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Top Joomla directory and multi-directory extensions 2017

26 October 2017
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Top Joomla directory and multi-directory extensions 2017

Managing an online directory is not an easy task. A reliable and professional business directory is always crucial to grow your business more rapidly. If you are running a Joomla powered website, there are quite a lot of options you can choose from to get a highly functional online directory on your Joomla site.

There are lots of advanced features that come along with these Joomla extensions like business directory, script directory, responsive interface, map localization etc. Along with these features, they definitely provide much better event management schemes and category based viewing options. The functionalities of these directories will make things easy to set up an online directory on your website.

You can find numerous Joomla directory extensions serving to their fullest swing. Today we are going to analyze some of the top directory and multi-directory extensions in Joomla.


SobiPro is a powerful multi-directory component for Joomla websites. It has been originally designed with CCK features as a directory extension. Creating multiple directories with SobiPro is easy and you will have access to some exciting powerful features while setting up your online directory site.

SobiPro control panel

Figure: SobiPro control panel

Core features

  • Enjoy MVC (Model View Controller) software architectural pattern
  • You will have an integrated router for SEF URLs
  • Ten in-house predefined input filters
  • Site crawler to build the cache
  • Cool XML data debug system
  • You will have basic PayPal payment system integrated
  • Eleven integrated different core field types
  • Advanced SEO and SMM features

Mosets Tree

Mosets Tree is a highly functional directory extension for Joomla websites. Mosets Tree runs a complex Yahoo style directory inside your Joomla site. With it, you can handle data that requires directory structures like business directory, links directory, scripts directory, etc.

Mosets Tree control panel

Figure: Mosets Tree control panel

Core features

  • Mosets Tree supports multi directory
  • Category association to organize your listings from one category with another
  • All listings and filters
  • User profile organization and management
  • Functional module assignment. Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it.


J-BusinessDirectory is another advanced directory extension for Joomla. You can create and manage any type of online directory with ease using this extension. Directory payment plans, category views, responsive design, and custom business fields will make you feel supreme while developing your online directory in your Joomla website.

J-BusinessDirectory in the website frontend

Figure: J-BusinessDirectory in the website frontend

Core features

  • Enjoy enhanced user-friendly interface
  • You can use powerful, flexible directory payment plans
  • You will have enhanced directory functionality by multiple modules
  • Geolocation, ratings, review support
  • Multiple companies and category views
  • Language packs available in multiple languages
  • Search results in multiple modes: list view, grid view, and map view
  • Integrated SEO and SMM features
  • Invoice and payment methods integrated

These are the top directory and multi-directory extensions according to the Joomla Extension Directory user reviews. You can try all of them as free or demo version is available on their websites and choose your required one. Meanwhile you can also share with us your own suggestions in our comment section below.

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I want to post a "shout out" for Cobalt CCK by MintJoomla. Which has some unique features and endless possibilities. Not only Directory stuff, actually you can create any application you can think of.

Pavel    pepperstreet
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I agree with you about unlimited possibilities. But Cobalt CCK has a big minus, which crosses out all the pluses - absolutely NOT user-friendly interface. Only a very experienced user with knowledge of php can work in Cobalt CCK. That's why this component is not widely used. I suffered with it for half a year (I'm not a programmer), eventually deleted it and did it all with the help of SP PB. SP PB needs just one step to become not only a page builder but also a powerful CCK - the integration of categories and the availability of them when creating joomla menu items.

pepperstreet    Pavel
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I agree, it has a certain learning curve. But the interface is not user-UNfriendly. Everything has parameters, which can be overwhelming at first sight. You compare it with an interactive PageBuilder(!?), which is unfair and slightly wrong. A pagebuilder is not a CCK and does not handle 100k+ records, nor does it supply any type of workflow for different types of applications.

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You also have some Joomla directories from CMS Junkie, Jom Directory JU Directory Ads Manager RS Directory etc
CMS Junkie

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Using smart search to search for contacts only
Hi, so i am not super proficient in joomla, i have been learning. I was wondering if there was a way for me to use "Smart Search" to only search for contacts, like when you go to contact page there is only a few people or some information there then you can use a search bar "Search for employees" or "Search for People" or "Search for products" or whatever you want. Then it just appears without taking you to a different page. Is there any way to do that?

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