People around the world are more interested in yoga than ever before. The number of yoga training centers are increasing with the number of yogis. Many of these yoga institutes are making their presence online. Whether you want to build a site for any individual yoga instructor or a yoga institute, we have got you covered. Please welcome Yamas, the complete Wellness and Yoga website solution on Joomla.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, and to the self. - The Bhagavad Gita

Yamas is a clean Joomla template for any spa, wellness, gyms, health clubs, fitness, and health beauty related website. It gives you plenty of personalization options to make any changes and brings out an outstanding yoga website easily. We will explore everything that this yoga template has but before that let’s have a look inside with a short video.

What Yamas Joomla Template has inside?

Yamas is full of exciting features and functionalities that you need to run and manage a yoga or wellness website. Before exploring the details, let’s check its features at a glance.

  • Minimal, clean & aesthetic design
  • Wellness event management
  • Dedicated Media & Publications pages
  • Showcase training programs
  • Subscription & pricing plans
  • Attractive hero slider
  • Class listing, detail, and schedule
  • Various yoga poses
  • Yoga photo gallery and Instagram gallery
  • Fitness book showcasing
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate inside
  • Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

Knowing just the features isn’t enough. Now, we will dive deep into the details of some of the exciting features of Yamas.

Clean and Aesthetic Design

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

Yamas comes with a very clean and elegant design. The home page of Yamas has multiple types of contents to create a great impression to the site visitors. The hero slider, content placements, tabbed sections, gallery and beautiful inner pages combinedly present a gorgeous wellness and yoga template on Joomla.

Yoga Training

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

Impart training for the people who are interested and showcase training programs on the site. Increase users by asking them to register with elegantly designed sign up option. Display training duration, subject areas, date & time and other relevant details with visuals.

  • Training Details: Enlist each training with their details like duration, place, facilities, contact details and register button.
  • Training Gallery: You can display shots from previously held training for people to have ideas on how you do.

Various Yoga Poses

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

You can enlist all of your yoga poses with titles, visuals, and details on a single place for people to visualize and practice yoga pose easily. There’s a dedicated page in the Yoga template for this purpose from where you can provide introductions and instructions to exercise yoga pose.

Event Management

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

Yamas is not merely a wellness template but also a fitness event manager with which you can enlist relevant events including their details and ask people to attend. You can even sell tickets to the attendees.

  • Event Listing: There’s a dedicated event listing page for all events you want to manage on your yoga site.
  • Event Details: For each event, there’s a detail page to showcase date, venue, time, and other details.
  • Ticket Selling: The intended attendees can buy tickets after checking all information on the event detail page.

Media & Publications

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

Have yoga videos, showcase yoga books, and present mobile application on the dedicated media and publication page of your yoga website. Offer what yogis might need in their daily uses.

Membership Subscription with Pricing Plans

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

You can offer membership subscriptions to access your yoga training and showcase different pricing plans with different amenities. Also, display classes, contact details, and other information for visitors to be more interested to subscribe.

Class Listing & Schedule

Introducing Yamas:  A complete Wellness and Yoga Joomla Template

Enlist all of your classes on a class listing page with images and description. Show class schedules with date, time, trainer name, and a book now button to take action.

  1. Yoga Class Listing: Showcase all of your yoga classes on a single place with their details. Add visuals to each class.
  2. Yoga Class Schedule: Schedule classes with details on the Schedule page. Also, have a button under each schedule to book classes. The Yoga Calendar addon of SP Page Builder sets up the schedule.

Creating a website for yoga, wellness, and fitness club is a lot easier now. You can display yoga poses, have video tutorials, manage yoga and wellness events, publish notice & announcements, and so on. Yamas is the template you have been waiting for. Get Yamas today and build your dream yoga website with it.

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