After few days from publishing last version of template framework we decided to preppare another update. Helix3 v1.7 has been released, featuring a several of updates to the framework for Joomla, including a brand new SP Pagebuilder 2.0 Compatibility system.

List of implemented code changes

SP Pagebuilder 2.0 Compatibility

The biggest change that we made was a adding a full SP Pagebuilder 2.0 Compatibility, because final stable version will be published in next days.

Mega Menu bug fix

Mega Menu 'Display in Menu' issue fixed (show/hide) - Now you can exclude chosen menu item from displaying in the menu. Note any submenu items will also be hidden.

Off-Canvas Menu items

Link type menu : text-separator, Menu Item Alias, Menu Heading' css & sub-menu has been fixed in Off-canvas Menu. Now they look exactly this same like any other menu items. But what is important Separator and Menu Heading are not a link anymore in Hamburger Menu [=].

Sticky Header fixed

We fixed header sticky animation issue, because we noticed that in Helix3 1.6 some users had weird appearance of this element after page scroll down.

Backup, then update

Backups are critical for keeping your web business up and running when any disaster strikes.  There’s nothing worse than making a major change to your website and then finding out that change breaks your design/menu etc. That's why we strongly recommend to make a full backup or at least template backup first. 

How to update

If you have installed previous version of Helix3, for example 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 - all you have to do is re-install template with new version. Then clean all cache stored in CMS Joomla! and in your browser.

You should also disable all CSS compression options (plugins as well) before update. Then after you can turn them on again, if site cache is empty.

Note!  In template settings (tab Advanced): Compile LESS to CSS - must be switched to Yes.

This is update for Helix3 templates only.