We hope you are enjoying SP Page Builder. Actually, we KNOW that you are enjoying SP Page Builder cause it's the best drag and drop page composer tool on the market! With our continuous effort to make your life easier, today we’ve released SP Page Builder 3.1.1. This update will make SP Page Builder more perfect than ever.

In this version, we’ve added button gradient background option, PHP 7.2 compatibility, Helix Ultimate support and more to SP Page Builder. We've also fixed HTML, CSS, addon issues besides other stuff. 

Button gradient

Button gradients in SP Page Builder 3.1.1

In SP Page Builder 3.1.1, we've added gradient background option for buttons. So, from now on, you can use gradients on buttons instead solid colors. It's easy and quick. Give your site some new design elements with the new Page Builder!

PHP 7.2 compatibility 

In this version, we’ve added PHP 7.2 compatibility to SP Page Builder. A few days ago, many of our customers said that they were facing problems while using SP Page Builder on a server that runs PHP 7.2. We’ve investigated the matter, and addressed the glitch. Hopefully, this update solves the issue.

Helix Ultimate support

Your beloved page composer tool now works with the most loved Joomla template framework in the world. Yes, that's right! We've added Helix Ultimate compatibility to SP Page Builder with the v3.1.1 update. Use Helix Ultimate RC 3 (or later) with SP Page Builder 3.1.1 to enjoy this benefit. 


  • New: Gradient background for buttons
  • New: PHP 7.2 compatibility added
  • New: Helix Ultimate compatibility
  • New: Library panel close button
  • Fix: __sppagebuilder_addons table issue
  • Fix: Testimonial pro JS error and show controls
  • Fix: Global options default values
  • Fix: Double CSS code with K2
  • Fix: Modal popup image issue
  • Fix: Flipbox iOS issue
  • Fix: Row copy-paste duplicate ID
  • Fix: Builder type reorder for backend
  • Fix: HTML decoding issue for modules
  • Fix: Textshadow issue
  • Fix: Missing lang
  • Fix: Border styles for Flipbox

We believe this update will enhance your Joomla site building experience to a great extent. Please keep us updated with your thoughts on SP Page Builder and help us make the tool even better. Thank you for being with JoomShaper.

N.B. Please take a full website backup before upgrading/updating SP Page Builder.

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