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Premium Joomla Template for Business, Corporate, Agency
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Joomla 4 & 3
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16 June 2023

Spectrum is a Joomla! 3.8+ responsive template for business and corporate sites. The template is also great for agencies, freelancers and businesses alike. It is an all-in-one modern, elegant template that will help you promote your projects and services online.

Spectrum offers a unique design style to serve your business purpose in a totally different way. It’s a multipurpose template package rather than a simple corporate theme. Purposefully, the main color scheme consists of a lot of white, you may combine it with colorful icons, buttons and images. The demo layout is very flexible and can be customized in lots of ways, so just use your imagination. Spectrum is fully compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

It is a superbly easy to use template and fit for any language as it is natively translation & RTL ready. Strings is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework. It uses SP Page Builder   Pro for building pages. The premium page builder is provided for free in the QuickStart package.

Adding, editing and customizing elements on a page is really fast and intuitive with the live frontend visual drag and drop system of SP Page Builder. There are so much more that the template has to offer, such as SP Simple Portfolio component, AcyMailing newsletter integration and so on. Build your successful business website today!

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Spectrum Overview


Spectrum is the April 2017 Joomla template from JoomShaper. It’s a fully responsive Joomla template for agencies, businesses, freelancers, startups and many more business alike websites. It’s a multipurpose template which will give you a clean and simple interface of visual business enterprise content display. Spectrum is the perfect one that you need to go ahead in the market with its elegant design styles and most flexible design elements.

Now let’s take a peek on the core features of Spectrum.

  • 8 preset colors
  • Fully responsive
  • Top slider
  • SP Simple Portfolio component
  • Well formed blog
  • Services page
  • Improved client addon
  • Improved article addon
  • Animate number
  • About, Coming soon & 404 pages
  • Helix 3 framework
  • SP Page Builder
  • AcyMailing newsletter

Spectrum is a template of clean and simple but stunningly crafted design to maximize your efforts to give a jumpstart to go ahead in the market track. The template is packaged with the industry leading frontend drag and drop page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro ($39 value) which is provided for free with the template package. Let’s check the detailed features below.

Appearance and Styles

Spectrum covers an immensely wide range of application area. The template design is blessed with a great finishing and elements that make it perfect for each of the targeted entities.

Stunning Sliders

A beautiful appealing top slider creates a deep impression in the visitor’s mind. It’s a proven way to make a website work for the business. That’s why we’ve put a stunning top slider in the Spectrum template.

Preset Colors

Spectrum has 8 preset colors. You may also call them as ‘color variations’. All of the preset colors are available in the template demo for your convenience.

Built-in Pages

With Spectrum, our goal is to offer you the easiest solution to start the dream site for your business. To make this process as quick as possible, we’ve included several pre-built pages.

Your Business

The Spectrum template comes with ready-to-use pages that tell the story of your business. You get readymade pages like About, Services, Pricing and Contact.


A website needs several utility page designs to function in accordance with the brand. We are very serious about our clients’ businesses (too) so that we’ve created Registration, Login, Coming Soon, 404 pages using the Spectrum design language.

Photo Gallery & Pricing Table

We’ve included lots of commonly used addons in Spectrum. Two of them that you’re gonna use a lot are the Gallery addon and the Pricing Table addon.

Create Photo Galleries

Businesses always love to share their precious moments with the stakeholders. Spectrum offers an amazing opportunity to do this with a stunning photo gallery addon on board. Enjoy!

Pricing Table

Spectrum has a unique pricing table designed dedicatedly for this template. It will match any type of corporate or business site. Input your data on the addon’s backend, then see them live on the output. Wish you a great business!

Improved Addons

You get a collection of new and improved addons in Spectrum to build a credible business site. Utilize them with joy.

Featured Elements

We’ve modified several of our existing addons to match the aesthetics of Spectrum. We’ve included improved feature element addons like Accordion, Articles, Slideshow Full, Call to Action etc.

Better Represent Business

With our furnished addons, you can represent your business in a better way. The Animated Number addon lets you display the key numbers about your entity, the Person addon has a new design to showcase your team, renovated Google Maps addon lets share your office location effectively and the Ajax Contact addon offers a robust contact system.

Business Blog

Blogging is an indispensable part of any modern business. It tremendously help an entity to reach the target audience easily. Spectrum knows this.

Clean Design

Spectrum blog posts are showcased in a clean layout with audience-friendly content presentation and typography.

Feedback & Sharing

Your readers get a rating option below each blog post so that you can learn how a post is being received by the stakeholders. Social sharing features are also available.

Translation and Retina Ready

Spectrum gets you a great freedom in website content strategy. The template works natively with Retina standard, multiple languages and RTL.

Multiple Languages

Spectrum has multi-language and native translation support. You can also use Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Retina Standard

The template works well with ‘Retina’ quality screens, that means you can make your site ready for high resolution images to deliver a perfect vision on higher PPI (Pixel Per Inch.) displays.

AcyMailing Newsletter

Spectrum utilizes AcyMailing component to add email communication feature to the websites powered by the template. Use the facility to connect your customers via email.

Stay Connected

You can gather new email subscribers, assemble customized email lists, import Joomla user emails, run newsletter campaigns and much more using AcyMailing. Communication made easy and fun.

Time Saving

AcyMailing comes with readymade newsletter templates for you to launch email campaigns quickly and customize them with your desired contents.

Helix3 Framework

The Spectrum template is developed with our top-notch Helix3 framework. It has plenty of unique features that would deem extremely useful for both the developers and end users.

Unlimited Layouts

It’s a great opportunity for developers to create as many layouts as they want with Helix 3 framework’s flexible and versatile features. The output is fully responsive and visually gorgeous.

Manage Typography

You can modify every single typography related stuff with Helix 3. Choosing a font family, adjusting font sizes, selecting font styles, setting font colors and tweaking other things are easier than ever before.

SP Page Builder Pro

The Spectrum template layouts are developed with SP Page Builder 2 Pro drag and drop Joomla page composer. SP Page Builder makes site building a fun with it’s highly functional frontend and backend editors.

Visual Site Building

Build your website without even coding a single line, dragging and dropping your desired contents would perfectly do the job for you.

Save Resources

The SP Page Builder saves time and money to an incredible extent. It demands comparatively less manpower deployment in your workforce by reducing the time and skill requirements for developing a website, that means.

Support & Updates

Being developed with modern web technologies and tools, Spectrum is highly likely to be your best ever web experience. On the top of everything, our dedicated support team is always at your service to help you every possible way.

Regular Updates

Having user’s feedback at the core, JoomShaper is keen on regular updates and adding new features upon user suggestions. Our effort is geared up once when we find our clients happy.

Dedicated Support

Our highly experienced support team is always set to give you timely support. So, fixing issues you come across is just your asking away. Our support platform includes support forums, community Facebook groups and other ways to stay in touch.

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