively responsive, and cross-compatible with browsers, desktop, and mobile devices.

The template can be used with any language as it is natively translation & RTL ready. Rhino has been developed on the award-winning JoomShaper template framework. Take complete control of your site design from header to footer. Create boxed or wide layouts using drag & drop SP Page Builder Pro, responsive layouts, sliders, image and video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, custom styling, animations etc. SP Page Builder Pro is provided for free in the template QuickStart package. With Rhino, you can get your new website installed and online in under 5 minutes. No joke.

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Rhino Overview


Rhino is a state of the art Joomla 3.7+ responsive multipurpose template for september 2017 from JoomShaper. It has been built beautifully having creativity in mind. This superbly powerful stunning Joomla template will let you build websites for freelancers, artists, designers, game development studios, marketing agencies, publishers, and more. Being built with modern technology, the template is capable of drawing visitor attention so as to maximize the engagement on your site. Rhino has everything that you need to build a professional website immediately.

Now let's have a peek, what are in the offerings with the template Rhino.

  • 6 home variations
  • SP Page Builder Pro
  • Helix3 framework
  • Frontend page customization
  • Fully responsive
  • 3 slider variations
  • Simple Portfolio component
  • Animated counter, Article addon
  • Clients addon, Gallery addon
  • Testimonial pro, Service page - 2 variations
  • Portfolio page - 2 variations
  • Progress bar, Person addon (team)
  • Ajax Contact Form addon, Blog
  • Translation & RTL ready, Retina ready.
  • Dedicated support

Rhino comes with SP Page Builder Pro ($49 value) which is given for free with the template package. Please find the detailed features below.

Creatively Stunning

Rhino is the most creative and stunning Joomla template in the market. It ensures the maximum number of user engagements along with amazing layouts, colors, animations, and effects.

6 Home Layouts
Rhino comes with six unique beautiful home layouts, crafted with care, and packed with appealing design elements & functionalities.

Unlimited Customization
Rhino comes with 4 color presets. Also, Helix3 gives unlimited color options to choose which you can use to easily get the desired color(s) in your site.

Default Home Variation

The default home variation of Rhino bears the template's design standard, looks and features quality all over it.

Creative Design
From the start to the end of the layout, it has amazing finishing and appealing craftsmanship. The touch of creativity is at the heart of this variation.

Business Prospects
Rhino default has all the necessary features to hold up your business prospects to your clients, visitors with maximum engagement potentials.

Classic Home Variation

The Classic home variation is designed in such way that you can have more flexibility while developing your agency or generic business site in less time than you can imagine.

Core Services
This variation has all the cool ways to display your services and let your visitors know what you have in the offerings.

User Oriented
Rhino Classic home layout takes an extra care of your stakeholders and visitors. Everything in the roaster has top notch performance. It’s all about a great experience!

Portfolio Home Variation

As you would expect, this variation has a portfolio focused design and possesses amazing display methods of portfolio items.

Elegant Design
As the variation is all about displaying your portfolio in the most competent way, it has a dedicated portfolio section with unique whited design which enhances the whole thing.

Along with the portfolio itself, customer testimonial is also important in any flagship website. That is why this variation has an admirable testimonial section design as well.

Flat-light Home Variation

This variation is a classy designed variation that is totally flat, very much light both in color and weight, and packed with speedy powerful features.

Sharp Design
The Flat-light layout comes with a sharp design that’s very conspicuous and focused which ensures greater convertion on your site.

Powerful Features
By name, the Light variation could appear to be simple, but it has all the powerful features like other variations of Rhino.

Flat-dark Home Variation

Flat-dark home variation comes with an all over dark UI. This layout extends the design of Rhino to something different for the users.

Feeling of Depth
The Dark layout of Rhino has a deep colorful design giving you an option to choose the right kind of UI that goes along with your business/product/service website.

Focused Contents
Because of the dark layout, it is always a crucial task to focus the contents and that was done explicitly well in this variation. Relax!

3 Slider Variations

We believe in doing things extraordinarily. Besides the whopping 6 homepage layouts, we’ve also included 3 slider variations so you can make a combination that tells your story.

Freedom of Presentation
The included slider variations give you total freedom of presenting your contents, and also, ensures a flying start for your site.

Beautiful & Interactive
All the slider variations are stunningly beautiful and interactive that will ensure a friendly experience on your site for the visitors.

SP Portfolio Component

We’ve included our cutting-edge SP Portfolio component in the Rhino template to empower you to showcase your goodies online. It’s a great opportunity to convince potential customers!

Display Innovatively
Add and display your portfolio items by categories. The items will be there in different groups, giving the users quick accesses to the desired items.

Categorize & Filter
All the slider variations are stunningly beautiful and interactive that will ensure a friendly experience on your site for the visitors.

Business Mirror

Your website is the mirror of your achievements. Rhino empowers you to show your business offerings, clients, testimonials, news & updates, and multimedia contents.

Blog in Rhino has amazing block based designs with thumbnailed banners. The blog single pages also have unique styles of content presentation.

Services Pages
The crucial part is always to display the services of any business to attract the prospective clients. Rhino has a couple of services page variations that surely will satisfy your need.

Communication Simplified

The sole purpose of creating a website is communication. And we’ve made it simple with Rhino thanks to the fast, intuitive contact form and the AcyMailing component.

Ajax Contact Form
Ajax Contact Form is a specialized addon used in the Rhino template that gives your web pages a super functional contact form.

AcyMailing Component
AcyMailing newsletter component comes with Rhino and that will help you be communicative with clients and visitors who already are and could be the potential buyers.

Code-free Development

Rhino utilizes SP Page Builder Pro to create its stunning pages which gives you a coding-free site-building experience. The template is based on Helix3 framework that ensures a solid base.

SP Page Builder Pro
SP Page Builder is a revolutionary page composer tool. With its drag and drop frontend editor, you can do all the modifications live. You get its Pro version in Rhino for FREE!

Helix3 Framework
Helix3, the superbly crafted template framework used in Rhino, has all the functionalities to make your styling of the web pages a minutes work.

Freedom of Contents

Rhino offers absolute freedom in your website content strategy. You can use multiple languages on the site for different audiences. Rhino also supports RTL and Retina standards.

Translation & RTL
Translating your website is now a must have feature and Rhino is totally translation & RTL ready. So one less thing to worry.

Retina Ready
Rhino is fully retina ready. So your website will shine as new in every display out there. The design standard will remain intact in high resolution displays.

Top-notch Support

At JoomShaper, we offer top class support and regular updates for our products. You can get our award-winning support at any stage of your journey with us for pre and post sales queries.

Dedicated Support
If you feel any difficulties developing your site, our dedicated support team is always ready to serve you with their full potential to make your journey smoother than ever.

Regular Updates
All of our products get regular updates to make them compatible with latest technologies and advancements. Rhino ensures this as well.

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