Wondering how to build a website for your handyman and home maintenance service business? We bring a blissful occasion for you. After many days of quality research and development work, we’ve just released Fixter, our May 2018 Joomla template. It’s a total website building package for your handyman service business.

Fixter is a complete solution for a powerful home maintenance and handyman service website demonstrating what you offer.

If you provide services like painting, carpentry, cleaning, plumbing and so on, this Joomla template is what you must need. Taking these service categories into account, we have brought an elegant design that showcases them in a compelling way.

What’s inside Fixter?

Fixter comes with a full range of essential features giving you a complete solution for home maintenance and handyman service websites. The template is powered by SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. So, you will not only have a full-fledged website pack but also a system to customize it your way. Let's start exploring Fixter with the short video below. 

Here's a quick look at what Fixter offers:

  • 5 exclusively designed homepage layouts
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate included
  • Customizing visually right on the frontend
  • 2 unique menu variations (vertical & horizontal)
  • Content-rich hero sliders with call-to-action buttons
  • Dedicated pages to showcase services with cost estimation
  • Business blog with elegant grid view
  • Ajax contact form for visitors’ interaction
  • Email campaign made easier with AcyMailing component
  • Display team members with social links and images
  • Testimonial addon to showcase clients’ remarks
  • Google map addon, Feature box addon
  • Retina display support for higher pixel density screens
  • Multilingual, Translation and RTL ready

Some of the core features of Fixter template are described below for you to explore more.

Universal template for all handyman service websites

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

From displaying services on a single page to having a way for the visitors to book them individually, it has so many wonderful features to build a top-notch handyman website with it.

Fixter covers most of the services that people can possibly come up with. The potential areas are painting, carpentry, cleaning, plumbing but not limited to them.

Most importantly, with Fixter in hand, you don’t need to install other extensions to add functionalities. The required ones are already given inside.

5 unique homepage layouts

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

Like most other Joomla templates in our directory, Fixter also has multiple home variations. You can switch between the home variations or stick to a particular one from the beginning.

The 5 home variations are:

  1. Plumber (Default) - Built to present all available services that plumbers provide.
  2. Painter - An eye-catching service display engrossing people’s attention and making a deal with trust.
  3. Carpenter - An elegant content presentation for a promising online presence for your carpentry service company.
  4. Cleaner - Showcases your services and other details in a way that attracts visitors to take services from you.
  5. Electrician - Exclusive and dedicated to offering services that an electrician can provide for home, office or other institutions.

2 menu variations

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

Fixter has 2 different menu variations. Alongside having a regular horizontal navigation bar, it also has a vertical menu placed on the left. You have one more way to make your site navigable to your visitors. The vertical menu design takes a little more space on the left making it more noticeable to visitors. Choose any of these two menu variations.

  1. Horizontal menu - Stays at the top like all other regular menus.
  2. Vertical menu - Stays on the left for people interested in vertical alignment.

Drag and drop website building

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

This home maintenance and handyman service template has the best ever Joomla page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro and most loved Joomla template framework Helix Ultimate in the system. So, building beautiful sites and customizing them any way you want is more like a piece of cake.

Edit everything visually right on the frontend. You can modify site content without having to touch a single line of code.

Service focused and conversion friendly

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

We know that making an online presence for any company means making its services more noticeable to the potential customers. That’s what we cared while designing Fixter. The content along with functionalities are presented in a way that entices people to take services from you.

  • Service detail page with pricing
    Fixter has a dedicated page for services like all other service-based websites but what it does more is it shows visitors the potential expenses of taking services from you.
  • Convert visitors to happy customers
    With Fixter Joomla template in hand, you have the opportunity to turn your visitors into customers. The available pages present content in a way that anyone coming on your site will love to go to service page and convert eventually.

Special addons

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

A handful addons have been used to bring different looks and functionalities to Fixter. From listing team members to displaying services with details, there are so many things that have been done on the site with these addons.

The integrated addons are the right elements that work behind all the functionalities this template offers.

In the process of making this template work solely for home maintenance and handyman service websites, we brought necessary modifications to some of our existing addons.

  • Feature box addon for box style single service showcasing.
  • Contact form addon to set up contact pages for visitors to message you.
  • Google map addon for displaying your business location.
  • Team addon to present team members with social links and images.

Flagship business blog

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

Fixter blog makes it so special with a card-style gridview having the most possible number of blog posts displayed at a single viewport. As visitors can see a number of blog articles at a time, chances of viewing any of them rises.

With such a blog section on the website, you can draw people’s attention by publishing useful tips, offers and announcements whenever necessary. It will widen the gateway for you to reach people, and interact with them effectively.

Email marketing system to maximize sales

Introducing Fixter: The May 2018 Joomla template

Fixter template package comes with AcyMailing newsletter component inside to give you a way to communicate with subscribers, customers, and stakeholders easily.

AcyMailing component empowers you to do a bunch of things with Fixter template. Such as

  • Create newsletter subscriber lists
  • Manage subscribed email lists
  • Run service and offer campaigns
  • Deliver notices and announcements

Also, you can use AcyMailing’s pre-built newsletter templates and launch your campaigns in the quickest possible way.

Wrapping up

Having a site built with Fixter will bring more customers eventually. It is just not the design where this template will beat the competition. Fixter’s functionalities will offer a smoother user experience for the visitors. So, what are you waiting for? Develop your handyman or home maintenance business sites with Fixter and be open to the highest number of people who look for the services you offer. Thanks in advance for choosing JoomShaper.

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