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eCommerce Joomla Template with EasyStore
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Joomla 5 & 4
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24 January 2024

Shopin is a minimalist & flexible Joomla! 3.9+ responsive template offering EasyStore ecommerce system integration. It's the perfect choice for any ecommerce site. The piece is great for artists, fashion/decor designers, freelancers and businesses alike, including professional agencies and small family businesses. It’s an all-in-one modern, elegant Joomla template that will help you promote your products and the whole brand.

As a business owner, you can charge people for anything that peaks their interest: books, clothing, hand-made decor, and so on. As long as you have a good product, Shopin can help you to sell it. You can use it as a resourceful product catalogue as well. Shopin demo layout is very intuitive and can be easily customized. Based on a modular Bootstrap design, Shopin is natively responsive, cross-compatible with browsers, desktop and mobile devices.

The template can be used with any language as it is natively translation & RTL ready. Shopin is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework. It uses SP Page Builder Pro for building pages, and provided for free in the template QuickStart package. Adding, editing, and customizing elements on a page is really fast and intuitive with the live frontend visual drag and drop system. AcyMailing newsletter integration is also a big plus. While we provide 4 preset colors inside, you can get unlimited color schemes using Helix options. Build Your successful ecommerce website today!

Best For:
Fashion & Clothing Ecommerce
Shopin Overview


Shopin is the June 2017 Joomla template from JoomShaper. It’s a 100% responsive ecommerce enabled template that you can use to build any online business site you can imagine, there is absolutely no limitation. Shopin is ready to launch a business portal of any size or purpose. The piece is simply the best Joomla ecommerce template that lets you experience all online business features available today. And yes, it integrates with your favorite EasyStore Core and Pro if you'll replace later!

Shopin core features are listed below:

  • Fully responsive
  • 4 preset colors
  • Unlimited color schemes via Helix
  • EasyStore ready
  • Product sliders
  • Latest Products module
  • SP Page Builder Pro
  • Unique Masonry blog
  • Product listing page
  • Translation & Retina ready
  • About, Coming Soon & 404 pages
  • AcyMailing newsletter
  • Helix3 framework

Shopin is powered by frontend drag and drop page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro ($39 value) which is provided for free with the template package. The template uses EasyStore, the popular and easy to use shopping cart extension for Joomla. Let’s check the detailed features below.

Meticulously Crafted

Shopin is designed with the modern design trends in mind. It will draw any visitor’s attention in a glimpse. Four preset colors, slides on the homepage along with thoughtful placement of each part of the site makes it a great looking ecommerce template.

Latest Technologies and Tools
Our developers considered the latest web technologies while building Shopin. It is built on the top of our flexible Helix3 framework and utilizes SP Page Builder design system. Proper combination of web tools made this template easy for you to manage.

Business in Core
While running an ecommerce site, you must not miss any modern functionality, because there are security and usability concerns. Shopin meets these requirements for you.

Powered By EasyStore

EasyStore is a powerful Joomla eCommerce extension, empowering you to establish your online store from the ground up, equipping it with all the necessary elements for a vibrant online presence. It boasts outstanding and resilient capabilities, such as product creation, inventory management, selection of preferred payment and shipping methods, and more.

Plus, you can enhance your storefront's appearance and functionality with the specialized SP Page Builder addons. Personalize Allura to your liking, leveraging the remarkable features provided by EasyStore.

Latest Products Module

Shopin lets you display your latest products using a special module. Visitors will not have to crawl every page to know what’s new in your collection. The module will help your visitors save their time in finding new products.

Updated Automatically
The Latest Products module comes with flexibility for you because your newly added products will automatically be added to the latest product list. Save your time for other tasks.

Customization Options
Latest Products module will not only add new products to it’s list automatically, but also, it will let you add any of your products to the collection manually. You can customize the module behavior your way.

Product Slider

Shopin comes with an eye-catching product slider where you can put select products to showcase them differently. It’s a great way to present your exclusive products to the visitors and maximize sales.

Display Product Details
You can show your featured products with their price and other details. Display multiple products in different slides with compelling graphics easily.

Add to Cart Directly
Your visitors can add products directly to cart from product sliders. Product information is shown on the slide so that visitors would not need to explore that product in the directory to buy.

Product Listing Page

Shopin lets you list your products in different categories. You can categorize your products with their brands and types with necessary details.

Product Filters
Visitors can filter products by their brand, price and category. The function is as easy as just clicking on the type. Shopin makes it natural and intuitive.

Item Sorting
Sorting is also possible on product listing pages. Visitors can sort products with lowest to highest or highest to lowest orders (price, size, weight etc.). Sorting with SKU and price range is also possible.

Translation and Retina Ready

With Shopin, you have the absolute freedom in your website content strategy. The template offers all content related features including Retina standard and multiple language setup options.

Multilingual & RTL Support
Build website in any language you want utilizing Shopin’s multi-language and native translation support. You can also use Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc. on your site.

Retina Standard
Shopin is a Retina ready template, so don’t worry about making your site fit for richer graphic contents for perfect view on higher resolution displays.

Masonry Blog

Unlike other flat blog designs, Shopin has a unique Masonry blog which lets you display media and text contents in a different flavor.

New in the Town
This is the ever first example of using Masonry blog in our Joomla templates. Whether you have already used our templates before, Shopin will give you something different with its Masonry blog design.

Unique Design
The Shopin blog is unique and very nicely designed. It will draw the reader's attention with its Masonry style while most other blogs have just the common news-feed style arrangement.

AcyMailing Newsletter

Shopin comes with AcyMailing Newsletter in the template package which will pave you the way to communicate with your clients and stakeholders using its advanced mailing system.

Be in Touch
With AcyMailing, You can create newsletter subscriber list, manage subscribed email lists, run product campaign as well as deliver news and announcements easily.

Ready to Serve
AcyMailing’s pre-built newsletter templates will let you launch your email campaign in the quickest way possible. If you want a more customized look and feel, you can do it as well.

SP Page Builder Pro

Shopin is powered by SP Page Builder Pro which allows you to style your web pages live with its awesome front-end editor. Play with its drag & drop and unlimited undo/redo features.

Visual Site Building
SP Page Builder has drag and drop frontend page composing facility that lets everyone build a great website. Every change happens before your eyes ensuring the ultimate design control.

Resource Saver
Our Joomla page builder gives you the opportunity to work less and get more. With the SP Page Builder, a full-fledged gorgeous website can be built without coding a line. This ensures the least possible manpower and time requirement.

Helix3 Framework

Shopin is developed based on Helix3, the #1 Joomla template framework ever created. The highly powerful Helix3 framework lets an admin have total control over the template stylings for any level of users and developers.

Unlimited Layouts
Create unlimited number of layouts thanks to the ultimate flexibility of Helix3. Style these fully responsive layouts with lots of built-in beautification options.

Perfect Typography
Managing typography of your website is a piece of cake with Helix3. Make any modification, choose a font family, customize font size, style your selected fonts with different colors and do many more exciting stuff with Helix3 framework.

Support & Updates

Shopin promises to give you amazingly fast web experience, you already feel that indeed. Above all, you will get the dedicated support and duteous updates from JoomShaper.

Regular Updates
We update our products on a regular basis in an effort to give the best to our valued customers. We can assure, Shopin will never miss any modern feature and functionality along the way.

Top Notch Support
Our support team is always ready to ensure timely response for any issue you come across with our products. Dedicated and effective support is what made us best along with the product quality.

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