Hello everyone, how was the weekend? Of course I hope it was a smashing one. And today I’m here with an amazing announcement that will make your life more flexible. Here comes Form Builder, the shiny new SP Page Builder addon wrapped in v3.4.4 Pro. It’s a complete form building solution for Joomla.

Before going to the details, let’s take a look at the changelog of SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro:

  • New: Form Builder addon
  • New: Column order option added for tablet
  • Updated: Admin documentation link
  • Fix: Image Layouts addon tablet order property bug
  • Fix: Incorrectly spelt component in URL for the fronted editor
  • Fix: helpers/articles.php Invalid Argument Supplied issue for Article Scroller addon
  • Fix: Heading addon live edit heading selector empty issue fixed

Announcing Form Builder addon

How many times have you tried to build a form that speaks your tongue? I think every time you created a form, you wanted to have some custom flavor that reflects your brand and identity better.

Until today, SP Page Builder used to have 2 form addons - Contact Form, which is relatively a basic contact form addon, and the Opt-in Form addon for email subscription stuff. With today’s Form Builder addon, we bring the power of building limitless forms on Joomla.

What’s so special with Form Builder?

The Form Builder addon is an incredibly powerful tool to create functional contact forms (WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliant) on your Joomla site. It has a collection of rich and useful features to create a solid and accessible contact form in minutes. Here is an overview of the addon. But you must try it to discover the full potential.

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

Flexibly choose from the 10 built-in form fields

One of the most interesting features of the Form Builder addon is that, you can add form fields flexibly. There are 10 built-in fields from where you can choose and place them in the contact form. The built-in fields are:

  1. Text
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Textarea
  5. Radio
  6. Checkbox
  7. Select
  8. Date (with Calendar)
  9. Range
  10. Number

So, you can choose the field-types, change the label, style the look, and customize as your needs. You must be wondered seeing it in action.

A rich set of customization options

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

The form fields are heavily customizable. You can use a field in multiple purposes. For an example, the Text field alone can be used in more than 70% of the fields such as Name, Address, Designation etc.

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

Plus, there are styling options like font size, font color, padding-margin, borders, alignment, success/failure messages, redirection and so much more.

Email functionality

Use the "Field Names" in the email template fields in double curly braces to use as variables. Input the Field Names in the Form Elements section. Then Go to the Email Template tab and organize your email template. See the screenshot below. Also, try the addon live. 

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

It’s obvious, and we’ve managed it wisely. The Form Builder addon’s email field lets you add the sender and receivers’ email addresses so that the communication can happen. There is a highly customizable email template system with lots of dynamic features to automate the stuff.

Security and compliance

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

As always, we’ve taken the security and compliance matters seriously. In the Form Builder addon, you can implement question based captcha system (e.g. 5+6 = ?) or Google reCAPTCHA.

Introducing brand new Form Builder addon in SP Page Builder 3.4.4 Pro

These will offer a solid shield of spam protection. Plus, you can place a policy agreement checkbox (e.g. GDPR) for more transparency and better compliance handling. 

There’s more

Besides the new Form Builder addon, SP Page Builder 3.4.4 brings a bunch of other improvements and fixes to the component. The Text Block addon title gets some more tag options like  <p>, <span>, and <div>. And a few known issues have been fixed.

I’m confident that you will find the Form Builder addon tremendously useful. What would you make with it today? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in comments. Happy weekday :)

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