Hello all, the wait is over. Let us present you the Helix Ultimate. The stable version of the most loved and the most widely used Joomla template framework ever. So tempted to use Helix Ultimate on your live sites? Now you can do this. Please welcome the stable version of Helix Ultimate. We’ve included so many exciting features to wow your site building experience every way and beyond.

We want to convey our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your patience, feedback, and inspirations through the whole journey, and forward.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Helix Ultimate. We spent a huge amount of time to find out what the users need, and what a robust template framework should be about. Our entire R&D team worked hard more than a year. After deciding on the features, we worked round the clock to bring it to you. And finally, we've come up with Helix Ultimate that will drive the whole Joomla community to a new direction for good. We thank you for your patience. And here we take the pleasure to present your beloved Helix Ultimate. 

Helix Ultimate Features

We talked about Helix Ultimate features many times even before we started working on it. We researched a lot to make required modifications and bring more to our valued users. Here comes the full list of the mighty Helix Ultimate.

Developed with Bootstrap 4 

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

As our promise to present you the latest benefits of technology, we’ve built Helix Ultimate using the newest version of Bootstrap. With the advanced and polished Bootstrap 4, Helix Ultimate is much faster than the previous version and of course fastest among all of its kind.

Future ready: Adopt Bootstrap 4 to be more flexible with the next version of Joomla CMS. Joomla 4 uses Bootstrap 4. So get ready even before Joomla 4 arrives.

Have all Bootstrap 4 Features: Building web pages has been a lot easier with the advent of Bootstrap 4. Because of some useful features (like grids), web developers are switching to this latest version of Bootstrap so fast. Having that in mind, we used Bootstrap 4 in Helix Ultimate.

Brand New Interface

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Our newly developed admin interface is absolutely mind-blowing. It has been made with a view to offer you the ultimate flexibility right on the admin panel.

Radically Redesigned: The entire admin interface has been designed based on the flat design concept. It is totally frontend based. Most importantly, you can see every modification happening live.

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Much Improved UX: With this new admin panel, you can have quick accesses to different development features of Helix Ultimate.

New two module positions: content-top and content-bottom - above and below component area. Just publish your modules there.

Mega Menu Builder 

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

We know how mega menu helps a site be more navigable. Mega menu makes it easy for the visitors to go to different pages right after entering the site. Helix Ultimate lets you build such mega menus on your site easily. With its superb mega menu builder, you can add row and column based menus, also drag and drop the modules to the menu positions from the modules list.

Menu layouts: Helix Ultimate mega menu builder offers you different layouts to give diverse looks of your menus. Styling menus has been made easier for your convenience. Create as many menu items as you want.

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Figure: Badge in menu items.

Badge in menu items: Want to highlight your most important menu item(s) redirecting to any special page, service, product or announcement? With Helix Ultimate, we give you the system to highlight your menu item(s) with badges. Draw your visitors’ attention to any menu item you want.

Simple yet Functional Media Manager 

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Want to manage your files smartly? We give you a brand new media manager in Helix Ultimate to manage your media files efficiently. Have images as they are or keep them by creating folders.

New Preset Style Options

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

There are preset style options for you in Helix ultimate. You can modify each of these color presets' behavior individually. Enjoy the utmost flexibility in developing your site according to your requirements. 

Header Variations 

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

As vowed before, we give you 2 header variations in our newly built Helix Ultimate. Enjoy other cool features with the prebuilt header variations.

2 prebuilt header variations: We’ve added 2 built-in header variations to Helix Ultimate that will enrich the scope and versatility of your sites created with the framework.

Add your own preset header variations (upcoming): You would be able to add your own preset header variations so that you can use them anytime you want. We will offer this feature soon.

Previous system is also available: If you don’t want to use the given header variations, we provide the option to utilize the previous (Helix3) header system as well.

SP Page Builder Supported

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Once SP Page Builder is in your hand, you can build websites without writing any single line of code. You no longer need to think about the design as many different prebuilt layouts and customizable addons are already there. Building web pages has got into a new age of flexibility with the advent of SP Page builder. We made Helix Ultimate compatible with SP Page Builder, so that you can enjoy features like real-time frontend editing, readymade section designs, polished & trendy addons, shape divider, and so on.

SCSS Added

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

We always strive to keep you, the developer, ahead of the competition with the latest technologies. Being clearly readable and highly extendable, SCSS has a lot to offer for frontend development. Instead of using LESS, We’ve used SCSS in Helix Ultimate. Bringing styles has been made easy with resourceful and readable SCSS.

Maintenance/Coming Soon Mode 

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

You may go offline for plenty of reasons. The maintenance mode tells your visitors when you are coming back and what you are up to. Now you can display a customized maintenance mode page (e.g. under maintenance, coming soon, site offline or so on) on the frontend of your site when your site is under construction. You can craft this page as the way you want. Setting up the expected time and date to be back is also possible.

SVG Logo Option

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Using an SVG logo on your site (instead of images) has become a trend as they take close to no time to load. Now you can also add SVG logos to your site as we integrated the system in Helix Ultimate. Building a fast loading site is a lot easier now.

Ajax Rating

Helix Ultimate: The beginning of a new era!

Using Ajax rating feature, you have the system to enable your visitors to rate website contents easily.

Rate without reloading the page: Helix Ultimate’s Ajax Rating feature allows the visitors to rate contents without reloading the page. Just clicking on the level of rating would be enough.

Security ensured: The Ajax Rating feature is powered by Joomla CSRF Token for better security. With CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attack, a logged-in Joomla superuser could be tricked to visit a link that can eventually remove his/her site’s articles/users, manipulate the database etc. Helix Ultimate has protection against this.

Helix3 and Helix Ultimate are two different Joomla template frameworks. Unfortunately but there is no simple update between them, and no legacy mode. The Helix platform became more or less two distinct platforms.

So, this is Helix Ultimate, your most awaited Joomla template framework. Again we want to thank you all for your patience, feedback, and inspirations. Please be with JoomShaper, and never stop sharing your thoughts with us. Have a blast!

System requirements

  • Joomla 3.8
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0.x or more
  • Fresh Joomla installation 

N.B. Today we are releasing Helix Ultimate stable version. The QuickStart package will be available for downloading on 1st March 2018.

Download Helix Ultimate