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How to use content versioning in Joomla

09 August 2017
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How to use content versioning in Joomla

There are numerous good uses of content versioning in Joomla. Since the day of the introduction of content versioning with Joomla 3, it has proven to be quite so useful over the days. While creating contents, multiple citing is always necessary because unplanned editing, mysterious activities in content modification happen all the time. This is where content versioning comes real handy.

With content versioning you can save your resource modification in various versions to keep track of the changes that you and other users perform.

With this functionality you can also compare the changes, edit and delete the modified file. And there are lots of other cool stuff you can do with this awesome feature. Now let's have a quick look at how you can enable and use content versioning in Joomla. Also we will see some of the awesome features of Joomla content versioning.

Enable content versioning

Go to System > Global Configuration. In the left sidebar, select the Articles option. The article manager interface will open. Select Editing Layout section from the ribbon. Here you’ll get the versioning related options. Enable the versioning feature by setting the Enable Versions option to ‘Yes’. You can also set how many versions you want to keep saved.

Enable the content versioning

Figure: Enabling the content versioning feature.

Using content versions

While adding your contents as Joomla articles, you'll find the version information in the editing interface. At the bottom right side of the article editing interface, there is an option to give your version a name, number or anything that signifies the content modification.

Enter the version note in article

Figure: The content version note in an article.

Step 1: Displaying the content versions

At the top menu of the article editing interface, there is an option named "Versions". Click that option to see your saved content versions.

Click 'Versions' option to open the versions

Figure: Displaying the content versions.

Here you will see all the versions you have made on this article.

Saved versions of the content

Figure: Saved versions of an article.

Step 2: Tracking version changes

You can see the changes you have made by comparing the existing saved versions of a specific content. For that, select the versions you want to compare and select the Compare option. You will see a window has popped up giving you the brief details about the changes you have made in these versions.

See the changes in the versions by comparing them

Figure: Comparing content version changes.

Step 3: Restoring a saved version

You can restore the version that you think is perfect to go on. You just have to select the version you want to restore and then click the Restore button in the upper menu. Your selected version will be loaded in the editor for further modifications. 

Restore a saved version

Figure: Restoring a saved content version.

Keeping a version forever

There is a cool option, you can make a version stay there forever so that no one can delete it. For that, you have to choose the Keep Forever option "Yes". This version can never be deleted by another user.

Keep a verion of the content forever

Figure: Keeping a version of a content forever is also possible.

Cloaking up 

So this is overall in detail about the usage of content versioning in Joomla. You can use this cool feature in your way. Surely it will serve you very well. Please let us know your experiences and ideas as well. 

Mirza Makbool Baig
Mirza Makbool Baig
5 years ago

This is Maqbul, I am running few blogs in WordPress can i use Joomla CMS for my blog fresherwalkin without loosing data.

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Arafat Bin Sultan
Arafat Bin Sultan
5 years ago
Hello Maqbul, it's great to learn that you're planning to move to Joomla. We have several awesome Joomla blog templates that you can use on your Joomla blogs. Please post on our support forums so our experts can assist you in the transition processes:

5 years ago
I didn't know about this feature. Very nice :)
Arafat Bin Sultan
Arafat Bin Sultan
5 years ago
Thank you Shilov for your feedback. It inspires us a lot!
5 years ago
Is it possible to us e versioning is all other things like components, plugin ctc.

Thanks is advance :)

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