After few days from publishing Helix3 version 1.4 we decided to publish a new official update v1.5, which have several changes and fixed all problem discovered since Friday (30 Sep 2016). Current version of template framework have the latest stable version of libraries.

Bootstrap and Bootstrap RTL updated

We are excited to announce that we used the last stable version of Bootstrap v3.3.7 with over 220 commits and 80 closed issues. This version improved template accessibility, it added aria-label (more). Please note that previous (older) version of bootstrap.min.css file had 103 kb, now is 118 kb. Of course we updated Bootstrap RTL (Right To Left Of Twitter Bootstrap For Persian, Arabic, Urdu and etc.) as well, also to stable version.

New Icons

With new updated Font Awesome 4.6.3 library you got 30 shiny new icons and some were updated, which can be used inside template content for pure decoration or visual styling. As you may see, in collection appeared a instagram, snapchat, glide icons which you asked for.

Preloader background and color changing option

One of our members asked for option to choose icon color and background color for preloader screen, we thought it may be a good idea, so we developed it in current version. So you doesn't have to touch custom css code to customize colors in preloader screen. We are happy that we could add this useful option.

We updated and fixed also others discovered problems:

  • Feature and module ordering option
  • Offcanvas menu css issues
  • CSS issues fixed
  • Responsive issues fixed
  • Social share show/hide option in article details
  • SP Page Builder Free updated to 1.4 in QuickStart

Backup, then update

Backups are critical for keeping your web business up and running when any disaster strikes.  There’s nothing worse than making a major change to your website and then finding out that change breaks your design/menu etc. That's why we strongly recommend to make a full backup or at least template backup first. 

How to update

If you have installed previous version of Helix3, for example 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 - all you have to do is re-install template with new version. Then clean all cache stored in CMS Joomla! and in your browser.

You should also disable all CSS compression options (plugins as well) before update. Then after you can turn them on again, if site cache is empty.

Note!  In template settings (tab Advanced): Compile LESS to CSS - must be switched to Yes.

This is update for Helix3 templates only. If you use other template package (not named Helix3), you will need to wait for an updated package to be released to its package repository.


We hope you will enjoy new changes in Helix3 v1.5 template. If you have any questions, problems or suggestion please add them below.