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Premium Joomla Template for Music Band & Musician
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Joomla 4 & 3
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06 June 2023

Strings is an awesome Joomla! 3.8 template for any kind of music related website. It is a 100% responsive all-in-one modern template especially built for musicians, DJs, bands, solo artists, radio stations and all other dedicated music people.

The template comes with new Music Album and Audio Player addons, allowing to use music and audio tracks online. YouTube video player is also available. Strings’ Events feature lets you arrange concerts and gatherings.

Strings is a superbly easy to use template and fit for any language as it is natively translation & RTL ready. It is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework. Strings uses our SP Page Builder Pro for building pages. Adding, editing and customizing elements on a page is really fast and intuitive with the live front end visual drag and drop system.

There are so much more that the template has to offer such as powerful albums, artists and events listing via the SP Strings component, AcyMailing newsletter integration etc. Enjoy Strings!

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Music & Band
Strings Overview


Strings is the March 2017 template from JoomShaper. It’s a fully responsive premium Joomla 3.6x template for musicians, bands, artists, music studios and recording & entertainment companies. It’s a feature-rich template which you can use and customize for any musical business or entertainment sites. With various unique features, Strings could be your standalone frontier for turning your sites into a profitable one.

Let’s look at some of the core features of Strings:

  • SP Strings component
  • New Advanced Audio addon
  • Event management features
  • Upcoming Events addon
  • Two about page variations
  • Show native and Instagram albums
  • Performer profiling
  • Coming Soon & 404 Page
  • Helix 3 framework
  • SP Page Builder
  • AcyMailing newsletter

Strings is an elegant looking template that contains the most modern and trendy features to give you a head start in existing market competition. You will not face a glitch while customizing the template. It is packaged with the industry leading drag and drop visual Joomla page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro ($39 value) which is provided for free with the template. Let’s check the detailed features below.

SP Strings Component

We’ve developed a dedicated component SP Strings for the template to manage all the core functionalities of the sites powered by Strings.

Arrange Events
Cultural people join and hold various events frequently. The SP Strings Component lets a musician or artist arrange any size of events having multiple performers easily.

Display Albums
Artists and musicians can create albums and display on their sites to let the audiences find their music works organized in one place. Albums contain album-arts and detailed information. Music tracks can be made available to play and sell online via these albums.

Stunning Album Page

We have designed an advanced album page displaying album listings that redirects to individual album page containing album tracks and core information.

Album Tracks
Every individual album contains the track list with direct playing option and information of that album track.

Buy Now Button
Every album is availed with a buy now option that redirects to the corresponding purchase page.

Events Showcasing

The Events page has some cool features like countdown timer, thumbnails, event listing, individual event pages and many more exciting stuff.

Events Core Info
Separate event pages contain all the core information like artists with their profiles, events about section, event time & date, pricing table, venue map and so on.

Pricing Table
Stunning pricing table design contains pricing related information with buy now option. The appealing design is a guaranteed attraction.

Performers Page

Performers page is another cool feature of Strings contains the detailed information of every artist with attractive image thumbnail and social media connectivity.

Beautiful Design
The Performers page is amazingly designed that displays contents and artist information with a stunning look and eye-catching design.

Social Connectivity
Availed with all the social media connectivity options. Also you can add as many as social media connectivity options with SP Strings.

Advanced Audio Addon

Strings is all about music. It comes with everything necessary to be hundred percent complete. We’ve developed the exclusive Advanced Audio Addon to uphold this principle.

Upload Tracks
Using this addon, you can upload music files directly to your server and make them playable from any page in a gorgeous, beautiful and functional interface.

The Advanced Audio Addon is very flexible to use. It lets you either upload tracks separately for each placement or simply copy and paste the addon to the desired place(s).

Native and Instagram Galleries

Strings lets you add two types of galleries on your website. You can show native galleries by manually uploading images to your site, and also can embed Instagram photos.

Native Gallery
Strings comes with a Gallery addon using which you can show stunning photo galleries on your site using on-site photo uploads. Share your memories like never before.

Instagram Gallery
Using our exclusive Instagram Photo Gallery addon, render gorgeous photo galleries on your site with a very little effort. Bring the Instagram glitz on your site simply using few pieces of info.

Interactive Blog

Strings blog is amazingly designed with handy features. The blog layout ensures utmost attractions and interactions with its readers.

Clean Box Design
String blog posts are displayed in an appealing box layout with reader-friendly typography and content display methods.

Connectivity Features
Sharing your blog with your readers is fun and easy with strings. Strings blog offers all the necessary connectivity features you need to invite the readers.

Translation and Retina Ready

Strings offers unmatchable freedom in delivering website contents. The template supports all the important features like Retina standard displays, multiple languages, translations and RTL text direction.

Translation & RTL
You can launch your website in any language as Strings offers translation and multilingual support. The best part you can use Right-to-Left (RTL) scripts e.g. Arabic, Hebrew etc. with ease.

Retina Standard
Strings supports ‘Retina’ display standards, so you can make your site fit for richer graphic contents to facilitate a perfect view on higher resolution displays. All of the visitors will get the best vision experience.

AcyMailing Newsletter

Feeding updates to the customers and stakeholders is very crucial to get success in any business. Strings provides AcyMailing email newsletter component pre packaged to facilitate you to connect your customers via email.

Stay Connected
You can gather new email subscribers, assemble customized email lists, import Joomla user emails, run newsletter campaigns and much more. Communication made easy and fun.

Time Saving
AcyMailing offers readymade and easy customizable newsletter templates that you can use to launch email campaigns quickly and customize them with you desired contents.

Helix3 Framework

The Strings template is developed on top of our revolutionary Helix3 framework. It has a unique set of features that are hugely useful for both the developers and end users.

Unlimited Layouts
It’s a great opportunity for developers to create as much layouts as they wish as Helix 3 framework provides the most flexible and versatile features. The output is 100% responsive and visually outrageous.

Manage Typography
Manage all the typography related stuff with Helix 3. You can choose a font family, adjust font sizes, select font styles, set font colors and tweak other things conveniently.

SP Page Builder Pro

The Strings template layouts are powered by SP Page Builder 2 Pro, our revolutionary visual drag and drop Joomla page composer. SP Page Builder turns site building into fun with it’s easy functional editors.

Visual Site Building
Build your website without coding a single line; you just have to drag and drop your desired contents and you have a go.

Save Resources
The SP Page Builder saves your time and money by an incredible extent. It reduces the time and skill requirements for developing a website, that means less manpower deployment in your workforce.

Support & Updates

Strings is developed with all the trendy web and design technologies to ensure the best possible web experience. Moreover, our dedicated support team is always up to their feet to assist you with every way possible until you are satisfied.

Regular Updates
At JoomShaper, we take user feedback very seriously. We issue regular updates and also add newer features to our products based on user suggestions. We really enjoy doing this.

Dedicated Support
Our dedicated customer support team provides fast and top notch support to the potential and present customers with heart and soul. We have support forums, community Facebook groups and more communication ways to stay in touch.

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