Have you ever been to a Joomla world conference? If you have, you must know how exciting it is to be in a JWC, the biggest Joomla show on earth. If you haven’t, you have no reason to worry! We will walk you through every detail of Joomla World Conference 2017 today. We sponsored the JWC17 and joined the event in person. We can't wait to share our wonderful experience with you all.

JoomShaper was a Diamond sponsor for Joomla World Conference 2017.

Joomla World Conference 2017 was held in the city of Colosseum and the Pantheon Rome, Italy on 17-19 November 2017. The venue of the event was the Sheraton Roma Hotel located between the historical City Centre and Fiumicino/Leonardo Da Vinci international airport. Like the previous years, JoomShaper was a core sponsor of this event. This year we were a Diamond sponsor for JWC. JoomShaper CEO Mr. Kawshar Ahmed, CTO Nayem Majhar and Joomla Lead & Senior Application Developer Rifat Wahid Alif were present in the event with 500+ Joomla enthusiasts from all over the world. Now let’s have a glimpse at the Joomla World Conference 2017.

JoomShaper team mebers at Joomla World Conference 2017

The conference was full of lots of exciting events, tech talks, Joomla’s advancement planning and collaboration with Joomla’s volunteers and business owners. The event started on 17 November, Friday morning. Before that, in the night there was a welcome party at Marconi Waterfront. JoomShaper team received warm welcome and hospitality from Joomlers in Italy. The event started with the speech “The State of Joomla” by Robert Jacobi, President, Joomla.

Starting speech by Robert Jacobi in JWC17

The JoomShaper stall was the focal point of the whole event. Joomla enthusiasts were very much interested in meeting the brains behind the products like Helix and SP Page Builder.

JoomShaper stall in JWC17

We offered several gifts among the Joomla fans. We distributed free T-shirts, wristbands, and brochures.

JoomShaper fans with JoomShaper T-shirts in JWC17

JoomShaper team was in a festive mood all along the event with presence of so many fans and users. They kept us busy with their eagerness to learn more about the products of JoomShaper and what's coming next.

JoomShaper team's busy time in JWC17

We were very much thrilled to see that the younger generation is also is very much keen on contributing to Joomla and become a proud Joomler. One of the best things JoomShaper team experienced in JWC17 is they have met some of the young JoomShaper fans.

We had the honor to meet the core contributors to the Joomla CMS. We also met the people from famous web centric companies like Plesk, Aesir, Pixpro Labs, Techjoomla, CloudAccess etc. Here are some of the photos of the moments the JoomShaper team passed with Kenneth Crowder, Sam Suresh and Marco Dings.

One of the exciting sessions in Joomla World Conference 2017 was the "New Adventures in Responsive Web Design" by Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He visited JoomShaper stall after the session, explored our products and had a constructive talk with our team members.

JoomShaper team with Vitaly Friedman

JoomShaper offered several giveaways in the event. We distributed the prizes through a raffle draw. The grand prize was a 21” brand new iMac. The raffle draw was anchored by Mike Demo, Treasurer of Open Source Matters.

Raffle draw event in JWC 17

The lucky winner of the iMac was Robert Mittl from Germany. The prize giving ceremony brought huge excitements to the Joomlers attending JWC 17.

The lucky iMac winner Robert Mittl receiving the prize from JoomShaper CEO

After a whole lot of experiences including tech talks, meeting the well-wishers and fans we felt like, we are not just a bunch of Joomla lovers, we are a part of a big family. A family that is committed to introducing next-gen technologies to the whole world. Our experience in Joomla World Conference 2017 was beyond our imagination.

Joomla family in JWC17

What's next?

Joomla World Conference 2017 was incredibly successful and amazingly enjoyable. In the conference, we came to know that, there would be no JWC in 2018. Instead, there will be lots of Joomla related events (JoomlaDay and so on) in the next year all over the world. You will find us at almost every Joomla related event happening in any part of the world. Where there will be  Joomla, there will be JoomShaper as well.

So, this is our brief story of Joomla World Conference 2017. The beauty of Rome, tremendous hospitality, evergreen Joomla family, love of JoomShaper user community in Italy, with all this we can proudly say that our journey in Joomla World Conference was a memorable one. Lastly, I would like to give huge thanks to the JWC organizing committee, Joomla, and JoomShaper user community. Stay blessed all.