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How to add comments into Joomla

21 September 2015
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How to add comments into Joomla

One of advantage of using Wordpress is fact that it has built-in comments system. Joomla doesn't have this feature in basic/fresh installation. Of course many would say that WP and Joomla was created for different purposes and it's fully right. At the very beginning WP was created as a blog platform and Joomla as a website engine. Of course many years later these assumptions have been blurred.

Comments system in some cases are great feature, they can bring unique content, value or even increase sale (good reviews) if you have e-commerce platform.On which sites you may need comments, did you thought about it? If not, check following list with short explanation why:

  •  E-commerce (shop) - fortunately probably most of Joomla 3+ shop components have built-in comments system, which allows customers to review products which they bought.  So visitors can read it and decide it's also worth to buy or not. If they can read independent reviews of an individual item or service, they see how real users perceive products, not just the manufacturer or reseller. More honest those review would be the more trustful they are. In our e-commerce templates we used HikaShop or VirtueMart which already have comments inside as a option.
  • Blog - blog on Joomla, sure why not. If you built whole website on Joomla, probably you do not need external CMS to manage this section also. For those you can select or standard comments or social comments - which are better, it depends, but social based on Facebook comments will give you extra viewers from FB. 
  • Magazines / News - comments in such a sites in must have, in particular when article would include controversial topic or is relates to current events most people want to add they thoughts under to share with others. It means that in short period of time they would create they own stories, questions, answers and so on. Also here social comments works great. On Facebook they “unleash” themselves and engage in big debates, so it's worth to check this solution. Therefore, the more reviews you receive, the more shared opinions and insights your pages will have. For you means new content - just for free - great for SEO purposes. Check our Joomla Magazines templates.
  • Events - sometimes it's worth to enable comments on events sites, and people can review performance or hobby meeting (like JoomlaDay for example). It good source of feedback from participants. In our offer we have also Events templates.
  • Funny/Prunk/Joke site - funny image or video clip without comments under is nothing, those type of sites request even basic comments system.

So let's try to check and read about popular comments system for Joomla 3:

  •  Jcomments - is the probably the oldest and still current of Joomla market comments systems. It is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support.
  • Komento - is the comment extension (two versions Free and Premium), from this same development team which created a EasyBlog and EasySocial.
  • SP Comments - is an commenting plugin for Joomla! based on the comment engines Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook. It's our child, created by JoomShaper team.
  • K2 - it's much more than comments system, it's advanced content management which may be a complete replacement of the default article system in Joomla!. Many Joomla webmasters use it for mostly for Blog sections in their sites.  In time of writing this post current version was 2.9, but in next days (or weeks) should be published K2 version 3.0. We will use this upcoming version in our next Magazine template which will be ready for November 2015.

Awards from Google & Bing

Remember, search engines are looking for context, not just a single word or term repeated endlessly. Just as with your product description, reviewers will naturally mention its name, features and even related items. This same it works in case of articles and private blog posts. This, for search engines at least, is just as important as a blurb full of perfectly placed keywords. Content adds context; therefore, if you were able to increase both on a single page, higher rankings in Google should be your reward. 

You will have to be vigilant when it comes to moderation though. Whilst you don’t want to be seen to remove negative comments, you shouldn’t allow links, spam or bad language to infiltrate your pages. This could present you with a number of credibility issues with the search engines and, more importantly, your customers. So ensure that every comment is checked as soon as possible.

In conclusion I hope that this article has cleared up what comments is specifically, and given you a flavor of how it could help your business or whether it would even be suitable for your business.

5 years ago
Earlier adding comments was a complex matter. Now this process is simplified.

Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
5 years ago
In Helix3 or Helix Ultimate just enable comments in template settings. Beside I can guess you're ONLY spammer. We don't like fake scam India Microsoft Support links.
Soumi Dutta
3 years ago
Hi , I have installed helixultimate in my Joomla website . But I don't see any option to add "Leave comments" section . Please let me know how can I add a comment section where people can leave there comments and if necessary I can reply them in same way.

Thanks ,
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
3 years ago
Helix Options > Blog > search there comments

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