Today’s web world is enriched by content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other platforms. But one thing hurts us, we cannot use a component on a platform which is built for another platform. Even there is a discrimination in naming! What the Joomla community calls as “Template”, is referred as “Theme” in WordPress. An extension has many names like “Plugin”, “Component” etc. Why man? 

It’s a problem. A serious problem for the unity of the web. It can lead to a conflict in the CMS community. A conflict could result in a war, and consequently, the entire web can be exposed to a risk of extinction. Oh no, I cannot imagine further.

Why iBuild

At JoomShaper, we believe, it’s our responsibility to save the web. As a leading web application developer company, we’ve taken a step that will solve the CMS problem. You will be extremely happy to know that, the extraordinary dev team at JoomShaper has developed a universal page builder. We’ve named it “iBuild”.

The Universal Page Builder

Let me explain why we call it “universal”. iBuild is cross platform. Yes, that’s right. iBuild works on all web platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger (Blogspot), Weebly, Wix and whatever you can imagine. We’ve used next generation technologies like HTML7, CSS5, PHP10 and other web standards exclusively in iBuild. The future is here.

One and Only

We didn’t develop separate versions of iBuild for different platforms. We’ve built a single piece of software and that runs on every platform.

Works Everywhere

iBuild works both offline and online. Even you can use it on a Windows 95 PC! It doesn’t need a CMS to run. Just put iBuild on your server and create a website on top of it. iBuild itself is a CMS as well. But we are kind enough to give the poor CMS users a chance to try our revolutionary innovation. Oh yes, iBuild also works on mobile devices. In future, it will support IoT and wearables.


That’s not all, boy! The core feature of iBuild is its intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve developed an artificial intelligence platform for iBuild. The AI is internally called “Sirtana”. It is the father of Siri and Cortana. Our developers trashed some codes of Sirtana which later inspired Apple and Microsoft. Then they developed Siri and Cortana. Now imagine, if Siri and Cortana can be such skilled, then how much powerful their father would be!

iBuild Knows You

iBuild understands natural language. You just tell it what to do using voice commands, your site will be ready. If you use the voice command feature for 30 minutes, iBuild understands what you are going to tell in coming 24 hours. It learns so fast!

Lightning Fast

Want a website? Run iBuild on any device, tell it what should the site look like, which features you need and it will launch the site within 10 minutes. Need contents for the site? iBuild also writes contents and draws images. So just order an article or an image, it will create. You can integrate your photo collection with iServer to use your photos in iBuild sites. It’s too much easy.

It’s Free!

I’m sure, you thought iBuild would be very expensive. Actually, it should have been. But due to our responsibility to the society, we will give it for free. Moreover, everyone using iBuild will get a coupon to win a brand new car!

I build, we build, do you build? Let’s build with iBuild!