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Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

04 September 2019
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Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

JoomShaper has a long-standing culture of releasing new template(s) in every month. Since a new month has started, many of our customers are waiting for a new template to come. We are here with an exciting announcement today. Let’s meet Finatic, an all-inclusive finance, accounting & consulting firm Joomla template for any financial agency to kick off their business online.

Finatic is a creatively designed industry-specific Joomla template. Using the power of SP Page Builder and Helix Ultimate, this template offers plenty of customization options to do everything your way.

Let’s watch the video below to see what this template has inside.

Now let’s explore the feature in a quick list.

  • 3 home page variations
  • Smart navigation system with mega menu
  • Beautiful testimonial carousel
  • Exclusive services addon
  • Financial case study presentation
  • Interactions in elements
  • Dedicated service page with details
  • 50-icon package built for Finatic
  • Financial News & blog
  • Creative header design
  • Built-in pages, 7 color presets
  • Translation & RTL ready, Retina ready
  • SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate
  • Support, documentation, and updates

Finatic Features and Functionalities

Finatic comes with a wide range of features and functionalities. Let's dig deep into some of the Finatic goodies in more details.

3 Home Variations

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Showcase your financial business in three different home layouts. The home layouts are namely Default, Corporate, and Creative. Each of these home variations is uniquely designed. Choose the home layout you like.

  1. Default: An inclusive home layout for financial business sites of all types.
  2. Corporate: Best match for financial corporate firms and relevant agencies.
  3. Creative: An exceptional layout design that blends money & creativity.

Financial Case Study

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Be more niche-specific by displaying case studies on your website. This finance Joomla template allows you to add each case study with relevant information and display them on the website smartly.

  • Case Study Directory: Enlist and show all of the case studies on a single place for visitors to navigate and see.
  • Case Study Details: Display each of the case studies individually on a case study detail page for people to have clear ideas.

Testimonial Slider

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Display reviews and remarks about your financial business and services in a beautifully designed testimonial slider. Showcase a number of testimonials in a slider on the home page. Tweak the look and feel of each testimonial with SP Page Builder’s addon, Also, you can have reviewers' names, and images to build trust.

Smart Service Showcasing

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Finatic lets you display services attractively in a couple of service variations and styles. Present services differently on the basis of the customers’ needs. Display services with visuals and their segmented areas.

  • 2 Service variations: Showcase financial services in 2 different service page layouts.
  • Exclusive Service Addon: Display financial services in a swipeable card-based interface and grid layouts.
  • Service Listing Page: Enlist all of your services on a single place for intended customers to navigate easily.
  • Service Detail Page: Describe services on a nicely designed service detail page.

50 Icons Package

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Finatic comes with 50 custom font-icons in Finatic template to place anywhere on the site. You just have to call them to use. These are exclusively designed for this template.

Creative Header Design With Smart Navigation

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Go beyond the traditional header design in Joomla sites. Finatic brings a useful smart header design. Have Header top-bar with Login, Create Account and language switching options. Display contact email, search bar, and logo on a different bar from menu items.

  • CTA Quote: Increase conversion rate by allowing interested visitors to get a quote right from the header.
  • Quick Links: Have language switching option, contact link, and other quick links on the header top bar.
  • Email & Search Bar: Let visitors search what they are looking for and email you directly from the site header.
  • Mega Menu: Offer a solid browsing experience to the visitors with the rich mega menu given inside this Joomla template.
  • Off-canvas Menu: Have a modern off-canvas menu design with transition effects on the menu items. Go beyond the traditional menu design.

Dedicated About Page

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Tell what your business is all about. Have company description, team members, mottos in different designs more to build trust. There’s also a tabbed section and accordion to show mission, vision, and other company details.

  • Company Motto Section: Showcase mission, vision, and company description on a tabbed section on About page.
  • Team Members: Display team members with their names, images, designations, email, and phone number.
  • Customized CTA Area: Let visitors request a call by placing their name and defining their query area on a CTA section.

Built-in Pages

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

Have a wide range of ready pages that you can use to launch any financial consultancy firm website in a short time. Everything is ready inside this finance Joomla template.

  • Contact: Display physical address, phone number(s) and a contact form for the visitors to reach you in their preferred ways.
  • Coming Soon: A nicely designed page to let your visitors know what goodies await them next.
  • Registration: A user-friendly form with self-explanatory fields to get customers registered for the services.

Finance Blog

Introducing Finatic: All-inclusive Financial Website Template on Joomla

For news, announcements, notices, recommendations, and tutorials, there is a blog in Finatic template. Communicate with visitors by publishing useful blog posts on finance blog. Write insightful blog posts with facts & figures and display featured blog posts at the top in a smart slider.

Finatic has everything ready inside. You don't need any external extensions to make it complete. Just download and start installing Finatic.

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Rayhan Arif

Rayhan Arif

Assistant Vice President, Business Development
Content and web evangelist who loves to discuss life-changing web tools like SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate, and introduces new templates and helps users have a clear understanding of how they work.
3 years ago
Stunning! Great to see some super header options which don't involve sliders - they're something I steer utterly away from within as the hero section, statistically they don't do anything useful for visitors or the website owners :)

Strong design here, I can see plenty of potential for any business type!
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan Arif
3 years ago
Thank you so much Chris, Stay with us for more.
3 years ago
You still have problem with fixing the important HU Off Canvas menu. This is said explained many times.

If you open this menu in small screen and open every + sign you can not reach the last menus ie for example Mega menu sub menus like Pages-->Latest Blogs second blog like "After Setbacks and Suits, Miami to Open Science Museum " with images etc pls finally have some attention for fixing many issues with the Helix Ulitmate Off Canvas menu!
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan Arif
3 years ago
We are checking things at our end. Our developer will take care of any issue that arises.
3 years ago
The nice one post you shared with us.
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan Arif
3 years ago
Thanks for your feedback
3 years ago
Best template for some time. Congratulations.

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