Helix II Framework is the combination of our JoomShaper templates best solutions. Our main aim was to move possibly a large number of parameters to administrative panel which normally were changed in template code directly. Thanks to this, beginner users, can easily add new module positions and change many settings in administrator panel from template option level. But time has come, we are ready improve our Helix plugin and we are waiting for Your suggestions, ideas and concepts.

Our foremost endeavor is to serve customers out of the box opportunities what you deserve. Our goal is to keep Helix and all templates as simple and easy to use as possible, while maximizing its usage and flexibility. Since I used Helix for the first time few years ago, I saw that framework has evolved. Now is almost perfect and probably is some cases in much better than others but still needs improvements. As Joomla! 3.x users our expectations continue to rise, but on the other hand, we still want our CMS to be still light and fast.

We have many ideas what we can do, there are only some ideas based also on JoomShaper forum posts:

  • Improve JS and CSS compression options
  • Implement HTML compression option
  • Excluded JS/CSS files
  • Improve Layout Builder
  • Image Background option for blocks in Layout Builder (before was only bg color)
  • Load and Save layout settings
  • Implement Mobile-only Logo (separate logo for mobile devices only)
  • Implement Mobile-only Menu (option to select separate menu for mobile only)
  • Custom HTML Code field (it allows you to add custom code in <head> section)
  • Verification code for Google Webmaster Tools, Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools, Norton Safeweb, WOT and Yandex
  • Suffixes (classes) for subpages (based on Menu item ID)
  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.4 (dev/beta)

Your feedback is essential for our work. We welcome and encourage all suggestion and will incorporate your ideas that are in line with the core objectives of new Helix III Framework. We prioritize your opinion and we want to make Helix much better. So if you want to be part of the new most awesome Joomla! framework, please leave a comment :)