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Introducing Newedge: The best Joomla news/magazine template with revolutionary tools and features

05 November 2015
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Introducing Newedge: The best Joomla news/magazine template with revolutionary tools and features

At JoomShaper we always offer our best efforts to develop the most user friendly and easy to use products. This week we are immensely proud to launch our brand new Joomla magazine template Newedge. This fully responsive magazine template comes with each and every feature required for a publishing website. If you run a blog, news site, magazine portal or something else that offers dynamic contents- Newedge is the must-have and only template needed for the project.


Newedge is much more than just a template. It solves several issues with Joomla as a publishing platform. You get an ultra-modern layout with many customization options to impress your site visitors at the first sight. Let’s have an overview on the game changing features and tools of Newedge.


Groundbreaking Media Manager

It was never so easy to publish an article on a Joomla site. The process of setting a featured image and inserting a picture into an article is too much manual (you might call it “analog”). We feel your editors’ distress with handling images in traditional ways. It is very time consuming and frustrating for a news or publishing site. 

media manager

That’s why we’ve created the state-of-the-art media manager for Newedge users. We’ve integrated a whole new and easiest ever way to add media files (images, videos and more) into posts. You can manage your page and post images from a central place. By default, in Joomla, you need to set the featured/intro image manually. Thanks to our new media manager, from now on the full article image and featured image can be uploaded and set in moments.


Smart Articles


Create unlimited article categories, assign category color, automated post thumbnails, resizable thumbnail images, insert social links, video ratings, make gallery slider and much more with Newedge.



Newedge offers a dedicated polling mechanism to let you run surveys easily. It’s very easy to collect users’ feedback with the integrated SP Polls component. So ask a question today and start receiving responses in the easiest and fastest way possible.



Newedge package includes AcyMailing newsletter component to assist your publication with email marketing system. A news or magazine service must build an email list and keep regular contacts with their user base. That’s why we offer the renowned AcyMailing component with Newedge.



Newedge is powered by our widely popular Helix3 framework and utilizes our innovative SP Page Builder Pro, the feature rich drag & drop page builder for Joomla. It provides you the full control over content blocks. You can build any layout with the page builder with 41+ premium addons, even without modules. With Newedge, you get $39 worth SP Page Builder Pro for free.


I hope you will enjoy Newedge with your Joomla 3.4+ news/magazine site. Download it now and give a try! You can also view a live demo here.



Arafat Bin Sultan

Arafat Bin Sultan

Arafat is a tech-enthusiast with a keen interest in space, photography, and video making.

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