An online appearance is very helpful in the success of any event or conference today. It’s because a webpage makes the relevant communications easier by providing necessary information over the Internet. Since there are some technical requirements to organize and present event related information and facilities like tickets, bookings etcetera, so you need these purpose-specific functionalities on your site.

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In this post, I’ll tell you about some Joomla extensions that you can use to launch a full-featured event/conference website quickly.


  • One of the most popular event/conference component for Joomla
  • The extension lets you enlist and arrange multiple events using built-in calendars
  • JEvents supports Joomla MVC framework, events export/import and complex repeat patterns
  • Events can be organized in multiple categories
  • Uses Joomla update system
  • Available both free and pro versions


Event Booking

  • A popular Joomla extension for presenting events and conferences online
  • You can create both free and paid events using this component
  • Built-in calendar, different layouts, categorical/periodic view
  • Frontend and backend functionalities
  • 40+ payment gateway support, email notification, flexible pricing for group registration
  • Uses Joomla update system
  • Paid only



  • Periodic events (freedom in start and end date selection)
  • Provides built-in themes for a native and streamlined appearance
  • Frontend and backend operations, registered member data exporting features
  • Email newsletter, Google Maps, and file attachment ability
  • Uses Joomla update system
  • Available both free and pro versions



  • Based on the popular Eventlist component, developed by Schlu
  • Events can be one-off, or repeating with complex patterns
  • Manage venues with built-in geocoding, category management, group management
  • Event categorical view, attendee management, email notification
  • JEM does not implement the Joomla update system
  • The extension is free and open source



  • Joomla calendar and event management extension with Google Calendar, MS Outlook, and iCal integration
  • Supports Joomla ACL everywhere, SEO optimized with structured data (rich snippets)
  • Payment gateway integration includes Paypal, Stripe, Wire, 2Checkout
  • Users can have their own calendars, visitors can attend/book events
  • Uses Joomla update system
  • Paid only



  • Add events in minutes and display as lists or in a calendar
  • Categorize events and add venue specific pages
  • Events could have a description, a flyer, a map etc.
  • Supports recurring events (repeat daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Offer event tickets and collect payments right away
  • Ohanah does not implement the Joomla update system
  • Paid only


Bonus: Eventum

If you want to launch an event or conference related website in the shortest possible time, you need an all-in-one solution. An extension can provide you the functionalities only, but you must get the website design in sync with the website purpose. In this case, we have the ultimate solution. Use our Eventum template which comes with a built-in conference/event management system. So you get all the conference and event management features and the best design in a single package. 

Download Eventum

I strongly believe the above list will meet your requirements to build a conference or event site. Did you use any of these? And if you have any idea or recommendation, please share via comments. Thanks for being with us.