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MetaMan - Recommended Tool For Joomla!

06 September 2016
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MetaMan - Recommended Tool For Joomla!

There is no lie in the statement that SEO is still very important for each site, and managing metadata for each page can be very tedious and time consuming- especially when you have a huge website.

For years, Joomla! has been getting several extensions, components and plugins. Many of them improve and help the editor manage metadata for Joomla! sites. But in modern times, let's say social times, we need a little bit more. We want to have control on Twitter and Facebook contents shown on these sites when someone share an article link on the social media. And here comes MetaMan ( - a simple tool to manage metadata. 

Why is MetaMan So Cool

  1. It works on the front-end, with full preview mode.
  2. You will be notified by Marketeer about metadata that requires immediate attention.
  3. Unlike any other plugin, MetaMan does not replace any content on the page that is generated by Joomla. 
  4. Not only does it allow you to set the social meta data, you could even upload a photo on the page directly!
  5. It works with articles and any extension that you run on the site.
  6. It has an Opengraph Preview mode.



Article Content Management

Using MetaMan you can control the following content areas:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Keywords
  • Canonical Link
  • Author Name
  • Page Generator
  • Robots


Social Management (Facebook/Twitter)

  • Opengraph Page Type
  • Opengraph Title
  • Opengraph Description
  • Opengraph URL
  • Site Name
  • Facebook Profile ID
  • Thumbnail Image for Facebook
  • Card Type
  • Card Title
  • Card Description
  • Site Twitter Handle
  • Card image


We think that MetaMan is a good alternative for all other similar tools dedicated to Joomla!, and yes, we also know that it is not free. But as we can say, it saves a lot of time and may help improve your whole website SEO with a good collection of editor tools.

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