Hello Joomla enthusiasts! I hope you have started the new year with new ideas in mind. If a new business in your new year resolution or handling clients who are working on new ventures, we have very good news for you. To start the new year with a bang, we are releasing a brand new Joomla template. It is solely made for startups having mobile apps, SaaS, any single product or bookselling businesses.

Let’s meet Startup Landing, a brand new Joomla template for any type of landing page needs. It’s a completely different design from all other landing pages available today.

With 6 unique landing page designs targeting 6 different niches, Startup Landing Joomla Template will potentially fit into your business niche. 

You will have the opportunity to win the visitors’ hearts at first sight if your business website is built with this Joomla landing page template. Before going into the details, let's have a quick look at the template in a short video.

Now let’s have a look at the features at a glance.

  • 6 unique landing pages for 6 different niches
  • Card-style modular landing page design
  • Multiple pricing plan variations
  • Seamless interaction effects
  • Unique gallery & blog
  • Portfolio ready with SP Simple Portfolio component
  • Webinar & Rating addons
  • Group Avatar & Article addons
  • Built-in pages (Contact, Coming Soon, Team, etc.)
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate

Startup Landing Features and Functionalities

Startup Landing has a lot of useful features and functionalities. We've designed this template focusing completely on landing pages. The features of the Startup Landing include but not limited to the following ones.

6 Unique Landing Pages for 6 Different Niches

The Startup Landing Joomla template comes with 6 different page designs. Each of these designs is built for specific business entities. Let's know which one fits your business idea.

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

  1. Mobile App: Describe how the app works or helps in stylish cards with text, icons, and images. Have a sneak peek of what your app offers with screens and other visuals. Curate app reviews and present them beautifully.
  2. SaaS Landing: The SaaS landing page showcases your SaaS products to the visitors in the right way. Preview the software screens, display features & functionalities, and do many more on a single landing page.
  3. Product Landing: Display features, product specifications, and more with attractive visuals. Showcase the product at the top with the user reviews for a greater first impression. Expose the power of your product in features with text, images, and icons
  4. Book/eBook Landing: It is made for serious writers wishing to display their books for the readers. The engaging book landing page is ideal for any writer, publisher, or anybody who wants to sell books (hard copy) or eBooks online.
  5. Agency: Tell about the services you offer. Present some of the curated projects you completed of your clients. Showcase your team members with their visuals and social profiles.
  6. Webinar: Display upcoming webinars with their dates and times for people to register and attend. You can offer a book or other resources for visitors to collect through given emails.

4 Pricing Plan Variations

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Startup Landing Joomla template has 4 unique pricing plan options to choose from. You can choose any one that suits your business. Each of these pricing plans resonates with the template’s card style design and goes well with all of the page variations. There are both vertical and horizontal pricing plan options. You can switch from a monthly plan to yearly plan in a single click

Portfolio Ready with SP Simple Portfolio Component

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Your business may have portfolios to showcase on the site. This is why Startup Landing takes care of your portfolios with the SP Simple Portfolio component. Enlist portfolios and showcase them professionally on the portfolio page. Showcase your projects in a card style portfolio listing page and let visitors see the portfolio details on their respective individual pages.

3 Brand New SP Page Builder Addons

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Startup Landing has so many trendy and smart features. We created 3 brand new addons to bring these features. To power webinars, showcase group avatars, and display ratings, we created 3 following SP Page Builder addons.

  1. Webinar: Showcase recorded webinar episodes on any page of the website with Webinar addon by defining the number of the items, durations, alignment, and more.
  2. Group Avatars: Have multiple avatars wherever necessary with title and description. Add each avatar individually and manage them smartly.
  3. Rating: Display app rating or any other rating related to your business. Take full control of the rating and the display easily with brand new Rating addon.

Seamless Interactions

All of the Startup Landing pages are designed with plenty of interaction effects on them. Each of them makes your web elements dance with dazzling effects. Make your website more lively and interactive with built-in interaction effects. Get a landing page design that is completely different from the traditional flat ones. Go beyond the ordinary landing page design.

Unique Gallery

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Display images in a card-style unique design. Have all images in one place and open every one of them in the popup. It’s super cool and you are going to like it.

Exclusive Blog Design

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Get an exclusively designed blog. There’s a grid-styled blog with a sidebar to showcase relevant posts with the Startup Landing Joomla template. Display recorded webinar episodes & post categories, and place a live chat option. You can publish useful articles, news, notices, announcements or any other things related to the business and drive visitors.

Built-in Pages

Introducing Startup Landing: Perfect Joomla Landing Page Template For Agencies & Startups

Alongside 6 different business landing page variations, Startup Landing comes with all required pages ready inside its template package. You can get a stylishly designed team. Contact, coming soon, and other pages with the Startup Landing Joomla template.

  • Team: Introduce your team members to the visitors with their images, name, designation, and social links to grow more trust.
  • Contact: Showcase physical address, phone number, and a contact form for the visitors to reach you in different ways.
  • Coming Soon: A nicely designed page to let the site visitors know what goodies are awaiting next.
  • Registration: There’s a registration page with user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.
  • 404: A nicely designed 404 page intended to save you from oopsie moments and a big bold button to head home.

 With a card-style modular design, 6 landing page designs, built-in pages, and multiple pricing variations, Startup Landing is a complete package for any kind of agency and startup. Focusing solely on different niches of products, we tried to cover up almost all categories of businesses you can come up with. Whether you need landing pages for your business of building one for your client, Startup Landing is just for you. Go get this Joomla landing page template right away. Good luck.

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