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How to build a hotel/resort website

20 August 2015
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How to build a hotel/resort website

Most people now use the Internet to research and book hotel rooms from the comfort of home. Therefore, a guest's impression of a hotel may be formed before they ever step foot on the property or speak with a hotel reception. First impressions are especially important in the hotel industry because of big competition.

Easy ways to improve the appearance of your hotel

(1) Good, high-quality images add visual interest to your hotel offer. Another reason why photos have become so important is because websites that include good photos get better engagement when shared on social sites like Facebook. You may have found a great photo that is perfect for your project but there’s a probability that several other websites are using the same image. We have others advices: do not use fake, not real photos which were made somewhere else. Why? People would be disappointed, they have also cameras and for sure they would spread this cheat everywhere including:, facebook, twitter sites - I guess you do not want this. Second, it's better to hire an architectural, lifestyle photographer who specializes in both Resort Photography and Hotel Photography.  This is where we tell the story of the Resorts and Hotels you see on this site. They can provide interesting content about the construction and design of the hotel.  They are able to capture the unique features about the location, accoutrements, Spa or accommodations. A talented architectural interior photographer stimulates the senses and emotions. Also using a images describe the fabulous food and the people who create it, I mean your talented cooks. Our main goal is always this same, you want your guests to feel luckly because they book a room there before they even arrive.


(2) Choose template or whole quickstart resort/hotel package design. However, you don’t just need a template that looks and feels good; you need one that works on a professional level as well. In most cases you need booking features included. On front-end reservation form, so your guests can easily check if rooms are available and make their bookings. These areas must work together to create a highly efficient booking experience. If your old website was a static HTML site, maybe it's time to change it. Use CMS, for example Joomla,  that allows you to decide on anytime what content or new feature you need to publish and where. In our offer we two new templates which have all you need (All In One), travel/hotel design and booking features. Admin panel allows site admins to modify details of all bookings or even manually add one. A feature-rich Joomla extension that helps you efficiently manage your room booking and reservation work. Do not forget about multilingual support for better availability. All those revervation features you can even increase buying a premium version of Solidres extension after few months. Here are working and tested examples from JoomShaper:


Hotel ready design you will find in our template section. If you have site already maybe you want a new one for SPA, Fashion & Beauty Saloon, please check this out >> Glamour template.


(3) Keep up-to-date with what your guests (and future guest) want by listening to them. Your hotel stuff must fast and accurate answers to all queries also from online form.  If somebody ask if he can take a pet with him, how deep is swimming pool, is there a life guard on duty etc. - maybe right now those questions are not important for you, but in real life they are not, sometimes they decide if someone will book a room in your hotel or not. Remember small pet like dog will make less damage than drunken guest. So think twice when you would say "no" next time. If you allowing to have pets on your resort show it also on photos. Providing helpful information about nearby bars, restaurants and popular activities is also a good way to build trust. Those small things make also unique offer. Never take your regular guests for granted; ask for their feedback and resolve shortfalls quickly. Sometimes the hotel quests after while turns into returning guests and sometimes they grab their friends with them.


(4) Frequently create events in your hotel/resort - and always make pictures from it and share them after on website blog section, as well as on fan page on your facebook. It’s admittedly hard to trust any hotel without an active, regularly updated presence on Facebook for example. It's no mystery that most people like to relax. Other people will see they can fun, dance, sing there not only rest/sleep like retired people. It would bring life to your offer. Makes people happy and happy people spend more money. Relaxed consumers (hotel sguests) are also willing to pay more for their purchases (drinks, extra tours, massage). Mood and optimism have the ability to directly affect economic decisions.

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