It’s April 2018. At this very beginning of the month, we give you our specially developed Joomla template “Medico”. The best ever medical website template for doctors, hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare services. In this template, you will find everything that is required to provide world-class medical services. From finding doctors to estimating potential expenses of the services, Medico has everything you need for a medical website.

Healthcare is one of the basic needs of the human being. Any template built for it has to focus more on the essential functionalities not only on just design. And we did it perfectly.

Medico has a wonderful design, though the design is not the only thing this template is mainly focused on. A sleek user interface that is pleasing to everyone’s eyes was our concern while prototyping Medico. But we truely wanted to make sure it has all essential functionalities for a medical service website. We believe we got there with Medico.

Let's watch the short video overview of Medico.

What does Medico have in it?

As mentioned above, Medico has all goodies to build any medical website. It’s no wonder that being powered by SP Page Builder Pro ($49 value) and exclusive SP Medical Component (both given for free inside the package), Medico has a lot to offer for site owners and visitors. Let’s check the exciting features out.

  • 3 unique home variations
  • Dedicated SP Medical Component
  • Find a Doctor feature
  • Service module
  • SP Medical Search module
  • Testimonial Pro
  • Scheduling mechanism
  • Cost estimator system
  • Appointment system
  • Service pages (2 variations)
  • Specialists display
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Translation and Retina ready
  • Regular support & updates

A full-fledged medical service system powered by SP Medical component and composed with SP Page Builder 3 frontend live editing tools.

Medico comes with a lot of useful features. It works equally perfect for both sides (medical centers and patients). Once you take a look at all the features, you must say Medico is a complete medical service system. Finding the right doctor to book an appointment, you can have any functionality that you require for such type of site.

3 homepage layouts

Presenting Medico: The April 2018 Joomla template

Besides the default one, there are two more homepage layouts for you to choose from. Each of them has special areas for the department they are mainly focused on. The content and the services of the dental version are organized having dentistry in mind. The paediatric version addresses the child health issues at the core. None of these misses out any core feature of a complete medical service providing site.

Finding a doctor made easy

Presenting Medico: The April 2018 Joomla template

You have the system to list all available specialists in a way that helps patients to find them easily. Patients or anyone on their behalf can search doctors with different keywords and narrow down the displayed result by clicking on the checkboxes. Search doctors by their departments, specialists or names.

Doctor schedules

Presenting Medico: The April 2018 Joomla template

Medico lets you present your listed doctors on a single page with the days and time slots they are available for the patients. You can list doctors on schedule page with their specialties so that it becomes easy for the patients to select correctly.

Cost estimation system

Presenting Medico: The April 2018 Joomla template

Visitors on your site will have an efficient system to estimate the expenses before even taking services from you. They can select the categories of the services and click on checkboxes of available items to measure their costs. Your total expenses for the services you selected in the respective category will be displayed instantly.

Booking an appointment

Presenting Medico: The April 2018 Joomla template

As a site owner, you stay in the middle of the doctors and patients. Let the both parties be together for treatment and consultation purposes. Any patient or anyone on behalf of the patient can book an appointment via a form on the appointment page.. The appointment page takes some of the patient information in order to contact the patient in future. 

Anyone wanting to build a medical service website can surely go for Medico. With so many necessary features packed inside, it will not disappoint you in any case. Building a template with a lot of effort will only be justified once our valued patrons like it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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