Hello Joomla users! We hope you are doing well. Today, we brought you a brand new Joomla template to take your technology application online. Please welcome “Innovate”, a creatively designed Joomla template for software projects, API services, and medical, marketing, and laundry applications.

Innovate comes with a stunning design and can set you up with your technology application showcasing website in a very short time. It has all the required pages inside. So, you don’t have to worry at all.

Your technology application site built with Innovate will have an edge over the competition. It has been created to cater to the needs of versatile niches. You can literally use it for any type of software, API service, and related business entities.

Features in Innovate Joomla Template

Innovate comes with plenty of features and functionalities. Let’s explore some of them in a quick list.

  • 3 home variations
  • Multilayered pricing plans (coming up)
  • Rich product documentation
  • Custom about page
  • Dedicated career hub
  • Trust-making team page
  • Several built-in pages
  • Insightful tech blog
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Frequently Asked Questions page and sections
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
  • Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

Now, let’s shed some light on some of the most important ones.

3 Home Variations

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

Innovate has 3 different home variations to meet the needs of three specific business niches. Besides that, you can use them for other related applications too. All of these home layouts are creatively crafted and offer amazing designs for your technology product website.

  1. Medical Application: Innovate comes with a dedicated home variation for medical applications. It offers an eye-catching hero section having a newsletter subscription form. Display features in different sections, have videos, and do many more with a well-designed home layout.
  2. Marketing Application: It can be used for a marketing application and other related products. This layout brings areas for features, customer testimonials, integration, and more. Make your product landing page conversion friendly. Display tools that your application can easily integrate with.
  3. Laundry Application: Innovate gives you an informative home layout to showcase your laundry application. Share screens to display how it looks and works. Tell more about the features with visuals and text descriptions.

Multilayered Monthly and Yearly Pricing Plans (Coming Up)

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

You need detailed pricing plans to offer technology products in different packages on your website. Innovate has a pricing table with multiple plans to get the job done. There’s a supporting FAQ section underneath the pricing table. Visitors can switch between monthly and yearly pricing options on a single click. You can also highlight the popular plan and draw visitors’ attention to a specific one.

Document Your Applications

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

As people need a detailed guideline on getting started and exploring the full potential, Innovate offers the system to document your application & help the users with manuals. Utilize its documentation home and detail pages to help your customers out. Have an area to feature the most useful topics for the users. Add detailed user guidelines on the documentation detail page.

Showcase How Your Application Works

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

Innovate gives you a dedicated page to let your users take a virtual tour into your product. Add videos, break down steps, and share screens for potential customers to have a complete idea about your product. Showcase visuals  of your product in sliders for a better view. Make this page conversion-friendly with catchy CTA buttons.

Tell what Your Business is About

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

Innovate offers a dedicated page to present who you are. Tell your stories, showcase your core values, add images that display your inner culture, and do many more on your site's about page. You can have a video and a section asking people to join your team too. Display your company’s core values and create greater impressions. Have a newsletter subscription form to let people be connected.

Dedicated Career Hub for Your Business

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

You can not go ahead with your business alone. You have to hire people along the way. Having that in mind, Innovate brings career pages to publish job circulars and make hiring a breeze. Its design and details will attract applicants and inspire them to apply.

Insightful Tech Blog

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

Innovate offers a carefully designed blog. Publish insightful articles, news, tutorials, announcements, or any other content related to the application and drive leads. Reach potential customers easily with this Joomla technology template.

Multiple Built-in Pages

Introducing Innovate: Joomla Technology Website Template

The Innovate Joomla template is feature-packed with all the necessary pages required to reach your customers. And the best part of these ready pages is you can set them up by editing the demo contents only.

  • Team: Showcase your team members on a dedicated team page and build trust in the visitors’ minds.
  • Contact: Let the interested people contact you from a nicely designed contact page.
  • Coming Soon: A well-designed page to let the site visitors know what goodies are awaiting them next.
  • Registration: Make the online registration process simplified for your website visitors with the help of self-explanatory user-friendly form fields.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it a cool template to build your website with? I hope the design of Innovate will impress your target audience. The pages inside will be an added advantage to showcase a full-fledged service online. In short, it has everything for you to get started with your digital product's online presence. Please don’t wait too long. Let us know your thoughts about the template in comments. Start building your site immediately. Good luck.

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