Whoever seen the movie Chef (2014) has always secretly desired to buy a food truck and open their food business. A food truck is a symbol of creativity, the chef is open to express his/her cooking creativity without the pressure of commercial business breathing on their neck. Today's layout bundle is a tribute to all the food enthusiasts who desire to live a life full of excitement, experiment, and creativity.

The Food Truck layout bundle includes the following ready-made pages.


The home page is your main display center. It lets you represent the food business along with the offerings in a minimalist way which is the correct approach to let the customers know about the business and create a good impression on their mind.


Unlike the home page where you can put only minimal info, the about page lets you express the entire story and makes people more engaged to the brand. There’s even a contact button to get feedback from the well-wishers.


Since it’s a food truck, your customers would like to know where your next stoppage is and when you’re coming to their neighbourhood. Additionally, the business would probably be hosting some events as well. You can post about these movements using this page.


A food truck business has tons of happy moments, that’s the best thing about food trucks. The happy faces of the customers will be all around, unlike the traditional restaurants. The gallery page is designed to showcase the smiley faces of these delighted customers.

What We Do

A street food business is much more than a food truck or a stand. It will be taking custom orders, catering for parties or hosting events. All these initiatives need a proper presentation which you can do using this page.


The most vital page for any food business is the menu. It lets you display the dishes with a little pricing tag on the side. The more beautiful the menu presentation is the more delicious the food becomes to a customer's mind. This nicely decorated page lets you showcase all the items in one page.


Customer satisfaction is the root of any successful business and the food businesses depend a lot on reviews. Word matters a lot so is the presentation. The testimonial page is designed to display the satisfactory words from the customers elegantly.


The more successful a business is the more people would like to connect with. The contact page lets any visitor leave a query as well as other ways to contact. The map is there too for visualizing the address.

How to Access & Import a Layout Bundle?

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The Food Truck layout bundle is the newest addition to our layout bundle collection. Now the total number of layout bundles increases to 15 and the number of page layouts increases to 86. As a premium user of SP Page Builder, you have free access to all of these layouts. To see your desired layout on our collection, leave your request in the comments below. Also, let us know how much did you like it.

Note: The demo images are for demonstration purpose only. Not for commercial use.

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