Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale on JoomShaper - JoomShaper

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale on JoomShaper

27 November 2014
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale on JoomShaper

Grab 35% discount on website, it means that you will pay less to get a full membership with all useful & beautiful Joomla! Templates. Is this all? Of course not, we also offering you a 25% discount if you will decide to buy SP Page Builder Pro. And we have list of 14+ more coupons.

Most of our deals are valid till the 1st of December 2014 only. Don't waste your time anymore. We know that you waited for this very long.

How to get the discount? Very easy! Just use the discount coupon from banner or text below on the checkout process to get your discount applied!

We are delighted to bring to you more Joomla! deals also from our friends and other Joomla service providers:

  • 30% discount on (J2Store - Joomla articles Shopping cart extension), coupon code: J2XMAS
  • 20% discount on (HikaShop Essential and Business eCommerce Component), coupon code: joomshaper_blackfriday (vaild till 7th December)
  • 20% discount on (AcyMailing Newsletters extension), coupon code: acyblackcyber  (friday and monday only)
  • 15% discount on (for bundle packages only), coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY
  • 50% discount on (RSFirewall!), coupon code: LHT5IK8I
  • 50% discount on (RSSeo!), coupon code: 8J6HU4P2
  • 30% discount on (EasySocial Advanced), coupon code: BLACKCYBER30
  • 25% discount on (all products), coupon code: CYBERSTACK25
  • 20% discount on (complete helpdesk solution), coupon code: TJBFCMTG
  • 33% discount on (payplans, payinvoice, jomsocial addons), coupon code: PPTECH3DAYS33 or PP3DAYS33
  • 10% discount on (all products), coupon code: TJBFCMTG
  • 50% discount on (all products, most are for K2), coupon code: happy50
  • 30% discount on (JAMP Localhost Server), coupon code: BFCM14 (Gold edition only)

Use also our  25% discount on for SP Page Builder Pro (Joomla!3.x component), use this coupon code: PBBLACKFRIDAY14

SP page builder Pro - discount coupon

9 years ago
o.k. I am in... for pagebuilder! Although I had many unanswered questions and some concerns ;)
9 years ago
PRO version ?!?- Where are the Page Templates ?- How to Save Templates ?- How to manage Templates ?Somehow, I feel tricked :(
9 years ago
Certainly i mean PRO. Sorry for my short and harsh comments, but I really wonder why JoomShaper promotes the PageBuilder in such a way, that implies it is finished. At least the overall impression is to get a full featured product, if you expose a BUY NOW PRO version button. No matter if it is an RC1. Even an RC includes the shown features, but might have some smaller, not known bugs. So, why can one buy a product without knowing that basic/advertized features are missing!? The SP product page and buy option is online for quite some time now.

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