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JoomShaper is Moving to a More Private and Connected Support System

25 August 2020
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JoomShaper is Moving to a More Private and Connected Support System

Hello everyone! You would be so excited to know that we are moving to a more private and connected support system. The new and improved support system will help you fix your issues faster, and you will be able to communicate with our support engineers more privately.

Having a keen focus on customers, JoomShaper has been maintaining its support superbly from the very beginning. We owe a great deal to our customers who trusted us all the way and our support professionals who made it all possible.

Instead of the previous support forum, we will fix our customers’ issues on our Helpdesk, a new and modern support system to offer a better support experience. Let’s shed light on the new Helpdesk and answer some of the questions you might have in mind.

What it Means for Our Customers

Our new support channel Helpdesk will improve the overall support experience for our customers and support engineers. It will be here for a much faster response and more private communication.

  • More Private and More Connected Support: Your support queries will only be viewed and accessed by you and our support professionals. In no way, your tickets and the information you provide with support tickets will be accessed by others. 
  • Faster Response Time: We are gradually improving our response time. Support in our new Helpdesk will be faster than ever before. We are hoping to amaze our customers with a much quicker response time on the latest support Helpdesk.

Apart from that, only the ticket opener can close the ticket and can reopen if he/she feels necessary. You can also rate our support professionals after you have resolved your support queries. After all, it’s a better way for us to keep everyone on the loop to improve our support.

What it Means for Us

We are moving to a new support system to improve our customers’ experience. There are also some benefits to us. The new support system will help us fix customers issues faster. With the rating system, we can understand how satisfied our customers are. It will help us improve our support further. We will be able to have everyone in the loop to continue supporting our customers in a better and improved way.

Now, let’s answer some of the questions you might have in mind regarding our new support channel.

Q: When will Helpdesk arrive?

Answer: Our new support channel Helpdesk will be open on 2nd September 2020. From that day onwards, you will be able to open tickets and get your issues fixed on our new and improved support channel.

Q: What will happen to the old support forum?

Answer: The current support forum will be archived. We will no longer provide support on the existing support forum once it is archived. 

Q: Will I be able to access my previous support ticket? 

Answer: The archived support forums can be accessed publicly but it will be read-only. Option to ask new questions or reply to existing threads will be disabled.

Q: Is there any other channel to get support?

Answer: Community support will be available for free products on our Facebook groups. We have the following Facebook groups for community support.

Please join these groups to discuss JoomShaper products and ask for community support or help the community. 

The new support Helpdesk will be open soon. As I mentioned earlier, it’s due on 2nd September 2020. We hope our valued customers will love our new support channels and help us fix their issues as they did before. We will always try to go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Please let us know your thoughts on the new support channel. Thanks!

Rayhan Arif

Rayhan Arif

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