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Helix Ultimate v2.0.10 Got Updated Along With SP Easy Image Gallery and SP Simple Portfolio

04 July 2022
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Helix Ultimate v2.0.10 Got Updated Along With SP Easy Image Gallery and SP Simple Portfolio

Hola Joomlers! Spice up your month with the blazing hot update of your favorite Helix Ultimate template framework! To make sure you keep up with the latest web trends, our team is continuously on the move to ensure our valuable users experience the best. 

Therefore in this update, Helix Ultimate v2.0.10 brings you the much-awaited PHP 8.0 compatibility and other enhancements and fixes. Not only that, two Joomla extensions—SP Easy Image Gallery and SP Simple Portfolio also got updated with multiple fixes. 

Keep reading to find out what’s more!

Helix Ultimate 2.0.10 Changelog:

  • New: Compatible with PHP 8.0 in J3 & J4
  • New: Added Hyperlink on images of Related Article list
  • Fix: J4 Frontend Toolbar override issue
  • Fix: Frontend media issue
  • Fix: Logo (When Normal, Mobile & Retina logo are set) useless comma showed in srcset
  • Fix: J4 Frontend ‘show on’ property does not work
  • Fix: Joomla alert notification z-index issue
  • Fix: User form field type override issue
  • Fix: Frontend Blog edit “Toggle Editor” issue
  • Fix: Renderfield override issue
  • Fix: Compress CSS Font Awesome issue
  • Fix: Smart Search Highlight issue
  • Fix: J3 Radio button CSS issue
  • Fix: J4 choice.css render when the user is logged in
  • Fix: ‘Advanced’ text fix in settings title

PHP 8.0 Compatibility

PHP 8 compatibility has been a major demand from most of our users and this time we came up with what you have been waiting for. We have been working on updating our Joomla products it’s time to announce that with this version of Helix Ultimate you get to enjoy PHP 8.0 compatibility in both Joomla 4 & Joomla 3!

Related Articles List Images Get Hyperlink

Previously the blog posts contained a related article panel at the bottom with a hyperlinked title only. After this update, you can now find the featured images being hyperlinked as well, allowing you to jump to the next article.

SP Simple Portfolio & SP Easy Image Gallery Updated

For those who have been facing issues in SP Easy Image Gallery and SP Simple Portfolio in PHP 8.0, you can now breathe out a sigh of relief! We have now taken care of the bugs that might have been bothering you for a while. 

Check out the changelog below to find out more about the fixes!

SP Simple Portfolio v2.0.6 changelog: 

  • Fix: Item Edit - Calendar error for PHP 8.0
  • Fix: Frontend module error for PHP 8.0
  • FIx: Simple Portfolio Item edit Joomla 4 class issue

SP Easy Image Gallery v2.0.2 changelog:

  • Fix: Album Edit - Publish calendar error in PHP 8.0

So, what’s the wait? Update as soon as possible to utilize the advantage of the latest changes and improvements of the mighty Helix Ultimate! Also, don’t forget to let us know your experience in the comments. Good luck!

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1 year ago
Thks hope this version sort out some bugs.

All the best!
Fernando Bautista
1 year ago
Hello and I hope you are well

Hopefully they update and improve the voting plugin allowing you to publish images in the answer options either with images, audio, video, etc.

Your products are really great.
1 year ago
why cant you have the direct downlink here so its easy to download HU directly?

Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
1 year ago
Marco Heinski
Marco Heinski
1 year ago
Why was the automatic installation of the plugin removed along with the template?

You're great. Congratulations.
Tim v.d.w
1 year ago
Great to hear, i hope one of the next thing would be the update for the LMS Extensions in edulif template with fixed refresh button in skillexplorer and as it´s best a better filter system like in nuron.
thanks guys, otherwise a good job
1 year ago
SP Simple Portfolio v2.0.6 has an tag bug. Hope soon v2.0.7 will released. I received that version and that is working!
Carlos Soria
Carlos Soria
1 year ago
Install the template, with version 8.0 of PHP and it presents failures, the configuration option is not shown and when previewing the template I get error 500 and the following message The server returned a "500 - Whoops, looks like something went wrong."
Carlos Soria
Carlos Soria
1 year ago
InvalidArgumentException: Por favor, especifique un formato de respuesta válido y que no sea HTML, tal como 'json', 'raw', 'debug', etc. Please specify a valid non-HTML response format, such as. The error is when installing the helix ultimate plugin

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