Hello everyone! I hope your eLearning site made with SP LMS is doing fantastic. Having an eLearning site is more than a blessing in this pandemic situation. As plenty of people can’t go to schools, colleges, and coaching centers, and learn something new. We care about your online coaching site as well. This is why, today, we have some surprises for you.

You would be happy to know that we are updating SP LMS with plenty of new features. We have got emails and comments in our blog about your expectations for SP LMS features. After quality research and also based on your request, we are updating SP LMS with course filtering option, lesson topic adding system, rich teacher profile, dynamic rating, and many more.

Sounds interesting, right? Now, you have the potential to enrich your eLearning site with new features and offer your learners more. Students will love exploring the courses and be interested in joining your courses more.

What’s in this SP LMS Update?

The new update is bringing new stuff for everyone involved with your eLearning site including learners and instructors. Aren’t you excited about the new features in the SP LMS component? Let’s know more about them.

Brand New Video Player

The updated SP LMS brings a brand new video player to let your learners enjoy course videos on a wonderful interface. The new player has the option to switch video quality, change volume, and more. The video player is applied to both lessons and intro videos. You can upload a custom thumbnail image if you want to. The video player supports YouTube, self hosted videos, and Vimeo videos.

Enriched Teacher Profile

SP LMS 3.4

Courses and teachers are what students will mostly be attracted to. This is why we’ve also enriched teacher profiles with many new options. Now, you can showcase teacher’s education, display skills, learners can follow their favorite teachers, and have many more.

  • Option to follow teachers: Students will be able to follow their teachers to know their new courses and updates. Upon creating a menu item with SP LMS’s Following menu type, you can let students check who they are following.
  • Teacher's education: This can be added to the teacher profile including the name of institutions and sessions.
  • Search teachers with skill filters: On a multi-instructor ready eLearning site, you have plenty of teachers to get courses from. We have added a skill filtering option so that you can easily find teachers of your desired skills.
  • Teacher’s designation and experience: Showcase teacher’s designation and experience in years.

Apart from these features, the teacher’s single page has also been improved. Alongside pie progress, now you can display skills in progress bars and badges.

Course Filtering Options

An eLearning site can have a lot of courses. These courses may come from different categories, types, and more. We’ve added an advanced course filtering system to SP LMS. You can filter courses with their categories, levels of difficulties (like beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and types.

SP LMS 3.4

This filtering comes in 3 different layouts. They are mainly about how you align them. The available layouts are: top, left, and right. Choose any of these layouts according to your site’s design. No matter where you place your filtering system, the mechanism will be the same for both options.

Lesson Topic

A course that showcases all the lessons in a single group can be mundane to the same learners. Instead of that, what if you can add lessons under different topics. Yes, this is what today’s update will enable you to do. As we introduced the lesson topic, now you can segment your lessons and add them under some topics.

119 New Currencies

We have added 119 new currencies so that you can showcase the course price in your desired currencies. Plus, there are options to place the currency sign before or after the amount. No matter where your learners are from, you can showcase course prices in their currency now.

Apart from these features, the SP LMS v3.4 brings you social sharing options for (courses and events) Reddit, Digg, WhatsApp, and VK, an option to disable Google Maps, course meta key & description, and course deadline. Plus, we fixed all known bugs. 

SP LMS v3.4 changelog

Now that you know most of the major changes coming to your beloved eLearning tool, let’s take a quick look at the complete changelog.

  • New: Brand new video player
  • New: Course filtering system with 3 layouts (top, left, and right)
  • New: Option to follow teachers
  • New: Teacher’s education
  • New: 119 new currencies
  • New: Lesson topics
  • New: Option to disable Google Maps
  • New: Social share for courses and events- Reddit, Digg, and VK are the new additions
  • New: Teacher search with skills filter
  • New: Course meta key and meta description
  • New: Course duration/admission deadline
  • New: Teacher's designation
  • New: Teacher's experience
  • New: Currency position option
  • New: Option to disable default styles
  • Update: Improved teacher single page
  • Remove: Video player logo option
  • Fix: Unable to upload lesson attachment
  • Fix: Today's event was showing on the upcoming events list
  • Fix: Course thumbnail will be displayed if the video is not added to the course detail page
  • Fix: Lesson sorting bug
  • Fix: Event start and end time issue
  • Fix: Default active class in the events filter
  • Fix: And, all other known issues

Templates Updated with the Latest SP LMS

Below is the list of the templates that got updated with the SP LMS component. Please update yours if you are using any of the templates below.

  1. Educon - Modern Joomla template for university, college & school
  2. Varsita - Education Joomla template with LMS
  3. Language school - Language institute, club, and coaching Joomla template

It’s time you offer more functionalities to learners on your eLearning site. We are continuously trying to update our products with new, trendy, and useful features. I hope this update is going to enrich your online course site and put a smile on your face. Instructors on your LMS site will have much to showcase on their profiles. So, there’s a lot for everyone involved with your eLearning site. Get the updated SP LMS and stay happy. 

Download SP LMS 3.4