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Joomla Template for Gym, Sport, Fitness Club
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Template Details

Joomla 4 & 3
Updated On
14 March 2022

Yoga is a Joomla  3.8 responsive template for any type of spa, wellness, fitness, sport & dance studio, gym, health club and the wellness industry websites. Yoga is developed with modern technologies having the latest trends in mind. It helps you build great looking sport websites at your easiest effort.

Yoga displays the health club/gym classes and the trainers in unique segments. The template is powered by our SP LMS component for all the learning management stuff. With Yoga, you can offer different types of membership benefits to the users. Interested visitors can book an appointment by filling out a simple form with some information. Yoga is designed with eye-catching color combinations. It has all the necessary pages you need to make a perfect Yoga training website with utmost customization flexibility.

The Yoga template can be used to build a site in any language as it is natively translation & RTL ready. Yoga is developed using JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework. It utilizes SP Page Builder  Pro for building different pages. The premium (pro) version of page builder is provided for free only in the template QuickStart package.

Any modification like adding, editing and customizing elements on a page is so fast and intuitive with the live front-end visual drag and drop system of SP Page Builder. There are so much more that Yoga has to offer like, SP Simple Portfolio component, AcyMailing newsletter integration, several powerful modules etc. Build your successful Yoga website today!

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Yoga Overview


Yoga is the May 2017 Joomla template from JoomShaper. It is a fully responsive template for any Yoga training, spa, fitness, sports, gym, dance studios and any other related training website. It has a clean and visually supreme design. Yoga is exactly the template you need to have a jump start in the market with its powerful features, elegant design, content management strategies and overall functionalities.

Now let’s take a look at the core features of Yoga.

  • Fully responsive
  • SP Page Builder Pro
  • Helix3 framework
  • SP LMS component
  • New appointment addon
  • New class routine addon
  • SP Easy Image gallery component
  • Class module
  • LMS based trainer module
  • LMS based course module
  • Appealing event page
  • About, Coming Soon & 404 pages
  • AcyMailing newsletter
  • Translation & retina ready

Looks and Aspects

The appearance styling and features of Yoga came after a lot of brainstorming from our R&D. We have analyzed the need and the necessities of this kind of websites and their visitors to bring you the best in the plate.

Well Researched Design
The design of the Yoga template is the solid output of our days of research and analysis. The design is visually satisfactory and eye-catching in its nature to justify all the needs of a wellness industry website.

Contextually Crafted
How can you maintain the context of a Yoga website? We have put a lot of thought and research in it and then marched the design grid, trendy gradients and all the design elements according to it.

Digital Learning Management

Yoga comes with numerous LMS functionalities that give you easy learning management experiences. Yoga uses SP LMS, our dedicated extension for e-learning management for any kind of educational institution.

The Class feature of SP LMS is responsible for managing all the classes in Yoga. Add all the necessary contents and manage your classes with LMS class.

Profile your trainers with Yoga’s LMS trainer function that comes with all the features of trainer profiling, speciality and all the information including the connectivity options.

Manage your events and get the maximum exposure utilizing the event arrangement functionalities in Yoga with the LMS event feature.

SP Easy Image Gallery

Yoga has a well designed, stunningly beautiful gallery powered by SP Easy Image Gallery, a feature rich extension to showcase images. Display the memorable moments of your business/institution with SP Easy Image Gallery in easiest of ways.

Thumbnailed Album List
With SP Easy Image gallery, you can add your albums anywhere on your web pages with high quality album thumbnails.

Gallery Display
Present your gallery images in smoothest of image display and customize the properties of the gallery with the extension customization features.

New Dedicated Addons

Yoga comes with the most powerful page composer tool in the market, SP Page Builder. It also has some template-specific addons that will ease up your efforts in every way possible.

Appointment Addon
Manage your appointment form design and content display with the improved “Appointment Addon” of SP Page Builder.

Class Routine Addon
Manage your course class routine with the new “Class Routine Addon” of SP Page Builder. Display the class routine by adding your desired number of items and their information in the addon.

Flagship Pages

There are lots of in-house pages in Yoga, and all of these are not only well designed but also equipped with all the necessary exciting features to ensure the best for you.

Events Page
The upcoming event page is packed with intriguing elements like pricing, event information, photo gallery, topics and timeline of the event, trainers list, location mapping and many more.

Class Listing Page
The class listing page shows the list of the classes you are offering. A single class comes on a separate page that contains introduction with a video, course info, lessons of the course, class time in weeks, the trainers list etc.

Classe Showcasing

With Yoga, management and showcasing of your fitness classes are very easy. Display your classes anywhere you want, and add as many as classes you want with SP LMS.

Our Classes Module
The Our Classes module is specially designed for Yoga. Limit your classes display and add class types to display columns with this module.

Add Classes Anywhere
Thanks to the Our Classes module which enables you to have all the necessary functionalities using that you can add your classes anywhere you want on your web pages.

Course Management

In Yoga, among all other LMS features, course management gets the utmost care and wings to fly. With SP LMS, managing your courses is easy and fun.

SP LMS Course Module
The SP LMS course module allows you to add your courses to anywhere on your web page, and gives you the power to control the course display as well.

Add Unlimited Courses
With SP LMS, add as many courses as you want, and add all their necessary contents to get the maximum outcome and eye-catching display.

Trainer Profiling

In every training website, the trainer profile page stays always on extra focal point. That's why, appealing design and useful functionalities are always crucial. Yoga ensures all of that with the SP LMS trainer feature and trainer module.

LMS Trainer Module
Yoga is packed with an LMS based trainer module that allows you to add trainer profile listings to anywhere you want on your website.

Trainer Profile Features
The Yoga trainer profile comes with a featured image, expertise, connectivity, personal website, and classes. All these features are displayed with eye-catching colorful designs.

Translation and Retina Ready

Enjoy absolute freedom in website content strategy with Yoga. The template offers all sorts of such relevant features like Retina standard, multiple languages and RTL support.

Translation & RTL
Launch your website in any language as Yoga comes with multi-language and native translation support. You can also use Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Retina Standard
Yoga supports ‘Retina’ display standards, so you don’t have to worry to make your site fit for richer graphic contents to get a perfect view on higher resolution displays. All of the visitors will get the best vision experience.

AcyMailing Newsletter

Yoga utilizes AcyMailing component to maintain email communication with the potential clients and stakeholders which is always a crucial part in business. Use the facility powered by Yoga to connect your customers via email.

Stay Connected
Do some decisive tasks like creating new email newsletter subscriber list, manage subscribed email lists, run product campaigns and deliver news regarding your business and much more using AcyMailing.

Time Saving
AcyMailing serves you with pre-built newsletter templates to give you a quick head start launching email campaigns and facilitate you with all the functionalities to customize them in your desired way.

Helix3 Framework

JoomShaper revolutionary and powerful Helix3 framework is used to develop the Yoga template. The house-packed features of Helix3 give total control over the template core stylings for both developers and end users.

Unlimited Layouts
Change and customize the layout, also create as many as layouts you want with the all around and ductile features of Helix3 that lead to a fully responsive and stunningly beautiful outlook.

Manage Typography
With Helix3, manage typography of your website in your way. Modify and choose a font family, customize font size, select your desired font styles, give your own styled font colors and many more exciting stuff you can modify.

SP Page Builder Pro

SP Page Builder Pro is the most advanced Joomla visual page composer tool that enables you to style your website pages live with its frontend editor. Yoga template is fully powered and styled with SP Page Builder.

Visual Site Building
No matter you are a newbie or pro, SP Page Builder provides equally powerful development experience with its drag and drop feature for everyone.

Save Resources
SP Page Builder makes you self sufficient by giving all the full extent features where you can save your development time and valuable effort.

Support & Updates

Yoga is developed with world’s best development technologies and tools that will ensure an amazingly fast web development experience for you. Other than that, you will get the best ever efficient support from our dedicated and skilled support team.

Regular Updates
We are always keen to facilitate our valued users with all the necessary updates they need. We work hard to ensure that our precious users are happy with our products.

Dedicated Support
Our experienced support team’s motto is to provide support in quickest of times. For fixations, they are always ready for you to ask. You can get support from our exclusive support forum.

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