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Happy 10th Joomla Birthday! 30% OFF Storewide

18 August 2015
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Happy 10th Joomla Birthday! 30% OFF Storewide

Do you know that Joomla is 10 years old CMS? JoomShaper are happy to celebrate this special occasion with an amazing offer up to 30% OFF on any Joomla purchases as well as Membership Clubs.

USE DISCOUNT COUPON (during order process): JOOMLA10  - you can use with all our available membership and products.

The offer ends on August 20th. Don't miss out! We talk about -30% less money !

Above coupon was for all those who knows what is Joomla. But what about those people who are not sure if this CMS is good solution for their purposes. Let start from the beginning, to be accurate, my beginning. A million memories flashed through my mind when I heard that Joomla is so "old".

10 years with Joomla

Long time ago, I started my websites developing adventure with HTML websites. I also used a Windows program Microsoft FrontPage that was probably the first visual interface for creating websites that I saw, later I also discovered Xara software, but this is another story.  It worked like MS Word so with little knowledge and time, I was able to create website in just a few hours without worrying about what was going on under the hood. Years later when I look back at those websites, look with a wink, but at the time it was something.

Some time ago, actually quite a long time ago (~12 years), somebody asked me if I knew a software which allows to website online edition. I was very curious, so I decided to discover Content Management Systems (CMS) one by one. Did you know that CMS like Joomla (joomla.org) or Mambo (before) allow webmasters put together spectacular sites with very little work. Maybe that why I decided that I’d try to make a life as a Joomla Booster, if we can call it. I have written even a first book about popular CMS in Poland, of course Joomla was included. After I finished writing I was 100% sure that Joomla is that tool I needed since beginning. It opened up a world I had never imagined before. One day I also read wise sentence "You can get everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." so I started writing books, articles and giving a lessons how to use Joomla software.

Now, using software like Joomla, you can have a website light years beyond my first one in both functionality and aesthetics. In the old days, you had to build your own site from scratch using HTML. Today, users are demanding more from Web sites. CMS like Joomla or Wordpress allows you to update your pages continually, making your site fresh and keeping it new.  Joomla takes care of all the details for you, allowing you to concentrate on the content of your site instead of struggling with the details of how that content is presented.  Besides you’ve got to have tons of extensions, even hotel room booking like in our last Resort template.

However, just as my first web experience whetted my appetite for more, I hope that your experience entices you to explore the thousands of templates (also from our resources), extensions, and customizations possible with SP Page Builder, many of which are explained in our blog posts, books and video tutorials.

Now Joomla is more than just software; it is a huge community, a rapidly evolving ecosystem, and a set of philosophies and opinions about how to create the best web experience. It's a lot of hard work of thousands of men and women over the past 10 years to create million websites based on Joomla!.

If you had any funny situation with Joomla, please share your story below in comment field :)

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