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EasyStore v1.0.10 Brings the Much-awaited J2Store to EasyStore Migration Tool & More

20 March 2024
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EasyStore v1.0.10 Brings the Much-awaited J2Store to EasyStore Migration Tool & More

Attention all EasyStore users! Hold onto your hats and seats because you're about to be blown away with an incredible update of EasyStore that will take it to a whole new level of awesomeness! This time, we're gearing up to unveil many exciting new features, including a Migration tool, a fresh payment gateway, new addons, and more.

So, let’s start looking into the details without any more delay.

EasyStore v1.0.10 Changelog:

  • New: Introduced J2Store Migration Tool for an easy transition.
  • New: Added support for QuickPay Payment Gateway.
  • New: Included Weight and Dimension Addons for enhanced product details.
  • New: Added Joomla Dashboard Quick Icon for EasyStore.
  • New: Introduced Order Confirmation mail template for admin.
  • Fix: Resolved temporary image issues during simultaneous product creation by multiple admins.
  • Fix: Fixed Feature product badge addon issue.
  • Fix: Addressed rendering issue with thousand separators.

Ease into EasyStore From J2Store Through the Migration Tool

It's finally time for our EasyStore enthusiasts to toss the confetti! The much-awaited migration tool from J2Store to EasyStore is finally making its debut in this update and is ready for you to dive into. With just a single click, you can seamlessly transfer your valuable J2Store data like products, related settings, customers, coupons, and more to EasyStore. Update now and experience the simplicity of EasyStore like never before!

Please note that this migration tool is currently supported for Joomla 4 and 5 only. Joomla 3 is not compatible with the EasyStore migration tool.

QuickPay Payment Gateway Support

EasyStore v1.0.10

Say hello to the latest EasyStore Payment method family addition - QuickPay! QuickPay is a convenient electronic money transfer service that enables individuals to swiftly and effortlessly send funds from their bank accounts to another party. So update now get ready to streamline your payment process with QuickPay. 

Display Products’ Weight and Dimension With the New Addons

EasyStore v1.0.10

In this update, we're also thrilled to unveil the brand-new addition of the Weight and Dimension addons in SP Page Builder 5! Now, for any products requiring precise weight and dimension information, you can effortlessly showcase these details on your Single Product page. Enhancing your customers' shopping journey to pure satisfaction is effortless with EasyStore by your side!

Notable Enhancements

Apart from these additions you have also included the Order Confirmation email template for admins. This means an email will be sent to the admins whenever a customer has placed an order. Plus, you can get a quick EasyStore icon on your Joomla Dashboard to quickly take you to the EasyStore dashboard. It's all about saving time and making managing your store a breeze!

In addition to these exciting new features, we have also included notable fixes to smooth out your experience with EasyStore.

The issue related to the Featured product in the Badge addon has been successfully resolved and is now functioning flawlessly. Also, for those encountering rendering issues with the thousand separators, rest assured that this issue has been addressed in this update.

Update Now!

So what’s the wait? Upgrade to EasyStore v1.0.10 today to experience these new exciting features firsthand. 

As EasyStore continues to evolve to meet your needs, we want you to keep us posted with your constructive feedback. Because your input helps us shape EasyStore into the best Joomla eCommerce platform possible for you!

Happy selling!

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Luis Cepeda
2 months ago
Is there a time table for MANUFACTURERS to be added to EasyStore? in my case I have not made the move to switch because this is missing.

Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
2 months ago
We have that in our pipeline already. We will introduce the feature soon. Thanks for staying with us.
2 months ago
Also waiting for virtuemart migration.
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
2 months ago
We will introduce many more exciting features in the future. Stay in touch.
2 months ago
Does EasyStore do digital (file) downloads yet? That is the nature of my product. I'm not sure what the rationale would be to migrate from a fully functional J2Store implementation.
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
2 months ago
I am afraid digital file downloads are not possible yet. We aspire to provide optimal service to all our customers. Thanks.
2 months ago
Cool! Looking forward to dropshipping feature!
Dmitry Goncharov
Dmitry Goncharov
2 months ago
Are there plans to add Russian payment systems?

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