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Joomla 5 & 4
Version 1.0.0 23 February 2024 725 Downloads
Exclusive Joomla Template for Visual Jockey
Captivate your audience with Visualin, a Joomla template built for VJs, visualizers, and 3D artists. From sleek dark themes to VJ loop showcases and captivating animations, Visualin lets you create a stunning online presence for your visuals.


Visualin is a meticulously crafted Joomla template specifically designed to empower portfolio websites for VJs, visualizers, and 3D artists. Its dark theme serves as the perfect backdrop, ensuring your exceptional works stand out and instantly capture the attention of your visitors.

It comes with ready pages supporting the latest versions of SP Page Builder, Joomla, and PHP, alongside the robust Helix Ultimate and limitless customization options.

What’s Included:

  • Dark-themed template
  • Stylish hero sections
  • Powerful SP Simple Portfolio
  • Supported by SP Easy Image Gallery
  • Captivating home page
  • Multiple scroll effects
  • Dedicated VFX Profile page
  • Versatile project variations with project details
  • Individual VJ loop page
  • Smartly introduce your team members
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro

Key Features

Crafted with SP Page Builder

The elements of the contact form is perfectly styled and very easy to customize it.

Powered by Helix Framework

Built on the architecture of the Helix framework, this means ultimate customization freedom.

Off-Canvas Menu

Built-in support for off-canvas menu, enabling a slide-out navigation interface, is available.

Web Fonts

Incorporates a diverse collection of fonts from Google Web Fonts.

Page Layouts
Visualin screenshot 1
Visualin screenshot 2
Visualin screenshot 3
Visualin screenshot 4
Visualin screenshot 5
Visualin screenshot 6
Visualin screenshot 7

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