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JoomShaper’s plans for 2019: An exciting year ahead

02 January 2019
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JoomShaper’s plans for 2019: An exciting year ahead

Beginning of a year is always blissful when you have accomplished what you targeted, achieved what you wanted, and done what you meant to. After looking at the year 2018, we can proudly say we achieved most of the goals we set before, and that becomes a true inspiration for us to start a new year on a happy note.

But, like all other years before, we start each year with a new resolution to upgrade our products & services and bring new ones. This year we will do even more. We are planning on making plenty of efforts that will eventually impact our customers, and the whole Joomla ecosystem positively. All of our efforts have a common goal, that is, strengthening Joomla and enriching its user experience.

Our journey to a better, prettier, and more accessible web is going great. Thank you for being a part of this!

Today we’re discussing what our 2019 will be about. Let's have some ideas on the whole year ahead. Here is a quick look.

  • Two (2) Joomla templates per month
  • SP Page Builder feature update twice a month
  • More advanced & revamped Helix Ultimate framework
  • A useful modification to the pricing plans
  • Accelerated support response time and effectiveness
  • Getting prepared 100% to welcome Joomla 4 when it arrives

Two (2) Joomla templates per month

The global number of websites is growing fast. So many new businesses and ideas are being brainstormed every day. Considering the ever-thriving demand for more diverse designs and template categories, we’ve decided to double the number of templates we release each month.

So, let’s start the new year with a big good news. Starting from March 2019, you will regularly get 2 Joomla templates per month from JoomShaper. In each month thereafter, 1 template will come with your favorite QuickStart pack, while the another will have a new installation pack instead of a QuickStart pack. To be precise, you will get:

  • Total 24 Joomla templates within a period of 12 months.
  • 12 of these templates will come with a QuickStart pack.
  • The rest 12 will have a new installation pack other than a QuickStart.

We are working on the new template installation system which we are planning to release in March.

SP Page Builder feature update twice a month

I know you have been waiting for something more exciting regarding SP Page Builder. Here you get it. We will be releasing 2 feature updates every month for SP Page Builder. That means, you will be greeted with brand new SP Page Builder features and updates to the existing features in your beloved Joomla page builder twice a month. Plus, more tips, tricks, and tutorials for SP Page Builder are also in the pipeline!

More advanced & revamped Helix Ultimate framework

Helix Ultimate, the most advanced generation of the world’s favorite Joomla template framework is set to get a massive revamp this year. We are constantly collecting and analysing user feedback about Helix Ultimate to offer the best ever and the most solid template framework in the history. It will come with a completely new design, overhauled UX and cutting-edge features.

The upcoming Helix Ultimate update will work with all of the current Helix Ultimate based templates. So, no compatibility worries. And, we are working hard to release this huge update in the middle of this year, or in the 3rd quarter. It’s gonna be superb, we promise.

A useful modification to the pricing plans

New year, new resolutions, new goals. Don’t worry! We are not gonna increase the overall pricing. Based on the feedback we received from the community, we are planning to have a useful modification to the pricing structure.

In the template subscription plans, for the Personal, and Business memberships currently don’t offer the access to SP Page Builder Pro. The template QuickStart packs install a version of the page builder on your site, but you don’t get a separately installable SP Page Builder Pro pack.

We will introduce an option to include SP Page Builder Pro in the Personal, and Business membership plans. So, if a customer wants to get any of the above mentioned plans, they can add SP Page Builder Pro in the subscription, and purchase right away.

This is optional. If you don’t want SP Page Builder Pro, the pricing will be as it is at this moment. When you optionally include SP Page Builder Pro in a Personal or Business template plan, that will result in a few additional bucks added to the membership pricing. Fair, and simple!

Accelerated support response time and effectiveness

As you already know and feel, JoomShaper has a good track record of great customer support. Our support engineers strive to offer even more prompt and useful responses on the forum. The pre-sale support team is also doing awesome. We’ve increased the team size to provide a far better support experience in the coming days.

In 2018, we achieved an overall 5 star rating for support and documentation along with functionality and ease of uses for SP Page Builder on the Joomla extension directory. We consider this as a huge milestone that proves how much dedicated we are to the users.

You can find a detailed look back at JoomShaper's 2018 in this year-in-review article. And, we are prepared with our team to welcome Joomla 4 when it arrives. Learn our Joomla 4 plans here.

The best part is we focus on days as we know a year is all about 365 days. Making each day count got us where we are standing today. The changes we are going to make, the products we will develop, and the new things we will bring this year will hopefully impact our future beyond a single year. We want you to be with us on this journey. Do stay in touch.

Arafat Bin Sultan

Arafat Bin Sultan

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