Hello SP Page Builder users! It has not been long since we released the last update. We work continuously for the betterment of the tools and templates and release them as they get ready. Today, we are releasing another SP Page Builder update with something amazing that you would love to use.

As you read the title you already know what it is about. Your favorite SP Page Builder Pro gets a new addon today. Let’s get introduced to Team Carousel addon, a brand new addon to display and manage multiple team profiles on your site in carousels.

What’s in SP Page Builder 3.6.9?

The new version brings a brand new Team Carousel addon and several improvements and fixes to enhance your overall experience. Let’s take a look at the full changelog at a glance.

SP Page Builder v3.6.9 Changelog

  • New: Team Carousel addon
  • New: Vertical alignment (top, center, and bottom) to section and column content
  • New: Min-height, max-height option to section
  • Update: Font Awesome 4 selection option removed from backend leaving Font Awesome 4 backward compatibility in place
  • Fix: Inner section width, column width, background-size, background-position not working issue
  • Fix: Undefined stdClass issue in Gallery addon
  • Fix: Language missing issue in Flip Box addon
  • Fix: Margin value missing issue in section title 
  • Fix: Content Z-index issue in Image layouts addon
  • Fix: Inner section generate Column Z-index issue
  • Fix: sh404sef domain issue

Team Carousel Addon

Have you ever thought of displaying team members in stylish slides? If so, this is what SP Page Builder’s new Team Carousel addon will enable you to do. It will help you create a gorgeous team member slider easily. You can take full control over the carousel design and with easy settings. Some of the features and options of Team Carousel addon are given below.

3 Carousel Layouts

Presenting Team Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder v3.6.9 Along with Improvements and Fixes

You can add multiple slides to your carousel and showcase them in 3 different layouts. Select your desired carousel layout and customize it your way. 3 of these carousel layouts vary on the basis of their content and image positioning. Each of these designs is wonderful. The choice is all yours.

Customize the Look and Feel

Presenting Team Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder v3.6.9 Along with Improvements and Fixes

You can decide to have an overlay. From the Content Style Options, you can customize each of the elements like names, designations, and social icons on the basis of their font size, style, color, and margin. Also, you can add custom CSS classes to personalize more. Most importantly, you can control the carousel slides by turning on/off autoplay.

Navigation Controller Settings

Presenting Team Carousel Addon in SP Page Builder v3.6.9 Along with Improvements and Fixes

There are 2 types of controllers for Carousels. You can decide to turn off both of the controllers if you want. Set up controller positions (vertical and horizontal), choose icons, decide height & width, apply icon color and background color, and tweak other numerous design options. If these are not enough you can add custom CSS class to apply more.

Section and Column Improvement

Apart from Team Carousel addon, there are other notable changes in SP Page Builder 3.6.9 too. Now you can align section and column content vertically with 3 different positioning options (top, center, and bottom). Also, the Section gets min-height, max-height option. Bringing the desired layouts with your favorite tool to be a lot easier and more flexible.

The Team Carousel addon can be used in plenty of cases. Whatever the site you try to build, if it has a team and about page, a gorgeous carousel is what you need to make it more beautiful. To be able to use Team Carousel addon and other fixes and improvements you need to update your SP Page Builder to the latest version (v3.6.9). What are you waiting for? update your SP Page Builder to the latest version today. Good luck.

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