A testimonial is the single most important piece of content to build customers’ trust. The significance of a positive testimonial cannot be measured with any metric. There are hundreds of studies that talk about the gravity of customer testimonials. But, the true value of a testimonial is way more than any analyst report.

That’s why today we introduce to you the all-new Testimonial Carousel addon to step up your game.

The functionalities of the Testimonial Carousel addon are described in detail in the later part of this blog post. But let me give you a brief idea here- the addon has been introduced with a minimalistic design. Since it’s the content of the testimonial that creates a better impression, we have put the focus back on the content section. We have introduced style control for every aspect of the content so that you can customize it the way you want to. Before going into the details, let's have a look at the changelog for SP Page Builder v3.6.5. 

Full changelog of SP Page Builder v3.6.5

  • New: Introduced the Testimonial Carousel addon
  • New: URL insertion to Image Carousel items
  • New: 5 Testimonial Carousel blocks in readymade block collection
  • Fix: Media folder path naming issue in Global Configuration
  • Fix: Undefined inner title issue on the Clients addon

What's Inside the Testimonial Carousel Addon?

3 Carousel Layouts: The Testimonial Carousel addon comes with 3 preset layouts. One highlighting the testimony, one focusing on the person giving the testimony, and the other highlights the ratings received. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Introducing All-new Testimonial Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder Pro to Get More Social Proof

4 Avatar Layouts: With the 3 preset carousel element layouts, you get additional layouts as there are 4 layouts for displaying an avatar. You can choose the avatar style that blends with your design.

Introducing All-new Testimonial Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder Pro to Get More Social Proof

Item Per View: One of the main attractions of the Testimonial Carousel addon is its ability to control how many items you want to show. You can show different number of items on different devices thanks to the responsiveness controls.

Introducing All-new Testimonial Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder Pro to Get More Social Proof

Gutter Control: When you want to show multiple testimonials side by side, you’d want to adjust the free space among them. The gutter control feature lets you take control over this gap.

Swipe Enabled: What makes this Testimonial Carousel addon different from others, is its ability to adapt with touchscreens. All the carousel items are swipe enabled, giving the users complete control over choosing which testimony to pay attention to.

Autoplay Feature: The addon offers autoplay functionality using which you can define if the carousel will stay still until a user interacts, or you’d like it to slide automatically. There are controls for setting the speed and auto-slide time interval.

Arrow & Bullet Controller: You get two navigation controllers in the Testimonial Carousel addon. You can use them one at a time or both simultaneously. The controllers come with positioning freedom so that you can customize them easily.

Introducing All-new Testimonial Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder Pro to Get More Social Proof

Avatar Style Control: The addon presents a variety of avatar style controlling options. This includes height, weight, border-radius, and margin. You can change the styles regardless of the layout. And since they are all responsive features, you can set different sizes for different devices.

Quote Style Control: Quotes add another layer of smoothness to the testimonial. It makes the testimonial look a bit more professional. You also have control over the quote style. You can change the color, font size, and margin.

Rating Style Control: You can add ratings to highlight a testimony. It helps users visualize the importance of a testimonial. The rating styling options are also responsive and it offers color, font size, margin controls etc.

Content Style Control: Since the content area gets the most focus among all, we have provided plenty of styling options for the content. You can change the font family, size, style, color, line height, letter spacing, and margin. All of these controls are available for the name, designation, and message area.

There is a total number of 7 layouts to style the testimonials.

5 New Testimonial Carousel Blocks Added to the Library

We have added 5 new readymade testimonial blocks to SP Page Builder block-library to get you started with the addon. To access the new predesigned blocks, browse to the block demo collection of SP Page Builder and click Testimonial Carousel there. With this addition, the total number of blocks available for SP Page Builder goes up to 166. The newly added blocks demonstrate the power of the Testimonial Carousel addon and let you play with the design variations. But, your design is not limited to these 166 ready-made blocks. You can create thousands more by your own!

Introducing All-new Testimonial Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder Pro to Get More Social Proof

Media Default Path Change Issue Has Been Resolved

Let us start with an apology. The default media path issue has been around for a long time now. The media files uploaded using the SP Page Builder Media Manager were being saved in the default “images” path. This has been a very complex issue to fix and it troubled a handful of users. Although it may not seem like a big deal, there were far more dependencies on it than expected, which resulted in the dealy. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. The patient you showed is unearthly. We are forever grateful to have such a kind-hearted user base.

In order to use this functionality, you first need to create the folder (in your website's root directory on the server) you'll be using as your new media path. Then you need to put the folder name (the one you just created) in the Path to Files Folder field by going to your site backend > Global Configuration > Media. 

Note: The files you'll be uploading from now on will be stored in the new directory. Previously uploaded files will not be moved to the new location since we cannot rewrite the database. 

Testimonial Carousel is the biggest attraction of today's SP Page Builder update. The design of a testimonial is as important as the content. Therefore, it is important to present the testimonials in a visually attractive way that makes more impact on your customer. Thus, it helps you to get more social proof and builds trust among your customers.

What other addons would you like to have in your favorite Joomla page builder? Write down your thoughts in the comments below, and help us make SP Page Builder the greatest Joomla page builder ever!

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